Best Speedlite Flash reviews


Top speedlite flashes in 2018


Canon is a well known camera producer among the best in the world with many extremely successful models under its belt for professionals or for amateur photographers as well. If you have bough yourself a state-of-the-art camera sooner or later you will have to make some upgrades to it and when it comes to its flash the Speedlite ones from Canon are the most suitable. There are many flashes using this Canon technology and if you want to know the most impressive ones read the best Speedlite flashes reviews.


Canon 600EX-RT Speedilite Flash


Best Speedlite Flash reviewsFor a professional quality flash you should really consider getting the Canon 600EX-RT which has all the features you could possible want from a state-of-the-art model, even the best Speedlite flash reviews recognizing its doubtless high-tech set of characteristics. Durability is a key issue for flashes and this model takes care of this problem with extreme resilience when it comes to dust or bad weather conditions. The wireless multiple flash system has delighted all professionals who have used it.

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Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash


One of the most often used camera flashes all over the world is the Canon Speedlite 430X II which has had so much success because for a decent price it offers superior capabilities. If you have a Canon DSLR camera you will be able to attach and detach this flash in just seconds thanks to the 1-Touch Quick-Lock mechanism. Also if you are the proud possessor of a compatible EOS DSLR you can control the flash only by using the camera’s menu. The success of this model makes it surely one of the best Speedlite flashes in 2018 you can go after.

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Canon 270EX II Speedlite Flash for Canon SLR Cameras


The Canon 270EX is an excellent upgrade for amateur photographers because it doesn’t cost too much and it offers a great deal of possibilities. The simple and compact design will be very light thus not upsetting the feel you have for your Canon camera one bit. You will not lack any important picture possibilities with it because it has a full vertical bounce capability of 90 degrees. Also the flash can be set off through wireless technology thanks to the Slave function.

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Canon Speedlite 320EX Flash


The top Speedlite flashes reviews have a very good view about the Canon 320EX model which because of its powerful LED light can allow you to take excellent quality photos in very dim light conditions. Wireless technology is also incorporated into this flash with its Wireless Slave option or Flash release function. Take advantage of the many light effects that are possible with this flash so your end result is the one you desire or even better.

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Yongnuo YN 560 II Professional Speedlight Flash


This flash makes our top because it is capable of fitting Canon or Nikon cameras and can give you all the features required from a reliable model. Its quality can be seen perfectly from the great picture quality you will get in dim light conditions to a distance of 328 feet. The large LCD display will allow you to see clearly the option you have selected and you are intending to use. Many satisfied customers believe it is one of the best Speedlite flashes in 2018 also because it flexible zoom function which has a range from 24mm to 105mm, giving you wide array of possibilities.

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