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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best snow boots? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have undertaken an exhaustive research on the best snow boots by checking out various expert review sites and taking the information in them against what actual owners have to say about the specific products. This objective comparison has led us to conclude that the Kamik Men’s Nationplus are truly the best snow boots on the market thanks to their impressive leather-and-rubber construction for reliable protection against the elements while ensuring a tough and durable footwear. The cold-weather boots feature a leather-and-rubber upper supplemented by innovative Thinsulate insulation and a moisture-wicking liner to keep the boots for men waterproof and insulated so your core temperature stays warm and toasty while giving you footwear that is nice enough to wear to work. The boots also have a 10-inch shaft so your feet are comfortable in them. If you can’t find the Kamik Men’s Nationplus at your favorite seller site, we recommend you buy the second best option for women, the Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II.



How to Buy New Snow Boots


Protecting your feet from the snowy, cold and wet weather can only be achieved if you have the best snow boots on sale for men or women. Snow boots are not simply fashion items but are necessities, and getting the perfect ones is a concern that can be overcome. How? Just know what elements to look for in this kind of snow gear.

1.Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

Material and Construction

The many snow boots you can find on Amazon are made of a variety of materials. The upper material has to be both water resistant and strong to withstand the tough winter weather. A nylon or leather upper ensures durability. Make sure the upper has been pre-treated for waterproofing. Aside from padded or quilted leather or nylon, the upper can also be made of quilted or padded textile or suede.

The midsoles and insoles form the footbed. The layer between the outsole and the insole is the midsole. Both the indole and midsole are commonly padded to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption. Some models feature a molded footbed that endows them with arch support. EVA compression foam insoles and midsoles are preferred because of their light weight. A lining of faux sheepskin or similar soft fabrics may be used in the footbed.

The sole or outsole of snow boots is typically softer and more flexible compared to what hiking or walking boots have. This ensures better traction on the slippery ice. The outsole is often made of durable and lightweight rubber that is additionally waterproof. You can expect stability and grip if the soles have deep tread. The seams should be sealed or taped for added protection.


Our recommendations:


ProductGenderAvailable sizesPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Kamik Nationplus
Men7, 12, 13$$$A+Amazon
Columbia Ice Maiden II
Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot
Columbia Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat Snow Boot
Men7-8.5 and 17$$$$BAmazon
Kamik Momentum Snow Boot




To assure buyers that they offer the best snow boots, manufacturers make their products for men and for women waterproof and insulated. There are temperature-rated snow boots that have undergone laboratory testing to ensure reliable performance, keeping your feet comfortable and warm. Of course, comfort and performance can be affected by your physical activity, health, exposure time, the weather conditions, your perspiration rate and wearing the correct socks.

Some models come with snow gaiters that prevent the snow from getting into the snow boots while sealing the gap between the top of the boots and your leg. Insulation can be through the use of wool, thinsulate or synthetic blends so warmth is achieved without making the boots too heavy while being designed for wet climates. With higher Thinsulate ratings, you get a warmer boot, and you want at least 200 grams of Thinsulate. For especially frigid climates, something in the 400-gram rating or higher is preferred.

You will also want the boots to have an extended height, made taller than work or hiking boots with the top reaching above the ankles to effectively prevent snow from falling into the boots. The shaft height certainly serves more than just giving the boots a stylish look, since a taller shaft height certainly facilitates snow trekking while keeping the calves toasty and warm. Shorter boots do make it easy to walk in them.



Waterproof Capability

The waterproofness of snow boots doesn’t just depend on the material and construction but also the weather conditions. Water resistant uppers are treated with waterproof coating to repel light snowfall and splashes. This type of boot is not suited for use in slushy or deep snow and particularly wet weather.

Waterproof snow boots feature a water resistant upper as well as a waterproof membrane, which lets the perspiration escape while blocking out snow and water. Some models feature a special bootie on the base of the snow boots, which is a waterproof lining that protects that part of the footwear that will most likely be submerged in the snow. This refers to the base typically up to 3 cm around the boot’s lower part.

2.Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Winter Boot

Ski Boot Fit and Closure

Whether you’re checking out snow boots on sale for kids or adults, it is best to find the right fit first. It is easier to find the right fit for a regular pair of shoes than to find the the perfect fit for a pair of snow boots. The snow boots come up over the calf, so to ensure that they are comfortable, you will have to find the right calf size as well. Slip on boots should also have the right foot arch height compared to the ones that feature lace up systems. You should know whether you will need extra-wide arch support by knowing the dimensions of your foot.

