Best Ski Helmets Reviews

If you’re here just to find the best ski helmet and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered as much information as possible on the best ski helmet by consulting expert review sites and looking into owner feedback to help consumers know what to look for in this kind of gear. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Giro Seam is undoubtedly the best thanks to its in-mold construction that ensures a lightweight build for those who would rather focus on their performance on the slopes instead of what they use to protect their heads. If it’s comfort you want, this ski helmet easily provides that thanks to its 12 super cool vents and the revolutionary X-Static anti-bacterial padding. Compliant with ASTM and CE standards, this is a top quality helmet that lets you launch an all-mountain attack confidently so you can enjoy an awesome time at the slopes and conquer them with ease. Should the Giro Seam be unavailable, we suggest getting the second best ski helmet out there, the Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt.



How to Choose a New Ski Helmet


You need a ski helmet to get exceptional protection for your head while enjoying your sport. Top-of-the-line units come with all the elements that ensure an awesome experience. These are the components you want in a ski helmet.
1.Giro Seam Snow Helmet

Size, Fit and Versatility

There are ski helmets for large heads and for small ones, so be sure to give your own head a good measurement to get the perfect size for you. To ensure this, you will have to use a soft tape measure and wrap it around your head right about an inch above your ears and eyebrows. Take the measurement in centimeters, as ski helmets use that parameter. You can just use a piece of string if you don’t have a soft tape measure, and simply take the string measurement after you have used it to wrap around your head.

The ski helmet should provide a snug fit all around the head to prevent it from moving around. There should be no excess space or gaps between your head and the helmet. Do make sure there are no pain or pressure points as well. The helmet is too big if it gets dislodged from your head or moves on its own when you give it a shake while it’s seated on your head. Pushing the ski helmet softly from front to back should have the skin on your eyebrows and forehead moving with it if it fits snugly. If you twist the helmet from side to side, your head should move with the helmet. A snug fit ensures adequate head protection. Plenty of manufacturers incorporate some type of custom fit adjustment so you can enjoy a safe and perfect fit. This can come in the form of air pumps or dials and BOA systems.

The same rules apply to ski helmets for kids. Children can have a more difficult time describing the snugness of the ski helmet they have on, so it is best for the adult to observe whether the young user complains of pain or pressure points. It is unsafe to choose a kid’s helmet that offers room to grow, since it doesn’t offer a snug fit. There may be a wheel, ratchet or dial at the back of the unit to get a personalized fit around the child’s head . The helmet should preferably offer protection whether you go skating, skiing, biking or snowboarding for exceptional value for money.


Our recommendations:


ProductAdults/KidsVentsPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Giro Seam Snow Helmet
3. Giro Seam Snow Helmet
Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet
Best Ski Helmets reviews
Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet
2. Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet
Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet
1. Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet
Giro Slingshot Snow Helmet



Helmet Construction

Majority of ski helmets are engineered to protect the head during a single large impact. When that happens, the hard foam interior breaks down or collapses to accommodate the force of the impact. Helmets with in-mold shells employ an outer shell of thin, hard plastic inside of which are EPS foam inners that take the shock, ensuring less rebound while being lightweight.

Hard shell ABS models feature a tough and thick pre-formed ABS plastic shell glued to the pre-molded liner and interior made of hard foam. This type of helmet is affordable while delivering decent protection. A soft shell ski helmet is geared to withstand less intense and multiple impacts, with a few exceptions. A lot of soft shell ski helmets now come with two foam densities composed of softer foam laid against the head. This layer transitions to a harder foam laid against the outer shell to provide protection during hard impact.

Equipped with an extremely tough ABS plastic outer shell, a double shell ski helmet enables use for various sports activities. Inside the double shell model is a fully formed in-mold design. Ski helmets with semi-hard shells feature an in mold design supplemented by a fully enclosed outer shell. More resistant to impact or penetration, a semi hard shell helmet also has EPS foam inners to handle shock.

