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If you want to know the best snorkeling set, but you are too busy to read the entire buying guide put together by our research team, this paragraph will offer you the knowledge you seek. Based on customer feedback, sales figures, and expert opinions, the Phantom Aquatics Legendary PAQPMFS ABK-LG is the most recommended model you can find. The snorkeling fins offer excellent convenience as you can put them on and take them off using the quick-release system. You will move through the water with great ease, due to the angled blade, and the center grooves on the fins. Your field of vision is increased, as the beveled sides allow you to see more. Is the Phantom Aquatics Legendary PAQPMFS ABK-LG no longer available? We warmly suggest getting the Promate Purge instead, as it provides you with almost the same performance level.



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Buying guide


Nowadays, it is rather difficult to purchase some scuba gear packages, particularly since the market is overflowing with various alternatives. Some are more affordable than others, but what you should be looking for in a snorkeling set for sale is high quality. Since we’re committed to giving out a helping hand to prospective buyers, we’ve put together a short guide that hopefully answers all your questions. Check it out below.

1.Phantom Aquatics


The beginner’s guide to snorkeling sets

From what we’ve seen, most of the sets that are now available on the market consist of three main components: the actual snorkel, a snorkeling mask, as well as a pair of snorkeling fins. If you’re prepared to invest in a more advanced alternative, you may soon learn that some sets even include an exposure protection suit as well as a limited amount of life support equipment. However, bundles that also include extras aside from the three essential components can cost a lot more, with the end-price getting to be somewhere around two thousand dollars.



Snorkel type

There are three types of snorkels available out there, but before starting to analyze your options, you need to consider the type of diving you usually do. Traditional J snorkels have been around for many years now and they’re characterized by a curved tube that somewhat resembles the letter J. This is by far the cheapest and easiest to maintain type we’ve stumbled upon, although they do present the inconvenience of being less convenient compared to the other two categories. One can’t dive too deep using a J snorkel, because it has an open top and water will go into it.

Two other kinds of snorkels include the semi-dry and the dry alternatives. The semi-dry one is defined by being able to prevent water from penetrating the tube when it is being splashed around. However, it’s not impervious to water when it is fully submerged. As its name suggests, a dry snorkel is designed in such a way that it includes a valve that makes it impossible for the water to go into the tube. This last type is by far the most convenient of all, even though it might not be as affordable as the standard J one.



Snorkel features

Aside from the actual model you will end up choosing, there’s a number of snorkel features that you should take into account. The mouthpiece has to be as comfortable as possible so that it sits comfortable in the teeth and does not require the user to keep his or her jaw clenched all the time. We’ve seen that the most comfortable mouthpieces are usually made of silicone.

Flexibility is another characteristic to consider, particularly if you want to have the freedom to take the set wherever you want to go. J snorkels are more rigid compared to their semi-dry and dry counterparts.



The mask

Next to the actual snorkel, the mask is the second most important piece in the set. Its skirt has to be built in such a way that the mask provides watertightness. This detail is crucial and can sometimes be a deal-breaker, as there’s a high chance of fogging if the mask is always pulled away from the user’s face. To make sure that you choose the right size, it wouldn’t hurt if you went to a store and tried out some models before ordering them online. The lens in the mask should be no fog, and the skirt should be constructed using silicone, as it’s known to last many more years compared to other rigid materials.




The size of the fins also matters a great deal, as sizes may differ from one manufacturer to the next. Additionally, the tightness of the fin also has to be considered so that the foot doesn’t feel like it’s being squished. By contrast, a too large fin can get lost in the water.2.Seavenger Adult and Junior Diving Snorkel


User considerations

Before rushing into purchasing a snorkeling set for sale, we suggest you analyze the physical feature of the person that has to use it. Are you looking for a kids snorkel set or should it be destined for adults? Female users are usually more petite than their male counterparts, which is why some brands manufacture sets for women. While some might find the last factor a nuisance, it actually has a say when it comes to choosing the right mask and fins, as women’s sizes aren’t the same as men’s sizes



Top rated Snorkeling Sets in 2018


I’ve been invited by my best friend to go diving in Thailand, so I’ve been furiously reading all the best snorkeling set reviews I can get my hands on before we set out for that part of the world. To supplement those reviews, I have also been going through snorkel set catalogs in order to get more information on the specifics. I’ve decided to narrow down everything to the top five brands of dry snorkels since these types possess more advanced features than semi-dry or J-types. The splash-proof opening at the top minimizes water flow into the snorkel. A valve at the bottom serves to purge water as you exhale, so you can breathe freely. These are the most preferred models.



Phantom Aquatics PAQPMFS ABK-LG


1.Phantom Aquatics

This Phantom Aquatics set is among the most popular ones nowadays, and that’s due to several reasons. The first one is that it’s extremely well-constructed and using both comfortable and high-quality materials. The second reason seems to be that it’s on the affordable side, as it usually costs less than one hundred dollars, regardless of the online retailer you choose for your purchase.

The fins are remarkably easy to get on and off, as they’ve been designed with a unique quick-release system. The mask features an adjustable head strap, which makes it convenient as it can be used by people whose size is either S/M or M/L.


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You’ll agree with why the PROMATE dry snorkel has been popular as the top snorkeling set in 2018. First of all, this dry whistle snorkel’s mouthpiece stays securely in your mouth. The dry top snorkel is fitted with a bottom valve that works one way to purge water out every time you breathe out.

There are snorkeling fins in the package, which have an open heel design and can fit snugly. The dive mask is edgeless so your range of vision remains unhampered. Everything in the set fits into the nylon mesh bag that you can secure with the simple pull of the drawstring.


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US Divers Admiral USD-06


This belongs to the elite class as the best snorkeling set in 2018, thanks to the pivot dry technology it is constructed with. The mouth piece is made of hypoallergenic silicone, making it flexible, comfortable and long lasting. The purge valve comes with a full flex section so the diver can breathe in and out at a regular pace underwater.

The set includes a two-window mask made with a face skirt that’s also of hypoallergenic silicone. The mask enables you to have a wider field of vision from top to bottom. The Pro-Glide buckles on the mask can fasten it securely to your face and head thanks to the adjustable system.


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U.S. Divers Seabreeze II


The 2-window mask of the Seabreeze snorkeling set stays secure on your face while giving you a clear field of vision. The snorkel is the advanced dry type that works hard to minimize water entry into the tube straight to your mouth. This means you can have uninterrupted respiration while you are in the dive.

The fins in the package are the sort that fully covers the heel of the foot, including the toes, a genuine full-pocket fin. You can take the Seabreeze snorkeling set when you travel, thanks to the mesh bag that it is packaged in.


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Seavenger Adult Diving Dry-Top


Best Snorkeling Set ReviewsFor its ability to give you an awesome surface swim, the Seavenger snorkel set deserves to be in the list of the best snorkeling set in 2018.  It is a dry top snorkel with an opening that won’t let water into the snorkel tube and into your mouth. The short trek fin is made more powerful so you can be assisted at propelling yourself underwater.

The mask has a single lens so you can get a panoramic view of everything during your dive. All that’s in the snorkeling set can be placed into the plastic-reinforced quick-dry mesh bag.


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U.S.Divers Diva Dry Snorkeling Set – Not available


 This is a great package meant for women, so guys with girlfriends pick it out in the best snorkeling set reviews. The US Divers Diva snorkeling set is the dry type, meaning it has a splash-proof opening that effectively leads water away from the top opening. This additionally means you do not have to clear the Pivot Dry technology snorkel regularly for air. The package also comes with trek fins that help push you through the water. The mask has a single lens design that rides nicely on your face so you can see your way around clearly.