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James Bond’s gadgets came alive in the last couple of years and you can have a bit of that special technological wave. Out of the many devices developed on the market, one seems to be present in the minds of thousands of men and women: smart pen. Why should you choose an advanced smart pen? Well, this type of device gives you the opportunity to record with ease everything you hear and write thus making any study actions become a lot easier. Reading some of the current best smart pens reviews represents an important step in discovering the right model, suited to your daily needs.


Livescribe APX-00008 smart pen


Best smart pens under $300If you want a precise smart pen, always ready to help you study and even become a better journalist, then Livescribe APX-00008. The particularities of this smart pen allow you record with ease everything you write and hear, without ever losing a word. You also have the possibility to replay all of your important meetings or various lectures, simply by tapping on your notes. All the data recorded can be saved without any problems whatsoever on your computer or tablet. You also have the possibility to send notes and audio to any social media destinations such as Twitter, Facebook or Evernote, thus being one of the best smart pens under $300.

“One of my friends first had a smart pen just like this and I was amazed by what it can do. I bought one for myself immediately, the Livescribe APX-00008 and I am extremely pleased by what advatages it bings to my studdies, being able to record everything.” ­– Luke Andrews

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Wacom MDP123 smart pen


One of the best smart pens under $100, according to the latest statistics, is Wacom MDP123, a model capable of becoming a great source of recording and observation notes. With this device you can sketch your ideas on any type of paper while capturing everything better, so that you won’t miss anything. This advanced smart pen allows you to store hundreds of sketches on the Inkling receiver and afterwards safely transfer them on your personal computer. You have the possibility to export layered sketches from the Inkling manager software on your photo editing tools with ease. It is very easy to use!

“This smart digital sketch pen from Wacom has really impressed me with its features since I have had it for myself. I can store a lot of information in its memory which than I can access easily. Also I am pleased that it can work with both Windows and Mac systems.” – Amanda George

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Livescribe APX-00007 smart pen


It is very important to have by your side a high quality and advanced smart pen in order to record everything you say, hear and write with ease. How? Use with confidence Livescribe APX-0007 smart pen, and create detailed notes audio and visual. You have the possibility to replay audio files from the Livescribe paper, smartphone or tablet with a simple tap on all of your handwritten notes. You can replay your lectures and meetings and develop your Livescribe desktop, giving you additional access to everything you think of being important. Furthermore due to the special features you can send notes and various audio files to other persons via email, Facebook, Microsoft OneNote and also Google Docs.

“The Livescribe APX-00007 was my choice for a smartpen and I really managed to get a top one because I did a bit of research before I purchased it. For me as a student this pen is the perfect thing being able to capture hundreds of hours of audio and also thousands of pages of notes.” – Franck Loyd

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Wacom KP701E2 smart pen


People interested in buying smart pens what a model that combines efficiency with affordability. Well, for such individuals we recommend Wacom KP701E2, a device considered one of the best smart pens under $100. This Art pen with stand can help you record with precision everything that you want, being also sensitive to rotation. The device can support with ease various applications that might include Corel Painter and also Adobe Photoshop in order to create special effects, in various places of your creation. Furthermore the smart pen includes 10 replacement nibs and also a weighted pen stand for additional stability.

“All the recordings I do with this smart pen have good quality so that I am able to hear loud and clear all my lectures which I am recording. I don’t regret one bit getting it because so far it has proven to be extremely helpful.” – James Wiggins

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Livescribe APA-0009 smart pen


Thousands of people are using with trust Livescribe APA-0009 smart pen, a model that takes away any signs of stress during meetings or study hours. Regarded as one of the best smart pens under $300, this model will help you to record virtually everything you hear, say and write. You won’t have to miss any more important details, overlooked otherwise. You can replay all the files just by taping on the handwritten notes. It will be a lot easier to take notes and remain organized. This smart pen has an option that gives you the possibility to send notes and audio files to friends through email, Google Docs, Evernote, Microsot OneNote or Google Sites.

“For me there is no surprise why this smartpen from Livescribe is considered to be one of the best smartpens if not the best. I have been using it and I never miss any detail with its recordings. I can even send my notes through email to my friends, how cool is that?! ­– Scott Edwards