Best Solid State Drives reviews

Top solid state drives in 2018


When it comes to computer maintenance people are keen on identifying the proper ways to improve the functionality of their PCs. One of the most important components of any PC is the solid state drive which is responsible with data storage. People want SSDs because such devices are more susceptible to physical shock than any of the regular HDDs. This is why people are trying to find an efficient SSD for their PCs or laptops. Reading some of the current best solid state drives reviews represents a clear way to identify the most efficient model, suited to the characteristics of your PC.


Samsung 840 Series


Best Solid State Drives reviewsYou can’t go wrong with Samsung 840 solid state drive if you are searching for a high quality SSD that can enhance the quality of your storage. You can upgrade the quality of your PC by equipping it with this SSD model. This drive can read, multi-task and also write at an impressive speed while enhancing boot-up of your system. The drive has an impressive capacity of 120 GB which is more than enough to store any file that you want. It allows you to boot up the PC in under 10 seconds, allowing you to add a new surface to the computer.

“For extra data storage I bought the Samsung 840 solid state drive which now holds my vital documents. I also use it for booting-up my system because it does it so fast. I really recommend getting this SSD if you are looking for a top one.” – Tom Baird

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Seagate XT


Do you want to improve the storage system of your PC with a powerful SSD? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should get to know more about Seagate Momentus XT, a model used with confidence by thousands of satisfied users. The device offers an impressive 750 GB, 7200 RPM speed which lets you write, read without having to deal with lags. This model is a hybrid, a combination of SSD with hard drive which enhances the whole presence of the device once installed in the PC. It is with around 80% faster than any of the traditional 7200-RPM drives and comes with adaptive memory technology for added security and adjustable performance.

“The 750 Gb of memory space was the main reason why I went all out to have this SSD. The incredible speed with which it works lets me use it without the fear of lags. Security features are also of top class and really I can’t think of one reason why not to buy it.” – Gregg Robson

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Once you manage to read some of the current best solid state drives reviews, you will understand why thousands of gamers use with confidence SDSK9 SDSSDX-240G-25 in order to upgrade the functionality of their PCs and laptops. This 240 GB SSD is the perfect choice for video editors and gamers, a model that runs smoothly and silently. The model was engineered to resist shocks and also various vibrations increases the life duration. It is an affordable SSD, advanced and highly efficient. The SSD delivers sequential speeds of up to 550 MB.s which is quite impressive, in comparison with other products.

“I have had this SSD from SDSK9 for more than half a year and I am really pleased with the way it works. I don’t experience lag while using it and also by mistake I even tested if it is shock resistant and it is. 240 Gb are enough for my vital data.” – Robert Morgan

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Crucial m4 CT256M4SSD2


If you want to upgrade the quality of your PC, you should install the award winning SSD CT256M4SSD2 from Crucial, a model which delivers heightened performance, allowing you to enjoy fast applications load time and enhanced durability. How? Well, just get to know the power of sequential read speeds of 500MB/s on virtually any file type and feel the difference. The model has an advanced control system, Micron and also the high-speed synchronous MLC NAND which maintains consistent and also fast performance. Built to be fast and last, this SSD is definitely a great addition to any personal computer or laptop.

“Before I purchased the Crucial m4 SSD I checked out what the reviewers said about it and found out it was a solid choice. Reading and writing at 500 MB/sec is very impressive and I guess it is one of the reasons why it is so popular.” – Michael Johnson

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Samsung Electronics MZ-7PD128BW


If you want quality then Samsung Electronics has the answer for you: MZ-7PD128BW SSD, a product that enhances the performance and quality of your PC. The SSD allows you to boot up your system in just a matter of 15 seconds, making it more fluid and preventing the apparition of lags. Receiving high marks from the latest best solid state drives reviews, this model is certainly a precise upgrade on your PC. Improves the battery of the laptop by up to 50 minutes and manages to withstand shock and also corrosion. It also provides a full data security via the AES 256-bit encryption.

“Samsung have created a really reliable SSD with this model which up to this point has worked very well for me. To my shame I managed to drop it a couple of times but it still works like the 1st time I bought it so this can only mean it is very reliable.” – Charlie Watson

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