Best Spincast Reel for Catfish Reviews


How to Select the Best Spincast Reel for Catfish


Spincasting reels are notoriously favored by casual anglers, beginners and kids, because they are very easy to use. Those looking for a good quality spincasting reel should keep in mind certain things, like construction, pricing and ease of use. The following buying guide is focused on providing you with the best information on purchasing the best spincast reel on the market. Knowing more about spincasting reels on the market will help you find a good and reliable model, and you will also be able to save some money in the process. Let’s see what spincasting reels are all about and how you can identify the best one.


What to look for in a spincast reel for catfish



What makes spincasting reels a true hit with fishermen only beginning to get a hang of the popular pastime is their intuitive construction. Actually, spincast reels were introduced as a necessity to make the activity simpler and more manageable for casual fishermen. Backlashing – a term used by fishermen to describe the tangling of the line – is a major problem with baitcasting reels. In contrast, spincast reels are equipped with a fixed spool, so such problems do not arise. Another great construction element of spincasting reels is a push button to let out the line; this way, you do not have to use your own thumb to guide the line.



One great advantage of spincasting reels is their inexpensive price. Because they are made for beginners, they are not considered professional gear, and therefore, they do not demand a hefty price tag. You can find spincast reels as cheap as 20 dollars, but, of course, they may not be the best out there. The best advice is to shop around and compare various models until settling for one that suits your tastes and preferences.



The materials spincast reels are made of are very important. Durability is, of course, influenced by the materials used, as well as performance. For instance, a lot of models that are now sold on the market are made of plastic with some metal parts. Do not expect plastic models to be very durable, though; if you are looking for something to last, go for a spincasting reel made entirely of metal, as there are a few available.


Top Spincast Reels for Catfish in 2018


Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel


1.Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing ReelNamed the most advanced spincast reel from Zebco, a company with a long tradition in making this type of reel (actually the one that introduced spincasting reels on the market), the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel is an absolute winner in our book.

Its ergonomic design recommends it for all categories of anglers. In case you are a lefty, you don’t have to worry that this spincasting reel will not work for you. The model is designed so that it can be adjusted to accommodate both right handed and left handed fishermen.

The materials used are top notch. The guide line is made of ceramic, the gears are made of metal, and the covers are made of aluminum. One simple look at this spincast reel will make you want to take it for a ride, to see how it performs.

Various features make this spincast reel a recommended choice. The Auto Bait Alert will let you know instantly that you almost caught something, so you can get ready to pull. Other features involve the 3X positive pickup system, the triple-cam multi-disk drag system and the oscillating spool. All in all, one would feel hard pressed to find a spincast reel better than this one from Zebco.

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Daiwa Silvercast-A Series Spincast Reel


2.Daiwa Silvercast-A Series Spincast ReelSpincast reels are ideal for catfish and other light fish, and the Daiwa Silvercast-A Series Spincast Reel is geared towards this type of fishing prey. Ease of use is notorious for spincasting reels, and the Daiwa model presented here is no exception to the rule.

One thing that anglers appreciate most about this spincasting reel is that it is really lightweight compared to other models on the market, even the ones dedicated to professionals. This is a great plus, especially when you want to enjoy your passion without straining yourself. As it is made of rigid aluminum, this should not come as a great surprise.

Other features the Daiwa has are great as well. The line pickup is coated with titanium nitrate that makes the job of casting the line even easier. Also, the solid material will show less signs of wear and tear over the years, which is another great plus.

Obtaining performance with the help of this spincasting reel is a breeze. The line aperture is larger than what you can normally see on other models, for this reason in particular. The dial adjustment on the disc drag helps you achieve the desired results without breaking a sweat.

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Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170i Series Spincast Reel


3.Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170i Series Spincast ReelNot all spincasting reels are made to handle fish heavier than 5 pounds. The Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170i Series Spincast Reel is the kind of model you need to catch fish that weighs up to 12 pounds. From the first look, you will notice the push button that helps you prevent any backlash incidents. The tangling of the line will be no issue for you and you can rest assured that your spincast reel will help you enjoy your fishing trips to the fullest.

The drag system benefits from the Smooth Carbon Matrix Syncro technology, and the Duragear drive has an instant anti-reverse system, for ease of use. The oscillating spool comes with a no-twist line system, so your line will remain steady and firm all the time.

The materials the reel is made of are very reliable. Because the main body is made entirely of aluminum, the Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170i Series Spincast Reel is very lightweight and it can be used by all categories of fishermen with no exception.

Created by a company with a history of light precision engineering under its belt, this spincasting reel is a solid recommended choice for any aspiring angler, as well as more seasoned ones.

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Getting a good quality spincasting reel is important for the success of your fishing trips. We highly recommend the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel – the first seven bearing spincast reel ever created – and the Daiwa Silvercast-A Series Spincast Reel, which are the absolute best at the moment.