Best Speed Plunge Routers reviews


Top speed plunge routers in 2018


There are many power tools that need to be present in a constructor’s basic toolbox, but one in particular more than others: speed plunge router. In this particular segment the market evolved a lot, bringing people the possibility to invest in high quality products which can transform any job in a piece of cake; no effort only precision. How can you determine which product to take home, considering the huge amount of models out there? Well, you might first want to read some of the best Speed Plunge Routers reviews and, with professional information, you will make a sure and sturdy investment.


Porter-Cable 7539 Speedmatic 5-speed plunge router


Best Speed Plunge Routers reviewsDepending on your specific needs, you will discover that there are a wide range of products available on the market that should become a big part of your construction set. Now, you can use one of the best Speed Plunge Routers in 2018 from Porter-Cable: 7539 Speedmatic, which is well-known for its high quality results. It is powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers high power even during even the toughest of applications. You can control a powerful 5 speed motor with the following speeds: 10.000, 13.000, 16.000, 19.000 and also 21.000 RPM. It includes an auto-release collet system which permits you to clean faster the device.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp Plunge and Fixed Base


If we ought to talk about high quality power tools that don’t disappoint then one brand in particular should be mentioned: Bosch.  Now, you can use with confidence one of the best Speed Plunge Routers in 2018 from Bosch, 1617EVSPK, a model that can handle with ease a wide range of routing applications. This carefully designed router kit has a powerful motor, accompanied by an advanced speed control system. You will be able to use it in order to cover a multitude of jobs with precision. It is powered by a powerful 2.25 HP/12 Amp motor which permits you to control speed that ranges from 8000 to 25.000 RPM.

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Dewalt DW618PK Plunge and Fixed-Base


According to the present best Speed Plunge Routers reviews, it seems you can use with confidence a great model from Dewalt: DW618PK, a product very popular in the US, already in standard toolboxes of thousands of workers. It is powered by a 2-1/4 horsepower with 12 amp electronic force. You can manage a wide variety of speeds which can do wonder while switching from one job particularity to the next. This plunge router includes 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch collets which gives you the possibility to enjoy heightened versatility every time you work. Furthermore it includes a safe dust collection column that collects around 95% of dust.

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Dewalt DWP611PK Max Torque Variable Speed


Are you on the market for a professional Speed Plunge router, capable of improving the way you work? Well, if you are then you probably should learn how Dewalt DWP611PK works. This advanced plunge router includes a durable 1.25 Horsepower that delivers the much needed power in order to handle different phases of tough applications. It uses a variable speed control that gives you more speed, while optimizing response during various changing applications. The device includes full-time electronic base to base responds which keeps the motor speed intact.  It also features Dual LED’s for maximum visibility during all phases of the operation.

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Black & Decker RP250 variable Speed Plunge Router


There are more and more contractors and workers that want to have in their possession top Speed Plunge Routers in 2018, in order to work better than before. So, upon reviewing some of the best models available on the market, we determined that you can learn more about RP250 from Black & Decker. This model is powered by a powerful 10 Amp which can handle variable speed from 8000 to 27.000 RPM. You will use a high quality plunge router which delivers advanced power during each phase of the job, adding precision to your knowledge base. It also has a solid 2 year warranty.

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