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Top steam presses in 2018


Every American housewife is trying to improve the way they take care of their clothes, trying to improve the texture and lining whenever they need to. Cloth wrinkles are not welcomed because they send out the wrong signals. Well, this is where a professional steam press can do wonders, keeping in check the negative implications cloth mismanagement. Getting information from the current best steam presses reviews, represents an important step in identifying the most efficient model, suited to your day to day choirs. With a powerful and advanced steam press you will be able to keep your clothes looking sharp and elegant.




Best Steam Presses reviewsIf you want quality and efficiency while you iron then RiCOMA PSP-990C steam press is certainly the best way to obtain quality results. Affordable and with a solid construction, this powerful home steam ironing press combines ironing precision with power. The device is very easy to handle offering a 34” x 11” pressing surface which is more than enough to spread out your clothes. It comes with a maximum temperature of 330F, a reliable safety alarm and also an auto shut off system when the job is done. The steam press has a pad Accessory kit that includes a pressing cushion, water bottle and also sprays.

“Steam presses are the next level when it comes to taking proper care of one`s clothes. The RiCOMA PSP-990C is my personal steam press and it does wonders for my clothes, making them look nothing short of perfect. I recommend it for whoever is in need of one.” – Lindsay Moor

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SteamFast SP-660


Information is essential in identifying the most efficient steam press from the ones available on the market. Most of the current best steam presses reviews, written by satisfied housewives and technicians underline the efficiency of SteamFast SP-660 steam press, a model which delivers precision. This pro efficient tabletop steam press is ideal for a quick and precise pressing process due to the Steam Fast option, while the adjustable temperature settings will take care of different fabrics with more attention. The model is powered by a solid 1300-watt press power; a tank holds up to 10 ounces of water and also accessories that include a spray bottle.

“I was lucky enough to find this strem press for sale and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to purchase it. My clothers look amazing after I use the stream press and thanks to its large surface I manage to finish all of them much faster than before.” – Melanie Brown

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Sienna SSP-2202


A professional and high tech steam press will certainly be a great addition to your home, keeping your entire clothes wrinkle free and without unwanted discrepancies. This is why Sienna SSP-2202 steam press was designed, in order to handle most of the current fabrics that might include silk, nylon, cotton, linen and also rayon wool. Offering 7 times more space than the traditional ironing surfaces, this steam press has also a digital display that shows you the temperature levels and state of the material. It also comes with a precise auto shut off system that operates when it’s open or closed.

“ Reading a lot of reviews about different steam presses I finally opted for the Sienna Elite. It is easy to use and is useful for a lot of different fabrics, which is one of the main reasons why I bought it. I can really see the difference in how my clother look and for this reason I recommend it.”  – Natalie West

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Reliable S550


The majority of the present best steam presses reviews emphasize on the great operating system of Reliable S550, a model which can be used with confidence on daily ironing choirs. The model comes equipped with a digital LED monitor who shows you the temperature, water level and other control features. If you want to iron with style and without problems then this is the steam press you need to use. No more work and effort! You will save around 70% of ironing time! Built to last and deliver quality results, this device is without a doubt a great addition!

“A lot of modern features go into the making of this steam press. The LED display is large enough to see clearly all the numbers it shows. It is 10 times bigger than the surface of an ordinary iron and this was why I bought it, in the first place.” – Helene Freeman

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Singer ESP-2


Singer steam presses are used with confidence in thousands of American homes, recognized for their high quality design and fluid functionality. To this extent, ESP-2 electronic steam press will allow you to whip up through the daily ironing processes using around 100 pounds of direct pressure on the clothes. You have the possibility, taking into account the fabric’s texture, to select from No Steam or Electronically Pumped Variable Steam system, thus taking greater care of the clothes. In addition to its solid structure, this steam press incorporates an Electronic Alarm that alerts every 10 seconds you if the device is not in the right state.

“I see no downside to having this steam press from Singer after I have been using it for more than 10 months. Ironing is a thing of the past for me because with this steam press I straighten my clothes much faster than I could ever do with an iron.” – Alex Parker

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