Best Stethoscope for doctors reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best stethoscope for doctors money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best stethoscope for doctors on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of all of the products we have looked at the 3M Littmann 3131BE is the best model for sale because it comes with anatomically designed earpieces that are properly angled for a comfortable fit. This also ensures that high and low frequency sounds reach your ear canal so you have a better understanding of the patient’s health. The unique tube design even works to eliminate noise interference so you can give a more accurate diagnosis.  It is also one of the few models that are designed for pediatric and adult patients. If the 3M Littmann 3131BE is not available, you should consider the 3M Littmann 2161 as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


Every physician and med student will need a stethoscope during their studies and in their career. It can also be a convenient tool to have at home if you are caring for a chronically ill family member. If you are looking for a stethoscope but are sure what you need, the following tips included in this buying guide will help you find the right one that will meet your particular needs.



The price of a stethoscope is particularly important since it will determine which features are included, and how it can be used. All stethoscopes regardless of the price come with the same main three components, tubing, ear and chest pieces. The materials used in construction can vary, and this will also affect the price.

In most cases the best stethoscope for home use will probably be a basic, inexpensive model since you are typically only listening to the patient’s heart rate and quality of breathing. Health care professionals and even med students will often find that they require a few more features, and are better off paying extra for a higher priced stethoscope. This ensures that they have everything they need the first time they purchase one, and don’t have to spend more money replacing it later in their career.




There are two main types of stethoscopes and each is designed for a particular use. Acoustic stethoscopes are relatively inexpensive, and are a great choice for veterinarians and in home health care. Some of the best stethoscopes for nurses are also acoustic, since they typically only need to hear sounds related to blood pressure and heart rates. You can find higher priced acoustic models that are capable of picking up lung and even abdominal sounds, but these are typically only used by licensed practitioners.

Electronic stethoscopes are priced higher, but they are a great choice for specialists and health care professionals who might be a little hard of hearing. Some of the best stethoscopes for pediatrics and neonatal care are electronic since they are capable of easily picking up low and high frequency noises. Some of the higher priced models can also detect oxygen levels, along with electrocardiogram data and even transmit the information via bluetooth to a nearby laptop or computer. While these stethoscopes are priced significantly higher, for some specialists these features are necessary in order to make an accurate diagnosis.



Before you decide on an acoustic or electronic stethoscope you will want to consider its construction and design. You can find soft and hard earpieces in several sizes which makes it relatively easy to find a pair that fits you comfortably. Most experts recommend choosing a stethoscope that comes with interchangeable earpieces so you can make adjustments as needed. If you work in the ER or are a paramedic you might want to also consider earpieces that are designed with noise canceling technology.

The size of the chest piece will typically depend on the type of patients you frequently deal with, though some of the best stethoscopes for medical students will come with one that is interchangeable. This way they can easily use the same stethoscope on a variety of patients. When you are trying to decide on the size most adults are compatible with one that measures 35mm, and a 25mm chest piece typically works best with younger patients.

Most professional healthcare providers agree that tubing measuring 22 to 28 inches works best. This ensures that it is long enough to use with patients, while still staying in place around your neck. The color of the tubing can vary and this is generally a matter of personal preference, though black is the most popular. It is also important to make sure the tubing is flexible so it won’t crack overtime. You also want to look for wider tubing since it can improve sound quality.


If you are a healthcare professional, medical student or providing home care a quality stethoscope is a necessity. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best stethoscope for doctors showcased below.



Top Stethoscopes for doctors in 2018


A stethoscope is perhaps the most important tool for a doctor. It gives them the first insight into the patient’s problem. It is important that as a doctor your stethoscope is not only of high quality but also incorporates all the state-of-art functions. An error in the use of this tool can cause you to misdiagnose. Whatever stethoscope you end up getting, it should work and fit your ears and most of all have perfect acoustic sound transmission. To choose from the vast variety of models out there in the market, we enlist the best stethoscope for doctors’ reviews in the paragraphs below.



3M Littmann 3131BE



One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the dual-sided chest piece so you can easily use this stethoscope for both adult and young patients. The wide black tubing helps to improve sound quality, and its “two-in-one” design also works to eliminate noise interference. You can easily hear low and high frequency sounds with this stethoscope so you can make a more accurate diagnosis. You will also appreciate the angled earpieces that are designed to fit comfortably without irritation. The anatomically correct design also ensures that the tips follow the path of your ear canal so all sounds come through crisp and clear.


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3M Littmann 2161



This cardiology stethoscope comes with an attractive and eye catching design that can make any medical student feel like a professional. Since the chestpiece is designed to produce quality acoustics, this model is also a great choice for any licensed practitioner. Even though the chest piece is designed for adult patients, simply by attaching the included adaptor, the stethoscope can also be used to listen for blood pressure and heart rate sounds in infants and children. The dual tubing helps to eliminate noise interference, and thanks to the anatomically designed earpieces you will be able to clearly hear low and high frequency sounds.


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Adscope 615 Platinum Professional


Best Stethoscope for doctors reviewsThe Adscope platinum stethoscope helps in capturing the multi-frequency response by just altering the pressure. It has a non-chill diaphragm retaining so the patients don’t get annoyed. A double leaf internal spring is fixed at an angle of 15 degrees to achieve a greater amount of comfort. The tube is made up of reinforced molded yolk. The Adsoft delux PVCear tips are available in small or large size as per doctor or nurse’s preference. All these features make it one of the best Stethoscope for doctors in 2018.



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3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E.


The Littman’s light weight stethoscope comes in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are a newly enrolled medical student, it is the right one for you. It has a Tunable diaphragm which responds to pressure change to capture high and low-frequency sounds. The tear-drop shape makes it easy to be fit under the blood pressure cuff. In the best Stethoscope for doctor’s reviews, this particular model is known for the anatomical angled design of the headset which makes sure that the sound travels directly to the path of ear canal.



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Dixie Ems Blood Pressure and Sprague Kit


This blood pressure unit comes with a matching color bag. You have a variety of colors to choose from. As one of the best Stethoscope for doctors in 2018, the Dixie EMS Sprague kit includes a nylon cuff, a blood pressure unit, touch and hold closure and a metal gauge with a spring clip and inflation system. The tubing is approximately 22”. The accessory pouch accompanying the kit contains 2 pair of ear tips, 3 bells and 2 diaphragms.It provides one with a high quality acoustic response.



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Lumiscope Blood Pressure Kit


This blood pressure kit comes with a moderately sized nylon cuff, a metal gauge with a spring clip and inflation system and a touch and hold closure. While this kit is listed in the purple color category, it is also available in orchid, hunter green and pink color. An accessory pouch comes with the kit containing extra items such as 2 pair of ear tips, 3 bells and 2 diaphragms. It is not only durable but lightweight and highly responsive as well which makes it one of the top rated Stethoscope for doctors in 2018.



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Prestige Medical Clinical I


The prestige medical clinical stethoscope has a stainless steel chest piece to prevent the chilled rims from touching the patients. With a snap on rim and diaphragm, it has outstanding acoustics. The stainless steel binaural and chest piece ensure maximum sound conduction, and research also proves that they are perhaps the most effective sound conducive metals available so far. The black tubing is thick walled with a sound conductor alloy inside so that maximum sound gets through without getting absorbed.



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