A full lace up closure offers a more snug fit. Zippers and pull-on styles are not as secure and tight. A gusseted tongue helps keep the elements out for extra protection because of the way the tongue is attached to the sides.

The buying guide provides all the vital information you will have to check out when buying a pair of snow boots. Hopefully, armed with the information provided above, you will be able to make a fantastic snow boots purchase soon. To help you further in your search for the best snow boots, we present the best selling ones below.



Top snow boots in 2017


Winter is coming. This means only one thing – that you have to be prepared with winter clothing to shield you from the chilling temperature. Aside from your clothes, you also need to take out your footwear made specifically for the season. In this case, some of the products that you should have are mentioned below, based on the recommendations made in the best snow boots reviews.


Select a pair of boots for your style:



Kamik Nationplus


Kamik is one of the most respected manufacturer of boots in the world.The brand has a long history of producing durable products, which are known for being remarkably long-lasting. These ones are made of leather and rubber. The rubber sole and shell protect users from the elements and the comfortable antimicrobial footbed prevents common foot health issues. The boots come with insulation to make sure you never feel cold, even when you’re out mountain climbing.

With a number of more than 150 5-star ratings, this is a model of snow boots any respectable winter sports aficionado should own. According to various buyers, they’re very comfortable and sturdy.



Buy from for ($72.06)




Columbia Ice Maiden II


If you’ve been looking for the best snow boots in 2017, your search ends now. This Columbia model is anything you might have wished for. The boots are made of waterproof leather and feature a textile upper. They come in sizes 5 and 7 and can be purchased in the following colors: Black/Columbia Grey, Cordovan/Siberia and Shale/Dark Raspberry.

Not only do these boots offer protection from the elements, but they are also stylish enough to be taken out on a date. Customers claim they’re comfortable and keep feet warm. With more than 327 5-star ratings, they’re certainly hard to say no to.



Buy from for ($56.67)




Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot


This is another model that should not be missed if you are looking for snow boots that are stylish. This is basically because of the faux fur cuff that is sure to complement you winter fashion statement. It also has a removable felt inner boot. In terms of being able to provide the protection that is needed by your foot, this is also commendable as it as seam-sealed waterproof construction. These boots are sure to keep your feet dry all the time, while also making sure to provide extended functionality. Lastly, they offer plenty of room for the feet, allowing them to breathe.




Buy from for ($169)




Columbia Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat Snow Boot


According to the best snow boots reviews, this model can prove to be a good choice because they are both comfortable and stylish. Men can be fashionable even during the winter season, and this footwear will surely make this possible. More so, another good thing about this specific product is the 200g Omni Heat insulation, which, as the name implies, will keep your feet warm without causing discomfort. Many owners are also satisfied with the waterproof construction as it is seam-sealed, which is one of the reasons why these boots are so durable.



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Kamik Momentum Snow Boot


As you evaluate the different options among the best snow boots in 2017, this is one of the models that should not be overlooked. For many people, based on the opinions that have been expressed in the reviews about the product, these boots are well worth the asking price because they combine form and functionality. This means that they are stylish, while at the same time, being able to serve their intended purpose of keeping feet dry and warm. These boots have 200B Thinsulate insulation for the provision of optimal warmth. One more thing that you will surely like about this model is its antibacterial foot bed.



Buy from for ($53.02)





Products that are no longer available



Columbia Minx Mid Snow Boot


Best Snow Boots ReviewsThis is one of the choices that received favorable feedbacks in the top rated snow boots reviews. For the people who have used such, one good thing about it is that it has a grippy outsole, which is basically the one that is responsible for giving your foot the warmth that is needed. The use of waterproof nylon upper is also a good thing about this product. More so, it is also designed with abrasion-resistant synthetic mudguard that will make the boots functional for a longer span of time, even in spite of its frequent use.




Columbia Sportswear Ice Maden Lace Cold Weather Boot


Any woman who is wearing this boot will surely be able to turn heads of others who will be seeing such. If you have this, you will be at the envy of many others and they will surely be asking you on where they can have the same. Although this can prove to be best during the winter, it is a versatile option since it has a flexible design, which means that it can prove to be perfect for any season of the year. It has Omni-shield waterproofing material that will make your feet always dry. More so, it also has soft cushioned foot bed to make sure of your comfort.