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Everyone loves the smartphone wave, filled with advanced electronic devices which keep the levels of fun and joy up! This is why today more and more people are searching for a high quality smartphone, designed to maintain a high technical experience every time it’s needed. The market is packed with various models, which makes it quite challenging to identify the right product. How can you go through the forest of models and identify the product suited to your needs? Consult the current best smartphones reviews and with the obtained information you will be able to end up with a great model, which you won’t regret later on.


Samsung I8190 smartphone


Best smartphones under $300Looking at the current technical statistics and user testimonials, it comes as no surprise to see so many people use with confidence Samsung I8190 Galaxy SIII Mini. This model is considered one of the best smartphones under $300. The smartphones comes equipped with a Super AMOLED capacitive 4.0 inch touchscreen which impresses through its vibrant and rich details. This smartphone includes a powerful 5 MP primary camera, accompanied with autofocus and LED flash which can be used in dim light conditions. You have the possibility to record in 720p video resolution with 30 fps various videos with ease irrespective of the context.

“Smartphones are a necessity nowdays and this is why I wanted to get one for myself, but I wasn’t prepared to spend a fortune for one. This is why I opted for the Samsung I8190 smartphone which for me has proven to be all that I want.” – John Earinghton

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Apple iPhone 3G smartphone


Everyone knows of iPhones, smartphones that revolutionized the media world and paved the way for constant sources of excitement and entertainment. To this extent iPhone 3G smartphone from Apple reunites the technical expertise of experienced and innovative engineers. This smartphone includes a precise 3.15 MP camera which gives you the possibility to make great photos and videos with ease. It weighs 4.6 ounces and it measures around 4.6 x 0.5 x 2.4 inches, making the cellular ideal to have around with you. You won’t regret making this smartphone a part of your life after a couple of months have passed.

“I still have the iPhone 3 even to this day because I still feel it is very reliable and I know I can rely on its features. The design is still nice and it weighs practically nothing. I also like its apps a lot and find its operating system very relaible.” – Adam Richards

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Blackberry Curve 9360 smartphone


People simply love Blackberry phones. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple to answer this question: sleek designs, advanced features and a great way to stay connected with friends and business partners. Curve 9360 from Blackberry is one of the best smartphones under $200 currently available on the market. This phone has everything you need in order to never get bored and get things done or keep them going. It includes a powerful processor and very fast browser, while the 5 MP camera gives you the possibility to take stunning photos. The smartphone comes with pre-installed applications such as Social Feeds, Blackberry Protect1 and Music Storefront.

“The Blackberry Curve 9360 is always with me wherever I go and for a smartphone it performs excellently. I don’t really need something fancy when it comes to smartphones and right now this one is enough for me. Plus I got it really cheap.” – Marilyn Johnson

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LG Optimus L9-P769 smartphone


From the many smartphones currently available on the market one stands aside regarding quality and functionality: LG Optimus L9-P769. This advanced smartphone has a modern and sleek design that will fit with ease your pocket or purse. The model runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, accompanied by a powerful 1.0 Ghz Dual-Core processor. You will be able to run various applications, programs and games with ease, without being interrupted by lag. You can even use Quickmemo in order to capture your screen and make relevant notes with your finger and afterwards share them with friends or family via various social sites.

“The Android 4.0 software and also the 1 Ghz processor made me buy the LG Optimus L9-P769. It looks great and I am quite happy with how it operates. The Bluetooth or Wi-Fi work very well and also I recommend it for its excellent quality to price ratio.” – Mike Rupert

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Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone


One of the best smartphones under $300 is Nokia Lumia 900, a model loved by thousands of Americans. This advanced smartphone comes with a large and vibrant 4.3” AMOLED display where you can see vibrant and detailed pictures, videos or magazine reading. It uses Amoled technology refresh rate and also enhances the contrast ratio that safely reduces consumption on energy. You will be able to enjoy longer battery life which is very important for any user. In addition, this smartphone includes ClearBack display option that blocks incoming light reflections by appealing to a polarized layer in order to enhance screen visibility.

“I liked the new Nokia Lumia design so I bought it for myself because I was not about to pay a months salary for a so called top smartphone. Its features are everything I want and need from a smartphone and my advice to other people which think spending huge amounts of money on a phone is ridiculous is to get it.” – Dan Wright

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