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Do you have the money but not enough information about the best smartphone headphones you can get for that budget? Let this short paragraph enlighten you. We have been able to find what is easily the best product on the market by looking at ratings and reviews in a variety of expert review sites for electronic accessories and studying the social media activity for various models and brands. Thanks to our research, we have found what we consider the best namely, the Cosnic Dislot, which carries a smart, noise isolating in-ear design supplemented with an enhanced bass and an energetic sound. These IPX5 sweat-proof headphones have a built-in microphone and multifunction control for effortless functionality that enables you to answer and end calls, or rewind, fast forward, play and pause what you are listening to. Since the Cosnic Dislot is likely to be unavailable because consumers are earnestly after the product, you could also check out what is considered a suitable alternative, the Ailihen I35.



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Headphones differ a lot from one another. Headphones are neat for listening to tunes during workouts, private listening at work or home, answering and ending calls without holding your phone, or enjoying an incredible gaming experience. Here are the aspects to look at in a smartphone headphone.

The best smartphone headphones reviews give high ratings to models that carry the user’s preferred design

Headphones that fit right into your ear canal are called in-ear monitors, with most sports headphones belonging to this category. Plenty of models have rubber or foam tips available in a variety of sizes to provide a customized fit. This ensures the headphones stay put even during vigorous workouts. Replacement tips can be bought separately.

Some professional-level units offer a customized precision-molded design to fit the ear canals. Suitable for passive noise isolation, in-ear monitors deliver impressive sound quality to outclass larger headphones.

Equipped with a small driver, an earbud headphone rests on the ridge of the outer ear. Earbuds provide a lower degree of isolation and fidelity compared to other headphone types. However, the affordable price of earbuds makes them popular among consumers.

Earbuds are made available as part of portable music device packages. High-quality earbuds provide an inexpensive alternative to other types of headphones.

Over-ear, full-size or around-ear headphones feature cushioned or padded earcups that cover the ears. For sound quality, over-ear units are able to isolate you from the outside sounds, a feature called passive noise reduction.

Similar to over-ear headphones, on-ear models have the cushions positioned on the outer ear rather than covering the ears entirely. Able to deliver good sound quality, on-ear headphones have a lower bass response. They also do not filter out sounds from the environment, and other people near you can also hear what you are listening to.


The best headphones for smartphone use feature a microphone and controls for convenience

Headphones with microphones and controls enable you to make and answer calls, as well as pause, play, rewind or fast forward what you are listening to. A microphone function is of particular importance for gaming too, so you can communicate with other players when needed.

The microphone may be cord-mounted or an in-line type. There may also be controls for mute, volume, and track advance. In wireless models, the mic and controls are on the earpiece itself. Plenty of smartphone headphones come with control functions optimized to be compatible with a specific operating system.


The best headphones for cell phone use can come in a variety of connectivity designs

A set of wired headphones connects to your smartphone, MP3 player, streaming or other audio devices via a cord or wire. A wired pair of headphones offers the advantage of exceptional sound quality, in addition to not requiring any batteries to run. Wired units are popular among gamers because of that aspect, which ensures continuous playing. Reflective cords enable nighttime use.

For outdoor and sports uses, wireless headphones are a hit. This type of headphone doesn’t need a connection to your phone or music player. This means greater freedom and ease of movement while preventing tangles effectively.

Bluetooth technology is commonly utilized by wireless headphones for the digital encoding of audio and transmission of sound over short distances minus the wires. With most new laptops and smartphones carrying a Bluetooth-enabled feature, syncing to Bluetooth headphones is a cinch. That said, there are other wireless technologies available as well.

While some wireless earbud models still carry some type of wire connecting the individual earbuds to each other, true wireless earbuds are available in pairs of independent wireless units that go into each ear, which ensures no tangles. Some models are kept in place by wrapping around the back of the ears while the low-profile units fit inside the ear canal.

Standard headphones rest on the top of the head. However, there are models that feature a band resting on your neck, which may be comfortable for some people as they do not damage your hairstyle.



Top Smartphone Headphones in 2017


There are plenty of brands and models of smartphone headphones, and this can make the decision-making process more complicated than it should be. The information in the buying guide above will hopefully make your buying process less stressful. Take a look at the featured products below for even more shopping assistance.



Cosnic Dislot


The revolutionary noise isolating in-ear design of the Cosnic Dislot delivers energetic sound and enhanced bass for a pretty awesome music-listening experience on the go. This model comes with a proprietary ergonomic earpiece design from the brand, which is further supplemented with its certified IPX5 sweat-proof capability to deliver lasting comfort for extended wearing.

This model is equipped with a built-in microphone for instant communication during multiplayer online games or when you need to answer or make a call using your cell phone. This model also allows you to control your music through fast forward, pause, rewind or play functionalities.

These headphones work well with all types of Apple devices, Android Smartphones, Windows phones, computers, portable music players, laptops, MP3/MP4 players, tablets and more. The cable is long enough to enable freedom of movement minus the annoying tangles on the 1.3-meter cable.

Able to isolate noise, these sound-isolating earbuds block out 90 percent of the noise coming from the outside environment, for uncluttered sound when listening to music or having phone conversations. Enjoy your music anytime and anywhere, even on the noisy street.

The headphones are perfect for yoga, reading, relaxing or just thinking, so you can stay in your very own private world. The ear hook design keeps the earbuds securely in place in your ear canal.

Buy from for ($14.98)




Ailihen I35 4009441


The Ailihen I35 4009441 is a pair of lightweight, stereo headphones that fold up for easy carrying and storage. The adjustable headband offers lasting comfort when wearing. The onboard 3.5mm microphone allows you to communicate using your smartphone, so you stay in the loop even when doing workouts and other activities that require you to use your hands for other tasks.

Suitable as well for MP3/MP4 players, laptops and computers, these headphones enable you to enjoy your multimedia experience every time anywhere. The ergonomic design makes the headphones quite comfortable to wear.

This product offers an exceptional noise-canceling function that filters out ambient noise so you can have clear and consistent-quality conversations, music-listening and more.

The folding feature is tested for more than 20,000 times to ensure optimal carrying and transport. Make high-definition voice calls thanks to the 360-degree pickup microphone.

This model supports all Android phones, Windows phones, IOS, and Blackberry system phones. You can conveniently answer or make calls on the go without holding your phone in your hand.

This unit also uses genuine leather in its earmuffs to enable you to have comfortable extended wearing.

The braided nylon cord delivers tangle-free functionality along with the inline microphone while enabling you to control the tracks at your leisure.

Buy from for ($19.98)




Esonstyle ocus102THREEsliver


Delivering great sound and sweet music listening experience, the Esonstyle ocus102THREEsliver comes with top-quality CSR 4.1 chips from the UK to deliver outstanding sound quality on the go every time. Able to provide award-winning, super bass stereo, this model lets you listen to your favorite music or make and end a phone call with no hassle.

This model carries a sweat-resistant, IP4, ergonomic design optimized for comfortable wearing to suit your active lifestyle. Put the headphones on and jog, run, do exercises or workouts, cycle, drive, hike, go camping or have a blast at the gym.

The headphones feature an innovative ear hook design that delivers a secure and comfortable fit into the ear canal. The ear hook design also makes the device usable by everyone. These super-lightweight headphones are outfitted with a built-in, rechargeable, lithium-polymer, 110mAh battery that powers the unit to operate for 8 hours before the need for recharging.

That means 8 hours of quality talk and play time, on a full charge that takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. On standby, this model offers 240 hours, for energy efficiency. You can view the battery capacity display on IOS devices for prompt or timely recharging.

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