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There are few passions that come alive when we are young and stick to us for a long, long time. One sport and passion that seems to have thousands of practitioners is skateboard. What doesn’t like to skate around the block or in the specially created places where ramps are present? Still, in order to begin the sport you have to be properly equipped and the most important thing is the skateboard. Getting reliable information from the current best skateboards reviews will stir you in the right direction and identify the most efficient model, capable of improving the way you ride.


Stereo Vinyl Cruiser skateboard


Best skateboards under $100If you want to use one of the best skateboards under $100, then you should use with confidence Stereo Vinyl Cruiser; a model that people simply adore. With a solid construction and a stunning aspect, the skateboard comes with a reinforced injection and also molded plastic deck. The whole structure is completed by reliable traction grooves, 3.15” trucks and also 90a bushings that keeps every ride smoother than ever. In addition to the carefully designed format, the skateboard has 59 mm soft 78a wheels made out of durmometer. Furthermore due to the presence of the included sticker pack, you can customize your ride as you wish.

“I thought this skateboard looked cool giving me a retro look when I ride it. The maneuverability is great as well, plus the balance of the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser suits me very well. I also took advatage of the customization pack with which it came, making it look just like I want.” – Bryan Wallace

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ATOM 91047 longboard


It’s time for you to skate in style! Choose ATOM 91047 skateboard and improve your skills with ease and precision. This ultra-low skateboard delivers enhanced stability irrespective of the terrain, transforming the way you see skateboarding. The model has a unique perimeter shape that delivers 96 inches of leverage on basically every turn while significantly eliminating the wheel bite. It has an impressive level of comfort and stability during every ride, giving you an extra edge as you go down a hill or simply try to do something else. One thing is clear: your kid will certainly love this beautiful and advanced skateboard.

“I prefer longboards over skateboards so for myself I have Atom Drop-Through Longboard which has a cool design to it. What most impressed me for this longboard was its excellent stability unlike any other I have ridden before.” – Jim Scholes

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Penny Complete skateboard


When it comes to high quality skateboards one particular model comes to light: Penny Complete, which seems to be loved by thousands of youngsters in the United States of America. It’s important to have a carefully designed and efficient skateboard as you ride in order to diminish the chances of problems appearing along the way. This model is 22 inch long, with a sturdy frame, black and solid deck, precise rasta trucks and also reliable red wheels. It is a nice looking skateboard that will certainly improve the way you ride and conquer various terrains and courses with no problems whatsoever.

“I have this skateboard for myself and I enjoy riding it very much because it is so well made, even if it is made from plastic. The design is something special and personally I chose the yellow model with blue wheels. The price I paid for it is reasonable as well.” – Jessica Roland

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Quest Cruiser Artisan skateboard


Considered one of the best skateboards under $100, status underlined by thousands of testimonials and user feedbacks, Quest Cruiser Artisan is certainly a great addition to any beginner or pro skater. This solid 44 inch Super Longboard, comes with a stunning Bamboo and also Maple deck format, completed with original abstract graphics and also a rugged aluminum truck and more importantly durable 70 mm PU wheels, for added stability irrespective of the terrains. This is the right skateboard in order to ride with ease and reach you full potential while attempting various stunts. You will enjoy every moment of ride once you start using this skateboard.

“For me skateboards which are made from wood are irresistable, because it gives them a special feeling. I have this model from Quest and I enjoy every feature about it, from the excellent design to the wheels which provide a top grip and maneuverability.” – Wayne Darren

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Atom Pintail Longboard


If you want to skate with style and impress your friends every time you go outside, then you need to have a pro skateboard that can deliver enhanced stability during each ride. This high quality model, one of the best skateboards under $100, will improve the way you skate. It is ideal for beginners that only just tasted the pleasures of riding. With a classic deck shape, the device helps you to safely avoid wheel bite. It comes with 8.5 inch aluminum trucks, reliable 78A urethane wheels and also ABEC 5 bearings for additional stability and comfort. The model measures around 39 x 9.4 x 6.

“The Atom Pintail Longboard has been mine for a good period of time and I am completely happy with it. The first thing I liked about is was its extra cool design and the fact that the deck was made form maple. Also the price was very affordable and I guess it still is.” – Richard Cole

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