A zip mold ski helmet features a foam injected style. The injected foam is integrated with a polycarbonate shell to make a lightweight and seamless multi-sport headgear. Combining an in mold shell with a hard shell, a hybrid shell helmet comes in multiple styles. The helmet has added hard ABS plastics plus an in mold design to ensure safety and comfort.


Helmet Venting

Nearly all helmets, whether for women or for men, come with some sort of passive, open ventilation system that enables the escape of moisture and heat. The venting system, while being generally simple, will not allow personal adjustment, with each ski helmet manufacturer having their own in keeping with what they see as necessary in this kind of gear. The only adjustment you can do is to open and close the holes according to your preference using a toggle or switch. The venting system can be in the form of plugs, one-push buttons or sliding mechanisms. Venting can be fixed directly on the brow or forehead area to keep the airflow over the face foam of units with built in goggles so the goggles do not fog up.

2.Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Style and Other Features

Full shell ski helmets help keep the elements out while delivering complete coverage. They come with hard sides over the ears and are a favorite of halfpipe riders and racers. A half shell helmet is common. It features typically removable soft ear pad protection fitted to a standard helmet design in the case of winter helmets. It enables better hearing and a more comfortable fit.

A full face ski helmet comes with visors as well as a chin guard. It delivers complete protection and is preferred by cross event skiers and big mountain competition participants. The solid unibody shell comes with a jaw guard. Weight and comfort are compromised in this kind of helmet.

Some helmets offer goggle security with face shield protection in the form of a bungee, clip or strap to keep the goggle secure. The strap can be detached at option. Around the helmet are grooves that keep the goggles in place. Sweat is drawn away from your head thanks to moisture-wicking liners. Removable liners enable effortless washing of the liner to keep it clean. Antimicrobial liners ensure a fresh feeling. Some helmets are compatible with bluetooth-enabled devices thanks to removable ear pads, which can be detached when the weather starts to heat up or the user simply wants to fit an audio-compatible version to be velcroed or zipped into the pockets. This is suitable for teens and those who love taking their favorite tunes on the go.

The buying guide above has all the information you need to help make you an informed and sensible buyer. Use the information there to get the perfect ski helmet for your needs. To simplify your shopping experience, we present the best ski helmets on the market below.



Top ski helmets in 2018


In any skiing activity, it is a prerequisite to wear a reliable helmet in order to help and protect you whenever there from unwanted damages. There are lots of ski helmets out in the market but you must choose the one that is most durable and safe. In this post, you can learn everything in the best ski helmets reviews.



Giro Seam


3. Giro Seam Snow HelmetDesigned to comply with ASTM F2040/CE EN1077 safety standards, the Giro Seam Snow Helmet comes with an in-mold construction for greater durability and long life. The Giro Seam Snow Helmet also boasts a state-of-the-art X-Static Anti-bacterial padding that keeps germs and odor-causing bacteria away so you can go on using it without worrying about annoying and potentially embarrassing sweat stink. The helmet’s 12 super-cool vents offer excellent wearability thanks to the superior thermostat control that disperses excess heat effectively for exceptional comfort no matter what the situation or condition is.

The Giro Seam Snow Helmet is engineered to be seamlessly compatible with all aftermarket TuneUps systems including Compass, Discord, Edit, Nine and Onset.


Buy from Amazon for ($120)




Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt


Best Ski Helmets reviewsMany men and women are now in love with the functionality of the Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt snow sports helmet. The helmet has the dual regulator ventilation providing more comfort to each of its users because it can manipulate the rear and front portion of venting. During winters or any other situations, you can easily customize the pad whenever you want to feel warm or cold. This is possible with the pull-on closure that can adapt in any kind of weather. The Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt snow sports helmet has a fashionable design that can suit to any of its users, may it be a man or woman.

