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How to Select a Top Start Torch



Torches are becoming increasingly common in homes because of their versatility, and finding a high quality torch is important because of the fire and health hazard posed by cheaply made torches. Also, being an instrument that produces fire, cheap materials will easily crumble or melt under heavy usage. That being said, this buying guide aims to help you find the best start torch 2018 has to offer by listing down important attributes you should look for.

Best Start Torch


Torches will come either with or without an igniter. Usually, ones with an igniter are much easier to use but will, of course, be more expensive. Torches that don’t have an igniter will require a spark lighter to work. While this would result in a much lower price tag, you’d still have to invest in a spark lighter or a bunch of matches. Neither really outranks the other; it’ll depend on the amount of control you prefer to have over your torches, with manual ignition torches giving you the most amount of control and the automatic ignition torches giving you the least amount of control.



Depending on the type of projects you plan to use the torch on, you’d either need a more diffused, gentler flame or a more focused, stronger flame. For the former, you’ll want to go with a propane-fueled torch, and for the latter, you’ll want to go with an oxygen-fueled torch. Take note, however, that oxygen-fueled torches don’t necessarily run on oxygen alone; they also need propane or MAPP, which is why oxygen-fueled torches often require two separate tanks for gas.


Build Quality

Low build quality and fire don’t mix, especially when used for food or any other projects that will not tolerate contaminants (nobody wants a propane-flavored meal). Apart from introducing contaminants to food and other materials, torches that are badly built may collapse while in use and could be both a health and a fire hazard. Oftentimes, the fewer moving parts or parts in general, the better. It can be hard, however, to determine the sturdiness of a torch just by its looks, which is why it’s important to take a look at only the best start torch reviews made by DIY enthusiasts and cooks.


Top Start Torches in 2018


Based on the aspects mentioned above, it makes sense to say that there isn’t a single best torch available to fit every project. Even in the best start torch reviews, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single winner. There are, however, torches that have received a good number of positive reviews, which earn them a spot in the list of top rated start torches 2018 has to offer:


Bernzomatic TS4000


1.Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start TorchBernzomatic is a well-known brand with regard to torches. Its design allows for much better control of the flame, which requires only a pull of the trigger to start and a release of it to end. It works with either propane or MAPP gas, which means that the flame works great for general household repairs or food preparation, but not necessarily for soldering or any other projects that require high, concentrated heat.

The torch has a ‘hands-free’ mode, which allows you to use the torch without having to hold down the trigger the whole time to keep the fire burning. The only gripe some people have about the TS4000 is how it would fail to start after being left idle for a long time. This problem is often caused by dust and other debris forming in the neck of the torch, which could easily be remedied by compressed air. What a lot of people love about this torch is how solidly it’s built; being built from metal except for the plastic clicker, the TS4000 feels very sturdy while being comfortable enough to use in most projects.

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Bernzomatic BZ8250HT


2.Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Trigger-Start Hose TorchSometimes, you need to go a bit farther with your torch and you would want to do that without having to drag around a bulky gas tank with you. Fortunately, the Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Trigger-Start Hose Torch comes with a 5-foot hose that allows you to move farther than what most torches allow. The torch looks almost like a strangely bent high-tech weapon, with the stylish contrast of gray, black, and steel. It comes with an instant on/off trigger for a more convenient, one-handed operation.

The BZ8250HT also comes with a belt holder for the fuel so that you can use your torch for much longer periods of time because of the strategically distributed weight that produces much less fatigue. The torch works with both propane and MAPP gas and has an adjustable flame control knob so you can switch between projects quite easily.

What a lot of people love about this product is that it works quite well in tight spaces because of the small hose-connected head. What some people dislike about this product, however, is the fact that it does not have replaceable parts. Apart from the minor inconveniences, however, the BZ8240HT is a great product to try especially if you work on a lot of different projects at once because of its efficiency and durability.

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Ronson Consumer Prod 80012


3.Ronson Consumer Prod 80012 Tech torch Auto StartThe Ronson Consumer Prod 80012 Tech torch Auto Start is probably one of the lesser known quality torches out there, yet the functionality and build quality of this torch have surprised a lot of customers. Not only could one use this product to start fires, but it could also be used to solder electronics and other types of materials. Compared to a lot of torches in the market, this one is much easier to refill and light. The Ronson Consumer Prod 80012 Tech feels sturdy and has been told to be able to withstand drops to the concrete ground or even water! (don’t try this, though). Perhaps the part of the torch that isn’t as sturdy as its other parts would be the auto lighter, the damage of which won’t necessarily render the whole torch useless.

Some customers have had, however, duds that had the plastic housing fall apart even when the torch was taken care of properly. That being said, as long as you inspect this torch thoroughly upon purchase and take care of its fragile-looking plastic housing, you should be able to get a 5-10 years of useful life from it, or even more depending on your usage. If you’re looking for a torch that’s cheap without the compromise in performance or aesthetics, you’re going to love what this torch has to offer.

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