Best Spincast Reel Reviews for 2017


Fishing used to be something that needed to be done for survival, but now, people want the top rated spincast reels for either of two things: to satisfy the occasional craving to have some fish for dinner, or simply to have the bragging rights to catching the heaviest or biggest fish that no one else has ever been able to reel in. The change in purpose hasn’t really changed the necessity for a spincast reel to be easy to use, durable and genuinely fun to use.

Primarily intended for beginners, a spincast reel has become a favorite tool for most anglers nowadays.


Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel


Best Spincast ReelBeing Zebco’s most advanced spincast reel, the Omega ZO3PRO has become an all-time favorite as the best spincast reel on the market. It is the first-ever seven-bearing spincast reel also built with a 3X pickup system, aircraft-grade aluminum covers plus a state-of-the-art triple-cam multi-disk drag system. The unique comfortable ergonomic design is a huge plus factor. Despite its similarity in shape to other reels from Zebco, the Omega ZO3PRO really feels it’s the best in the heap. It is engineered with power and speed in handling that allows it to be configured for both right- and left-handed retrieve.

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Daiwa Silvercast-A Series Spincast Reel


2.Daiwa Silvercast-AThe Daiwa Silvercast-A Series Spincast Reel provides medium light action in freshwater. It has three ball bearings, providing adequate smoothness on the retrieve. The rigid aluminum alloy construction offers strength in construction. The reel gear ratio is 4.3:1, which helps the spincast reel provide more torque to reel in large fish. The rotating line pickup is titanium nitride treated, enabling it to turn with the line to ensure less wear, plus easier casting. Optimum performance is assured by the oversized line aperture. This spincast reel has a smooth disc drag with dial adjustment for easy handling.

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Zebco ZO2PRO Fishing Omega 2 Pro Spincast Reel


3.Zebco ZO2PRODesigned for light tackle fishing, the Zebco ZO2PRO Fishing Omega 2 Pro Spincast Reel deserves to be one of the top 10 spincast reels on the market. This fishing tool is built with double-anodized aircraft aluminum caps, ensuring strength and durability. The Zebco ZO2PRO is lightweight and designed to be a high-performance spincast reel. It uses premium materials in its construction, which is only characteristic of the more expensive spincast reels on the market. The spare spool is pre-filled with 85 yards of Cajun Red 6-pound line supplemented by an extended dual-knob power handle for out-of-the-box functionality.

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Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel


4.Daiwa GoldcastLightweight at just 12.25 ounces, the Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel provides the ultimate in spincasting performance. The old-school design has been updated for use in the new millennium, making the Daiwa Goldcast a heavy favorite among experienced anglers and beginners alike. Offering reliable performance and ease of use, the spincast reel can be utilized for nearly any type of fishing. It has an oscillating spool levelwind that delivers tangle-free and consistent line winding. Built with a ball-bearing drive, the device gives smooth and even retrieves. Long lasting durability is assured by the rugged metal body, nose cone and gearing.

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Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170i Series Spincast Reel


5.Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170iThe Abu-Garcia Abumatic 170i is an ultra-reliable spincast reel designed with an intuitive pushbutton design for easy use minus the backlash, enabling problem-free casting. Beginners and experienced anglers will love to have this spincast reel among their fishing gear, as it fuses modern performance with tried and tested dependability. The oscillating fast-cast spool ensures that the line system is easy to use and will not twist. The sturdy aluminum die-cast front cone is a perfect complement to the machined body, ensuring reliable durability. The Abumatic 170i spincast reel is ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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Zebco Authentic Series Spincast Fishing Reel


6.Zebco AuthenticBuilt simple and reliable, the Zebco Authentic Series Spincast Fishing Reel boasts easy pushbutton casting and a durable construction. Designed for family fun, it is constructed with a durable ABS housing to withstand heavy use and abuse. Pre-spooled with 75 yards of 15-pound or 20-pound test monofilament, this spincast reel can be used for heavy trolling or saltwater fishing scenarios. The stainless steel helical gears are built to withstand tough fishing conditions. The smooth, high-quality star-adjustable drag reduces the risk of broken lines and lost fish. This spincast reel offers affordability and reliability to any angler.

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Shakespeare Synergy Ti 14 Sc Blister Reel


7.Shakespeare SynergyIf the Bard did any fishing in his day, he would most likely have picked the no-nonsense spincast reel that bears his name. The Shakespeare Synergy Ti 14 Sc Blister Reel is built with two ball bearings that ensure ample support, stability and smoothness. The strong metal handle offers a superb level of control, while the soft-grip rubber knobs provide ergonomic handling. The polished stainless steel front cone and rear cover ensure reliable durability and strength. The titanium line guide enhances the spincast reel with even more durability, for years of fishing.

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Pflueger Trion 10U Spincast Reel


8.Pflueger Trion 10USuperbly re-engineered to be among the top 5 products in this particular category, the Pflueger Trion 10U Spincast Reel offers one of the smoothest drags you can ever find on the market. The new aluminum machined and ported front cone is designed to last, giving the avid angler a spincast reel that can be used for many fishing trips to come. The two ball bearings deliver the needed smoothness, stability and support. The aluminum handle has a soft touch handle knob that ensures immediate response and reliable control. The heavy-duty metal gears and titanium pick-up pins provide long-lasting reliability.

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South Bend Microlite Spincast Reel


9.South Bend MicroliteThe South Bend Microlite Spincast Reel features an S-shaped power handle built large enough for the angler to easily grope for it without losing sight of the fish. The handle also ensures a firm grip, decreasing slippage when the weather is wet or when the hands get sweaty. The quick release line button and trigger ensure problem-free handling. The smooth drag internal spool is a salute to the traditional spincast reel construction. Pre-spooled with line, the South Bend Microlite Spincast Reel is ready to go right out of the box.

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Zebco 202K-CP Spincast Reel


10.Zebco 202K-CPPre-spooled with 70 yards of 10-pound line, the Zebco 202K-CP Spincast Reel offers the highest strength and largest diameter to be used on this type of fishing gear. The tough ABS housing enables the spincast reel to deliver reliable performance even in the most rugged conditions. The fishing tool features all-metal helical gears for dependable durability and performance. The stainless steel 20-point pickup system allows you to apply just enough pressure to your captured fish and smoothly let out the line when the fish gives a fight. This lessens the likelihood of broken lines and lost fish.

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