Best Smartwatch reviews


Top smartwatches in 2018


Smart technology has made a lot of devices better than before and it has even introduced for watches as well, thus creating a new kind of watches simply named the smartwatch. A lot of manufacturers have seen the advantages of such models and have started producing them. In order for you to be aware of the top ones out on the market a good idea would be to invest a bit of time and read the best smartwatch reviews.


Samsung Galaxy Gear


Best Smartwatch reviewsAt first you would be surprised to see Samsung making watches, but this model is not your ordinary one, this is a smartwatch. Because it is a member of the Galaxy series it is compatible with the Samsung smartphones and tablets that bare the same name. It will do much more than just show you the time and date, with it you can even make calls and answer them thanks to the Galaxy Gear feature. You will have your personal assistant as well with the S Voice which is very well received by the top smartwathces reviews.

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Martian Watches Passport


The Martian Watches Passport Smartwatch looks like your ordinary wrist watch but it is far from it being able to respond to things like voice command when you want to set an alarm, check how the weather is plus other things. You will receive immediately a sound notification when you have received an email, a SMS or when a pre set calendar event is coming up. Being able to take phone calls from your wrist is quite convenient and it makes you look like you are from a James Bond movie.

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Pebble 301BL


This smartwatch from Pebble is compatible with any devices using iOS or Android operating systems thus making it very popular and assuring that it gets the reputation of one of the best smartwatches in 2018. Because it has Wi-Fi capabilities you can easily download different themes for your watch so it better matches your personality. Its battery on a full charge will allow you to use it continuously for up to 7 hours at a time. Get immediate updates as well when you have received and SMS or an email.

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Sony Smart Watch SW2


The best smartwatches reviews recommend you this SW2 model from Sony which has a very high tech feel to it granted by the futuristic design and its smart features. The display while having that modern look to it also has some very useful attributes because it can be read in direct sunlight and it is water resistant in case a quick summer shower catches you by surprise. Having Bluetooth also comes in handy giving you a heads up when you receive message via Facebook or Twitter, plus when you have received a SMS or email.

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Nike+ TomTom GPS SportWatch


The Nike+ TomTom GPS SportWatch is one of the best smartwatches in 2018 especially designed for people who like to practice running on a daily basis, taking care of their bodies. The weather conditions are not a bother for this watch and you can even use it while swimming to give you precise readings about the distance you have covered, the pace you are going at and your heart beats per minute. It will be powered by a lithium polymer battery which on a full charge can make it run continuously for up to 50 days.

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