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Top sleeping bags in 2018


Camping out is fun to do with family and friends. Sleeping could be a problem for some as sleeping out in the nature is not something that is done on a daily basis.  It could be difficult to find the perfect sleeping bag that offers comfort and protection; yet upon reading the best sleeping bags reviews, surely you could choose the right one for you.


Kelty Cosmic 0 degree down


Best Sleeping Bags reviewsOne of the trusted and most popular sleeping bags is of the Kelty brand. The Kelty 0 degree down sleeping bag model emphasizes on its professionalism and comfort, which can even warm the user at temperatures of 0 to 18⁰C which impresses most users. The bags at the side of this model prevents heat from going out of the bag, but be cautious as this could be hazardous for the body eventually. This sleeping bag is highly recommended on activities where you could experience very low temperatures.

“When I leave for a camping trip with my buddies I always take with me the Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag. I find it to be excellent for sleeping in, keeping me nice and warm, even when the temperature is close to freezing. It also comes at a very affordable price.” – Luke Malcom

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Kelty Cosmic 20-degree


One of the most comfortable models presented in all best sleeping bags reviews comes from the brand Kelty. Kelty Cosmic 20 degree sleeping bag exhibits efficiency and protection needed by anyone who wants to camp out or just wants the cosy and warm feel of a sleeping bag. This sleeping bag model is beautifully designed that it does not easily tear up, controls of the bag tells you which from the top or bottom to zip. Also, quilt construction which is offset in two layers and a comfortable collar at the top, you can expect with this product a good night sleep. It also has an outside loop which enables you to convert your bag into a liner.

“I love being in the middle of nature as often as I can and because of this I needed a reliable sleeping bag which would keep me warm and comfy during the nights. The Kelty Cosmic 20 degree sleeping bag has all this qualities and I am very pleased by it.” – Anne Oldman

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Coleman Brazos cold weather


The Coleman Brazos sleeping bag is made out of made out of pure polyester that can give you utmost comfort and warmth but still be able to breath. Ensuring nothing but a good sleep, this sleeping bag can withstand low temperatures while allowing the user to be warm inside at down to 20F. The sleeping bag measures a width of 33” and 75” length that even person as tall as 5” 11 can fit. There is no tying required and it is washed through a washing machine.

“This sleeping bag from Coleman I bought for a very accessible price and for everytime I took it with me comping I felt really warm during the nights when the temepratures hovered just above the freezing point. I recommend it because it is very reliable.” – Jake Bold

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Suisse Sport Alpine Adult Mummy


The Suisse Alpine Adult Mummy Double Layer Sleeping Bag has a Hollowblend fill and insulation that keeps the user warm even at temperatures as low as 5F at such light weight; this is why it is considered as one of the most popular models by a lot of best sleeping bags reviews because of its impressive features. The Suisse Sport sleeping bag fill makes warmth inside the sleeping bag even at a very chilly environment. The Suisse Sport bag has a quilted design in an offset of double layers that measure 84” x 24” x 33” that most people can enjoy.

“I just can’t keep away from the mountain`s fresh air and so that I have the perfect insulation in the nights I go camping, I bought the this sleeping bag from Suisse Sport Alpine. For this once the europeans really got it right and this is a top sleeping bag without a doubt.” – Natalie Mills

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Ledge Featherlite +20 degree


With a weight of no more than 3 pounds with an 84” x 32” x 20” shell measure brings effectiveness in inducing sleep to users at its light weight. The Ledgelight Featherlite  +20 degree sleeping bag has a Diamond Ripstop and can compress to about 1/3 of the original compression. The lining also allows you to sleep with ease and comfort wherever you want to sleep. The sleeping bag is constructed with single walled elements and barrel locks thermo- shield that can be adjusted and closed with a drawstring for a good beauty sleep.

“For my camping needs I found the Ledge Sports FeatherLite to be exactly what I wanted. While being extremely light so I carry it around with me easily it still offers a lot of comfort and also some warmth when temperatures drop.” – Nick Wiggins

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