Best smartphone for battery life reviews

As the world today becomes more active, and we have less time to sit still, you may be interested in choosing a smartphone that has the best cell phone battery. If you don’t have the time for research, we have you covered. We have browsed multiple phone specifications, taken into account customer feedback, value for money and price to give you the information you need in this short paragraph.  Out of the products we have seen, the Huawei MHA-L29 Grey seems to be the best, as it promises a revolutionary battery life that lasts up to two days and only takes 20 minutes to charge to last you for a full day. In addition to this, the phone offers a Leica dual camera and the possibility to film at a 4k quality. If the Huawei MHA-L29 Grey is unavailable or out of stock, you could also consider the Samsung SM-A510F as the second best choice.



Buying Guide


The current market offers a large variety of smartphones, with numerous features. It may get difficult to single out one that gives you the battery life you want or need. We have asked ourselves what factors contribute to give us the best smartphone battery life. As a result, we have created the buying guide below, to help you in your search.

Understanding the battery type

The majority of smartphones use either Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Po) batteries.

The Li-Ion ones are manufactured at a lower price and have a high storing capacity for energy. The degree of self-discharge is also lower. They are not required to be primed when first used.

The other type, the Li-Po, is thinner and sleeker encased than their counterparts. They are more durable, and their aging process is slower. However, they require a higher cost to make and thus the price of the phone increases.

When it comes to power, the Li-Ion has a higher capacity for storage than the Li-Po. However, if you are also interested in the phone weight, the Li-Po specification is something to look for.


Reading the specifications

When you review a product’s specs, you will find under the battery category the „mAh” letters. A higher value means the battery can carry more energy. As this indicates the electric charge capacity, it is a useful number when comparing two phones.

Most of the time, next to this number you will also find an estimated time that indicates how long the product must be charged to obtain a full battery charge. Consider your routine and choose a phone that has a charging time according to your time possibilities.

If you are the type of buyer who is interested in a product for using a long time, you should also look in the specifications section if the battery is removable or integrated. If the phone has the removable part, then you will easily be able to switch to a new one and thus prolong the product’s usage life.


What consumes energy

If you are mostly interested in charging the phone in the smallest amounts possible, you need to understand some of the elements that bring your battery level down.

As the battery is the drive behind the other components, a powerful processor or a high display resolution will impact the phone’s energy level. The type of screen display also has its toll. Should you wish to preserve the battery, a LED display drains less than an LCD. The operating system also has an impact. For example, the iOS requires less battery life than the Android.

Keep in mind what types of apps you are mostly interested in. For example, there are apps which run in the background, using more battery than apps which don’t constantly need to run in this manner.  Apps that use GPS will consume energy levels, and even Wi-FI use has an impact.



Top smartphones for battery life in 2018


In regards to the battery life, specifications, and energy drainers, in the previous section, we have gone through the basics to keep in mind when looking for a phone that meets your battery needs. In order to further ease your search, we have chosen three products that have some of the best reviews for a smartphone’s battery life.



Huawei MHA-L29 Grey


From a company that has been making a name for itself in the past years, the Huawei MHA-L29 Grey is an Android-powered smartphone that is packed with a large Li-Po 4000mAh battery.

From a power consumption viewpoint, the MHA-L29 promises a revolutionary battery life that lasts up to two days from one full charge. The phone also boasts of using a smart power-saving technology to maintain energy and also engages a super-charge system in which a 20-minute charge can lead to a battery percentage that can last for a full day.

In addition to its power offer, Huawei has engaged in a partnership with the photography veterans Leica, to equip their products with powerful cameras. The Leica dual camera in this model is at its second generation and promises and unprecedented level of detail in their photos with their 12MP RGB and 20MP monochrome sensors and a 4k video capacity for an ultra HD experience.

Other features (just to name a few) presented by Huawei for this model are Amazon’s Alexa voice services integration, dual-sim (an integrated Nano SIM and a MicroSD slot that has secondary SIM) and support, 4 noise-cancelling microphones for a better and clearer conversation and an extensive mobile network support.

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Samsung SM-A510F


One of the top contenders in the smartphone market, Samsung’s SM-A510F has an integrated 3000mAh Lithium Polymer battery that promises up to 16 hours of minimum talk time in 3G.

The product comes with an Android operating system v5.1.1 (Lollipop) but can support an upgrade to Marshmallow (v6.0.1).  With a Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon cheapest, the model’s quad-core processor capabilities do not excessively drain the power volumes.  The phone’s charger also has a high charging capacity, to reach maximum energy levels within a short time.

The SM-AS10F has a 16 GB internal memory that can be extended up to 256 GB. Other specifications include a 13 MP for the main camera and 5.0 for the front. Samsung has included in the newer version a diaphragm to the camera of f/1.9 that enables the phone to take exceptional photos and videos even in low light conditions.

Samsung has also invested in the model’s resistance. Even if it is slimmer than its older version, the SM-A510F is equipped with Gorilla Glass both on the display and back of the phone. In addition, the product is water and dust resistant and has an IP68 certificate that enables its owner to use the phone in various environments such as a gym or a beach.

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Blackberry  BBA100-1


Blackberry has gained the general public’s trust as one of the most secure phone manufacturers in the smartphone world. Their BRA100-1 model is equipped with a 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery that is estimated to have a conversation rate from 17 to 26 hours.

The BRA100-1 works on the Android operating system and provides access to Google play and over a million apps. In terms of performance, the phone has a 5.5” Quad HD Amoled display that is scratch resistant and boasts sporting a 4x higher pixel density than the standard HDTV product. The integration of the Amoled is important when searching for a long lasting battery phone, as it does deliver rich colors but employs less power when doing so.

We cannot talk about Blackberry products without mentioning their security options. The model stays in tune with the Blackberry policy and engages their tracking technology. Their DTEK automatically monitors the apps you have and notifies you once they sense a threat and what action to take in order to avoid it. Furthermore, it is designed to notify you once your phone’s features are being used by a 3rd party, features such as taking pictures or videos, turning the microphone on or accessing the location feature on the phone.

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