Best Stationary Bikes reviews

Top stationary bikes in 2018


Today, more and more men and women understand the importance of being healthy and linked with a strong body, packed with energy. A fitness program through home exercise devices is on the minds of thousands of people. There are so many exercise devices which can be used at home with a single objective: get fit and healthy. Now, according to recent statistics people use with confidence stationary bikes as a reliable method to exercise. Still, which is the most efficient model? Reading the best stationary bikes reviews can help you obtain the answer, adapted to your physical needs and future aspirations.


Exerpeutic 250XL


Best Stationary Bikes reviewsGym owners and personal trainers recommend Exerpeutic Upright 250XL stationary bike, a model that challenges the organism and permits the user to enjoy a great workout. The model can be folded fast and stored away when you’ve finished with the exercise. The bike was designed in order support persons with a weight of even 300lbs. It has a powerful “high torque” 3 piece crank system and precise magnetic resistance which enhances the quality of the workout. Due to the heart pulse monitoring system, you can know first-hand and in real time how the exercises is going and make the right adjustments along the way.

“The need for exercisies pushed me into getting this bike and also because there is nothing like a good pedaling workout to burn those calories. When I’m done with it I just fold it easily and put it away somwhere untill I need it again. “ – Andrea Thompson

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Body Max BR700


It’s important to get your facts straight when you want to buy a pro efficient stationary bike. Most of the present best stationary bikes reviews recommend people to use Body Max BR700, a model which gives you a challenging workout session right in the comfort of your home. With an ergonomic design, the bike engages your arms and upper body on a full body exercise session, improving cardio and general strength levels. The model has dual-action handlebars and also a tension adjustment knob for better control over the workout. You should also know that the model comes with an innovative fan wheel which maintains a cool breeze.

“I wanted a bike which exercises my upper body as well and through the Body Max BR700 this is exactly what I got. I’m definitely feeling stronger after I started working out with it. Life just is better when you feel healthy and good about yourself.” – Kim Roberts

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Marcy Fitness ME708


Marcy Fitness ME708 stationary bike delivers the very best of fitness workout, maintaining a smooth but powerful set of exercises. The bike has a challenging magnetic resistance system that improves the strength of the legs and lower back. It incorporates 8 levels of pre-set resistance in order to fully accommodate various fitness levels, to the user’s personal requirements. You have the possibility to track your progress on the large console display that shows you the distance covered, time spent on the bike, speed reached and also calories burned. The model is also accompanied by a unique seat, ideal to accommodate any body type and size.

“I have been using this stationary bike for more than 6 months and it managed to produce some nice results for me, getting rid of that excess weight. Its 8 levels makes sure I always make progress when it comes to the intensity of the exercise.” – Rachel Greenberg

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Schwinn 250


It’s time to be healthy and improve your general state of mind, by using Schwinn 250 stationary bike. Receiving high marks from the current best stationary bikes reviews, the model comes equipped with 16 levels of magnetic resistance and was specially designed to mimic the feel of the road, but without experiencing joint or back pain. The model has 17 preset programs, with specialized profile and cardio rate monitoring options. It has patented Schwinn Advantage exercise journal which allows you to take better care of the exercise’s evolution. The thick padded seat delivers extra comfort during your workout session, irrespective of the intensity.

“The 17 different working programs were the main reason why I settled for the Schwinn 250 stationary bike. Its display shows me all  he time where I am at in terms of exercise intensity, calories burnt and heart rate. I really recommend it because it has everything a top exercise bike should have.” – Natalie Parker

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FitDesk X1


If you want to combine work with exercises then FitDesk X1 stationary bike will help achieve this desire. Combining comfort, style and innovation, X1 is a lightweight bike with a sliding Desk Platform where you can put your computer and check your emails. This stationary bike improves the cardio vascular health while enhancing the strength of your body. It has a reliable performance meter that shows your progress, thus helping you adjust the workout session with greater ease. The model weighs 44 lbs and the recommended weight limit is of 250 lbs, accommodating every type of men and women.

“Buying this exercise bike was a great idea because now I can workout in the privacy of my own home to get those extra pounds off. For my health this has been a great investment which didn’t cost too much to be frank. When I have finished the exercising time for a certain day I just fold it untill I will use it once more.” – Mike Patrick

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