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Top steam mops in 2018


Cleaning has never been more efficient the previous years because of the advancing technology.  And comes with it, are various products offering nothing but clean households which can make decision making a struggle. Effective steam mops should clean hardwood floors with ease, and kills 99.9% of bacteria that leave your home spick and span clean and you happy. To find out everything you need in order to pick out the one you really need, check out these best steam mops reviews.


Best rated products:


ProductWeight (lbs)Important featurePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Hoover WH20200 TwinTank steam mop
5.5Two-tank system lets you clean with steam alone or with Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant solution$$$AAmazon
Bissell 1867-7 steam mop
8.4Provides an all-natural deep clean without chemicals, fumes, or residues$$BAmazon
Haan SI-35R steam mop
9Easy fill tank provides 20 minutes of steam cleaning time$$$$CAmazon
Haan SI-60 steam mop
Best Steam Mops reviews
6Carpet glide attachment sanitizes and refreshes carpet$$$DAmazon


Hoover WH20200 TwinTank


Combining efficiency and precise cleaning actions with an effective cleaning power, the Hoover WH20200 TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop shall give you the cleaning satisfaction you need. With its light weight, the Hoover can offer you an extensive cleaning experience due to its wide mobility. It can handle linoleum floor with force but also at ease, so as tone floors and carpets. Because of its very handy structure, the steam mop can clean most of the bacteria even though you are using a non- toxic cleaner which makes it one of the best steam mops in the market.

“This steam mop from Hoovers is exatly what I needed in order to keep my carpets nice and clean all the time. All different types of dust or stains are removed by it making my carpets look like new in the process. I also recommend it because it is very maneuverable.” – Jessica Green

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Bissell 1867-7


Considered as one of the best steam mops out in the market, the Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner can clean your hard floor with efficiency and satisfaction. Because of its high quality cleaning performance, can do its job fast, which suits households who has residing pets or small children. Coming with a 360 degrees mop, your floor will surely be cleaned even on the tightest spots without causing any burden to the user. That is why many households recommend buying this product which is a real value for your money.

“I invested a lot in the floors of my house and for this reason I purchased also in a reliable steam mop in oreder to take proper care of them. The Bisselle 1867-7 is what I bought and thanks to its features my floors are spotless and shining all the time.” – Martha Wilson

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Haan SI-35R


As finding the perfect model without reading the best steam mops reviews could be a challenge, the Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer might be just what you need. As being one of the best steam mops out in the market, it ensures professional quality cleaning with efficiency. It can hold much water that release steam that reaches 212 degrees F which can clean for 20 minutes straight. Because of this, the steam cleaner then kills all the unwanted germs and bacteria, even the hardest to get rid of. This steam mop is also equipped with carefully designed two microfiber pads and can even clean all type of floor including carpets.

“Just by looking over its features I knew this floor sanitizer was just what I was looking for. Its easy to use, the compact size means I can easily put it away anywhere I want when I finished using it and also it kills a huge portion of bacteria and germs that make their way into my home.” – Amanda Jolie

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Haan SI-60


Best Steam Mops reviewsWith high acclaims and great reviews, the Haan SI- 60 Select Multi-Level Steam mop is assured never to fail you with all your cleaning needs. With its adjustable cleaning technology, it can clean your floor by absorbing all the dirt and unwanted debris but at the same time removing the bacteria and germs without making too much effort. This steamer comes equipped with SmartSteam technology that ensures 99.9% of bacteria killed right on spot. It also comes with water heaters, pumps, steam jets, and the highly praised Ultra- microfiber cleaning pads which makes it one of the stars in  a lot of best steam mops reviews.

“A lot of advantages come from owning a steaming mop and one of these is the fact that it kills most of the bacterias and allergens that are on my floor. The HAAN SI-60 was chosen by me for this role and it fulfils it perfectly.” – Helene Simpson

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Dirt Devil PD20020


As the name implies, the Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister can really be the devil in cleaning your house, leaving you nothing but a spotless floor. Aside from its quality performance for such an affordable that makes more and more people buy it without any regrets. The steam canister has two rolling wheels that make the movement of the device smooth and easy, even cleaning wide areas in a quick matter of time.

“My floors are well taken care of by the Dirt Devil PD20020 which has the manufacturer’s unmistakable red color design. I can’t complain of any of its features so I really recommend it as a very viable choice for hard floor cleaning.” – Mary Powell

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