Best smartphone lens reviews

Smartphone cameras have come a long way from their humble origins. Nowadays phones carry powerful little photography and video tools. If you do, however, want to increase their performance and expand to a more artistic side, then the smartphone lens camera accessory is perfect for you. If this is the first time you hear about it or simply hadn’t had the time to research, we got you covered through this short paragraph. We have browsed through multiple products and found the Whyzyv ZYV-LK3 kit to be top. When buying this product, you receive three high-quality clip-on lenses included in the package: Fisheye, Wide Angle and Macro. The lenses combine top optic technology in housing Optical glass and Metal Aluminum, manufactured by professional with 14 years of experience in the field. If the Whyzyv ZYV-LK3 is unavailable or out of stock, you could take a look at the PAIAIP Moon Light as the second best choice.



Buying Guide


Phone photography lenses are a quick to use accessory that is easy to install and use and can give you a new perspective over mobile-captured images. As there is a great variety available on the market, we have looked at the best smartphone lens reviews and have compiled a buying guide to help you choose the right product for your phone and needs.

Type of lens

For a better photography experience, you should understand the difference each lens adds to your snapshots. The most common types of lenses you will encounter in a kit are wide-angle, fisheye, macro and telephoto.

The wide-angle is used to capture more of the background and allows you to modify the focal length of the lens. You will be able to control what you want to include in the picture and expand your background by reducing the length.

Another creative lens is the fisheye. It was designed to shoot at 180 degrees feel. The effect is especially popular for landscapes, extreme sports or artistic photos, as it gives an interesting perspective and focus point to the image.

If you are interested in capturing details and enjoy the zoom mode, then ensure the lens kit you purchase contains a macro.  Depending on the strength of the tool, you can photograph some of the smallest elements. The lens’s principle is opposite to the wide-angle and fisheye.

The telephoto is a great tool to have when you want to zoom in the picture or video. If you have simply applied the zoom that your phone already provides, you may have noticed that the quality of the shot decreases with the proximity degree. The telephoto applies this principle without sacrificing the end picture’s quality.


Mounting the lens

The mounting system depends on the product. The majority of lenses are attached to the phone by clamps, while other items use magnets. This detail is also important for the type of photography you want to engage in. For macro lenses, it is essential that the camera lens contact to the phone is full, so as to capture the fine details.

Also, ensure that the lenses you buy are compatible with your phone. A phone camera’s location depends on the model of your device and is not universally situated in the same position. Also, if you choose a clip mounting product, remember to check if the opening of the clip is wide enough to cover the phone’s thickness. For example, a plus version of the same phone model is not necessarily compatible with the lenses as its normal counterpart.


Single vs. Kit

Depending mostly on what types of pictures you are interested in shooting, you can either buy a single lens or choose a kit. The latter option is a smart buy if you want to experiment with your photos, as kits usually contain several types of lenses, such as wide-angle, fisheye and macro. The packages also often contain helpful items such as carrying pouches or adjustable tripods.



Top Smartphone Lenses in 2018


Depending on your needs, you should choose something that enables you to take the pictures you want without adding too much weight to the phone. We have taken a look at various models available on the market and have chosen several bundle lenses for which users have provided the best smartphone camera lens kit reviews.



Whyzyv ZYV-LK3


The product offers a premium three lens kit: fisheye, wide angle and macro lens that can be adjusted to the phone with clips and are compatible with many popular smartphones, tablets, and laptop models.

The Whyzyv kit boasts with providing pro lenses of high quality that combines Optical Glass and Metal Aluminum housing by manufacturers with 14 years of experience in the market. Each of the three camera lenses has CE/RoHS/Reach certificates. The products are perfect for capturing scenery, wide landscapes or even unique close-ups.

The Fisheye promises 198 degrees and wide angle sports 130, and both can capture wide panoramic views. The Macro lens has a magnification of 15x to create a maximum close-up capacity for a minimum object distance of 10-20 mm.

Most of the users have recommended the product for its quality, good pictures and sturdy clips. The camera attachment is equipped with a soft inner rubber so as to protect the phone. In addition to the three lenses, the kit also has two caps lenses, cleaning cloth, a lanyard carry for the user’s neck, a universal detachable clip with a copper screw, a compact zipper bag, and the user manual.

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PAIAIP Moon Light


The manufacturer has upgraded their product, and the kit now contains four lenses that have HD capabilities: fisheye, 3x telephoto, 4K Ultra wide-angle lens and a macro. All are compatible with a large variety of popular smartphones.

A new version of the product, Moon Light boasts with mirroring the DSLR camera technology when redesigning their product to reach a high-end feel and eliminate some of the previous black edge presence in the main and secondary camera. In order to prevent glares or lens flares, they have also improved the shape of the lenses into a lotus type hood, for more protection against sunlight.

An upgrade was also made in the lens-compatible maximum resolution from 16 to 20 megapixels. The lenses were designed to capture beautiful colors and avoid chromatic aberrations or low distortion.

Image color and brightness are essential for the manufacturers. They boast with carefully selecting superior grade glass that has multilayer antireflection and high transmittance. Also, using an aluminum steel that is machine-provisioned; the lenses are assembled to secure a perfect fit and scratch protection.  The clips are also equipped with soft rubber, so as not to scratch or damage the device.

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The LS-Pro’s smartphone kit is compatible with the majority of smartphones and contains three high-quality HD lenses: a15x Macro, a 0.36x Super Wide Angle, and an 180° Fisheye Lens.

The manufacturers strive for a DSLR quality performance with their product. The lenses are Lanthanide multi-coated and have Optical Glass so as to minimize any glare effect, reflection and produce great clarity in pictures. The product’s durability is ensured by a top-grade aluminum construction.  

The Fisheye lens has an 180-degree capability and is of a 25mm diameter x 15mm length. The wide-angle lens has a 0.36x magnification for scenery and landscape pictures, measuring 28mm x 17mm. Measuring 28mm x 7mm, the macro lens has a magnification of 15x, and the recommended distance between the subject and the lens should be of 1-2 centimeters.

Users are generally satisfied with the quality of the resulting pictures and the product’s overall feel. In regards to the phone clip compatibility, they are universal and have an anti-slip design equipped with a soft rubber as to not damage the device. The product’s package also includes two universal clips, 2 top lens covers, two bottom lens covers, one color box, one carrying pouch and the user manual.

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