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There are millions of adventurous Americans that love to test their limits and reach their full potential in various conditions. Some prefer hiking, others camping and some special individuals prefer to take on the mountain’s challenge and ski their way down to the base. Still, people are not unconscious and understand the importance of being protected during various rides down the mountain that can come with unforeseen perils. This is where a solid ski helmet can come in handy. Reading the latest best ski helmets reviews can help you identify the most efficient model, ideal for your sporting actions and plans.



Smith Optics Maze


Best ski helmets under $100Combining protection with a bit of elegance, Smith Optics created Maze ski helmet, a model which can become a great addition to your adventurous nature and various schemes on the mountain’s slope. Considered one of the best ski helmets under $100, this model has a lightweight in-mold construction that blends with ease on the head and weighs only 330 grams. It is completed by a precise AirEvac with 2 Ventilation system and 9 vents, keeping your head cool. In addition, the ski helmet has Snapfit SL2 Ear Pads and also a easy to remove Google Lock, thus expanding the whole ride.

“Safety comes first whether I’m on my skis or on my skateboard and so my head is protected I use the Smith Optics Maze helmet. It has protected me many times in the past through a lot of hard crashes and this is why I recommend it to others.” – Luke Lambert


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Smith Optics H12-V2


One of the best ski helmets under $50 is, according to thousands of satisfied users, pro athletes and regular persons, H12-V2 from Smith Optics. The model has a low profile Shell structure, very imposing and clean looking, completed with AirEvac 2 Ventilation. The ventilation system comes equipped with the highly adjustable Boa fit system that keeps the helmet tightly on the head. The ski helmet weighs only 520 grams, letting you place it on your head with ease, which won’t weigh heavily. The model comes with 22 vents which features a single regulator, accompanied by Regulator adjustable ventilation in order to safely climate control.

“Buying this helmet was a great idea because it is so light and also so comfortable, while protecting me when I fall, which to be honest happens pretty often because I am still in my first 5 months of skiing. Its air vents help with cooling me down.” – Jack Nolte


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Smith Optics Variant Brim


Besides displaying the right skiing skills and thus impressing the public watching, it is important to transmit attitude. You can add a touch of power and style once you place on your head a carefully designed ski helmet. One of the best ski helmets under $100 is Variant Brim Snow helmet from Smith Optics, a model used with confidence by thousands of people that love sky and conquer mountains. You need to know that the helmet has 22 vents which keep the head ventilated. It has a low-profile regulator that allows you to adjust the climate control with greater ease with no problems whatsoever.

“The Smith Optics Variant ski helmet was boought by me so I am 100 % sure my head will be just fine in the event of me falling off my skis. Vents were also a feature I was looking for and this helmet has plenty, no more, no less than 22.” – Rachel Goulan


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Lucky Bums Snow


According to thousands of satisfied users, from all over the world it seems that one of the best ski helmets under $50 is Lucky Bums Snow, a special model. This ski helmet has a special construction: a precise external cap made out of ABS material and also a solid support outer shell made out of EPS material. This helmet features a shell and foam liner that meets with eases the EN1077 standards and regulations. It also has an ear cover that permits fluid sound transmission. This ski helmet is the epiphany of comfort and sturdiness, making it the ideal model to have around, whenever you go out skiing.

“I thought my son how to ski and he absolutely adores it. But I never let him hit the slopes without him putting on the Lucky Bums ski helmet which I bought for him because it had top reviews. He says he feels comfortable and I rest assured knowing that he is safe if he falls off his skies.” – Jane Mitchell


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Giro Nine


It is very important to protect your head whenever you start skiing with friends, even if you are a professional. So, this is where a professional and carefully designed ski helmet can deliver quality results. A great ski helmet that will never let you down is Giro Nine ski helmet, a model that can enhance the protection levels of every tide. The model comes with 14 Super Cool Vents and also a stunning Weatherstrip Vent Shield and Stack vent for added protection while you ski. In-mold constructed, this model will certainly help you ski with more confidence, knowing that you head will be protected.

“I really liked the modern design of this ski helmet from Giro and this was one of the reasons why I bought it. Others were that it had great safety features, like the in-mold construction and also the air vents so that I don’t sweat too much while I’m wearing it.Eddy Doyle    


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