Best Snowblower under 500


How to Select the Best Snowblower under 500


Buying the best snowblower under 500 may look like a daunting task. There are many models on the market, but which one’s the right choice for you? What features can make a unit the perfect fit for your own needs and preferences? Find out below.

Best Snowblower under 500

Safety concerns

It really goes without saying that you shouldn’t use your snowblower in the presence of kids or pets, as they can easily get hurt without you having the chance to prevent this. Most units come with a plastic clearing tool and this is a detail to look for, because amputations are a common mishap of utilizing a snow blower.

Since cold temperatures and heavy, continuous use of a model can be strenuous, it’s recommended that you consult with your physician prior to acquiring such a device, should you suffer from hypertension, diabetes or heart disease.


Gas vs. electric

Single-stage electrics are the best alternatives for decks and short driveways, as they’re small and easy to handle. Gas models are capable of more performance than their electric counterparts, but regular maintenance is a part of their deal.


Desirable features

Electric starting is a thing to look for if you don’t want to pull a cord in the cold. A headlight comes in handy for dark winter evenings, and several speeds are a neat way of preventing clogs when slogging through heavy snow.


Most Reliable Snowblowers under 500


For your consideration and to make your buying journey a breeze, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of American and worldwide customers and are generally thought of as being the best snow blowers money can buy.


Snow Joe iON18SB Snow Blower


1.Snow Joe iON18SBThe Snow Joe might just as well be the best snowblower under 500. It weighs in at only 32 lbs and it’s the perfect alternative for individuals who want to clear their decks, sidewalks and driveways. This is an all-electric model, so you won’t need to feel the smell of gas while using it. Moreover, it comes with a Lithium Ion battery that can assist you in your snow clearing activity for up to 50 minutes at a time.

Utilizing the Snow Joe iON18SB is a breeze, as it has electric starting and starts working at the simple push of a button. The model comes with a steel auger with two rubber blades and it’s so powerful that it can get rid of up to 495 pounds of snow per minute. This model has a rubber scraper bar that can be found at the base of the unit, which practically gives any buyer a helping hand when it comes to protecting the pavement or the deck.

The pack contains the actual snowblower, the battery and charger, the instruction manuals and the screws and gaskets.

The item has gathered more than 200 positive ratings. Some customers claim they have been using the Snow Joe iON18SB ever since the winter of 2013 without encountering any issue.

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Poulan PRO PR121ES Snowthrower


2.Poulan PRO PR121ESThe Poulan model is a tad more expensive than its Snow Joe counterpart. This is a single-stage snow blower that has an electric start. It features a 208cc branded Poulan pro engine and 4-ply rubber augers. At a first glance, it’s capable of more performance than the first unit we’ve showcased. The fact that it comes with an ergonomic handle adds up to it being very user-friendly.

Buyers prospecting the market need to keep in mind that this is a device that works with any type of driveway or path. The 21-inch clearing path along with the 13-inch intake height make it a great alternative for people looking for a hardcore snowblower. However, it is considerably heavier than any electric models, weighing in at 95 pounds.

The unit comes with its own oil. Customers are instructed to use the gas and the oil separately, as the Poulan PRO has an individual container for each.

Although it might not be the best of the line, the Poulan Pro PR121ES has gathered quite a wide array of positive customer reviews. People state that it’s been working like a champ and that they’ve experienced no issue with the assembly.

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Poulan Pro PR521 Snow Thrower


3.Poulan Pro PR521This is a portable snow thrower that has an electric start. It’s slightly less powerful than the previously mentioned Poulan Pro unit, considering the fact that it has a 136cc lct engine. The 21-inch clearing path is still a part of the deal, even on this single-stage gas snow blower, as is the case with the 13-inch intake height.

The unit can be used successfully for clearing both driveways and sidewalks, regardless of the heavy or light snow accumulation. It’s easy to use and to assemble and makes a great addition to any household.

Customers are advised that this is not a self-propulsion model, thus requiring buyers to use it by pushing it. Nevertheless, there have been customers who stated that they have noticed they don’t need to put too much pressure on the handle for the whole model to start moving. Removing some of the pressure from the back wheels will make the model a lot easier to maneuver and push.

Positive reviews recommend it as the perfect choice for people who are aged and can’t deal with sitting in the cold for a long time. Its easiness of use, combined with its weight of 81 pounds make it a great deal.

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