Best Speed Belt Sanders reviews

Top speed belt sanders in 2018


Construction jobs, big or small, require the proper tools and technical expertise in order to expect quality results that everyone might like. Without the proper construction instruments it’s virtually pointless to start any endeavor. This is why, woodworkers and also carpenters are now searching for professional speed belt sanders capable of delivering precision and accuracy during any job. It is very important to have by your side, during any project a high quality and efficient sander. Once you manage to read some of the best speed belt sanders reviews you will be able to identify the most efficient one, a model suited to your construction needs.


Makita 9903


Best Speed Belt Sanders reviewsMakita is recognized for its high quality power tools, capable of improving any construction project. 9903 speed belt sander from Makita makes no exception, combining power with high speed in order to ensure a rapid and efficient stock removal. The device is optimal for furniture makers, floor installers, woodworkers, featuring a powerful 8.8 AMP motor and a speed of 690 – 1444 ft./min. The model also comes with a noise reduction tech, maintaining only 84 dB, being one of the quietest sanders in its current class. Easy to use due to the auto-tracking belt system, and the front grip for a precise and comfortable operation, the device is a great addition to your construction plans.

“Every time I rely upon the Makita 9903 speed belt sander to get the job done, it does it fast and clean. I have a great grip on it when I am working so there is no chance it will slip out of my hand. The fact that the reliable motor works at different speeds is another plus to it.” – Dan Hubert

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Hitachi SB8V2


Most of the latest best speed belt sanders reviews underline the efficiency of Hitachi SB8V2, a model that reunites force, speed and precision. The device features a powerful 9-Amp (1020-Watt) motor which allows you to remove material on various applications. It maintains a speed a no-load speed of 820 to around 1475 feet per minute, making the belt sander ideal for paint, steel and wood removal. The present service life of the belt sander is 2 times longer than any of the regular models due to the presence of V-belt. This speed belt sander features a precise variable speed dial and also a clear front cover for added security.

“I was really pleased to see that the Hitachi SB8V2 works so well after I bought it. The powerful motor was one of the reasons why I invested in it to help me in the different jobs I do. I work with it in different speeds depending on the job at hand.” – John McAdams

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Ridgid ZRR2740


During any construction projects it is important to have a suitable speed belt sander, made out of durable materials and precise working pattern. This is the reason Ridgid ZRR2740 speed belt sander represents a great addition to any handyman or construction manager. It features twin fan of precise high efficiency dust collection system that implies the following: one fan cools the motor while the other one safely collects dusts from the dust pickup actions. The model has soft grip handles, which maintains enhanced comfort during activities and also stability to the lack of powerful vibrations. It is powered by a solid 6.5 Amp motor for additional power!

“This Ridgid speed belt sander is really something and I still can’t believe I got it at such an affordable price. The fan which picks up the dust works extremely well, not leaving anything behind. There hasn’t been a job it can’t do so I finish by recommending it.” – Mike Thomas

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Porter-Cable 352VS


A number of the present best speed belt sanders reviews, written by woodworkers and carpenters underline great operating system of Porter-Cable 352VS, a model that features a full metal housing. The device has solid feel does an absolute stunning job of precisely keeping belts centered. This powerful speed belt sander maintains a centered placement, keeping the sander rigid even while you use for heavy duty projects that require more thrust. It is powered by a solid 8 Amp motor that maintains variable speed dial of 850 to 1300 SFPM, making any job a lot easier and without causing too much effort.

“The fact that it was one of the most popular speed belt sanders in the US was one of the main reasons why I decided to get it. I use it easily for horizontal or vertical surfaces because of its top design. The dust bag has a large capacity so I don’t need to empty it too often.” – Dan Walters

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Black & Decker DS321


One efficient power tool that needs to be present in any handyman’s construction kit is a high quality speed belt sander. DS321 model from Black & Decker comes with an innovative and advanced front roller system which safely permits you to reach tight corner with surgical precision. You should be aware that the speed belt sander is retractable, portable and delivers 3-position handle that maintains superior control during construction projects. It also features an efficient dust collector that safely keeps the work area clean and tidy for heightened visibility as you work. Furthermore the model includes a medium grift sanding belt and a detailed instruction manual.

“I recommend the Black & Decker DS321 belt sender because I have been using it for a long time now and in all this time it hasn’t failed me once. I didn’t identify one downside to having this model since I started to work with it.” –  Charlie Norren

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