“Bought this helmet to pair it with my Atomic snowboard. It has a low weight and it is comfortable enough for my head size. Has a breathy interior and saved me a couple of times from some big impacts. It remained in one piece. Ever since I used it I felt secure on my board.” Frances Edly


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Lucky Bums Snow Sports


2. Lucky Bums Snow Sports HelmetSuccessfully earning a coveted CE EN1077 certification, the Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet boasts an external cap in ABS material plus a supporting outer shell in EPS material, which both ensure excellent impact resistance and good heat resistance, are flame retardant, and most of all, make the helmet look good. The shell and foam liner conform to high quality standards. The ear covers are designed to provide reliable sound transmission so you can stay attuned to your environment even with the helmet on. Available in exciting colors, the helmet can be bought to match your head size for a snug and comfortable fit.



Buy from Amazon for ($36.99)




Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber


1. Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber HelmetConfigured with a multi-impact design, the Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet keeps your noggin protected when you’re skateboarding, on scooters, doing roller derby or in-line skating. Truly one of the best multi-impact helmets on the market, the Triple 8 Brainsaver was developed with a revolutionary Sweatsaver liner that takes the bothersome eye blurring, annoying stink and painful stinging that comes with perspiration. The state-of-the-art liner has layers with moisture-wicking properties, which keep the sweat drips at bay. The liner also boasts anti-bacterial treatment that keeps ugly sweat smell away.

The wrap-around design goes round the head 360 degrees, ensuring no liner separation. Get nothing less than itch-free comfort from the terry-cloth construction of this awesome helmet.


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Giro Slingshot


Children who are just at their beginnings to learn the sport of skiing is best recommended with the Giro Slingshot snow helmet. With the fashionable design, the product is really accommodating and applicable in any situation. The compact and strong structure of the helmet made it so reliable. The durability of this snow helmet can perfectly protect each of its users. Aside from that, it is still recommended to maintain and secure proper precautions and guidance to avoid harmful incidents to happen. You can also adjust and modify the helmet for a more comfortable use.

“Safety first that’s my motto and my advice is that anyone should take it into account. Using one Giro pink model I can say that besides the good security level, I am the main attraction on the skiing slope. Wasn’t hard to buy it from the internet and received it in a week or so just before the season began.” Janet Jolliff


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Products that are no longer available



Smith Optics Variant Brim


Being one of the slickest and comfortable models presented such by the best ski helmets reviews this year, the Smith Optics Variant Brim snow helmet has been the leading choice of ski lovers for their skiing activities. The product has a low profile regulator and 22 vents that can be customized in order for you to adapt in any weather changes allowing the player to be comfortable. As a result, a more precise and perfect stunt can be made. Furthermore, the finishing and hybrid shell construction of this snow helmet makes the product more attractive and useful in offering its performances.

“Love the way the cushion works on my hair and keeps my head airy during my rides. It has a solid construction and comes in various colors. I picked the one that wears with my costume. Thank God that it was not necessary to test it till now.” Silas West



Smith Optics Unisex child upstart Jr. Snow


The quality of features provided by the Smith Optics unisex child upstart Jr. Snow sports helmet made it one of the best ski helmets from 2015. Along with the features is the ability of the product to accommodate youngsters who love the sport. It can provide a safe and secured activity because of the compact structures this helmet shows. The secret that lies within the helmet is its modernized installment making your play more efficient. As a result, more and more positive feedbacks are being received for this product.

“Smith Optics is a well known snow helmet provider. I’ve always used their products and can say that they if they worked for me they will work for everyone else. I consider myself an advanced rider and in consequence to that I put safety first whenever I’m on the track.” Manuel Hobbard


Giro Ricochet


Many people all over the U.S have proven the efficiency of this snow helmet when it comes to skiing. The product can really suit your head circumference from 21.85 to 22.8 inches. Many professional skiers are happy and satisfied using the product. Your child’s protection is really secured and protected so there is no room for you to doubt the reliability of the Giro Ricochet snow helmet. For extra protection, the product is equipped with polycarbonate outer shell linked for a more compact structured.

“After surveying some reviews about snow gear I got to this page and got my mind set on this helmet model. Heard about the Giro brand and handed my trust on them. I can now say that I feel comfortable yet safe while skiing. Give it a try and convince yourself too!” Tommy McKin