Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners reviews

Top stick vacuum cleaners in 2018


Cleaning represents an activity that takes a lot out of a person especially when the house is teaming with people. It is important to have in your home a professional vacuum cleaner capable of covering a lot of ground fast and without having to worry about leaving some trails of dirt behind. Still, out of the many products currently available on the market it can be hard to pick out the right one without the proper information on their functionality and benefits. Getting reliable information from the current best stick vacuum cleaners reviews will help you identify the model suited to your cleaning needs.


Hoover Linx


Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners reviewsHoover Linx stick vacuum cleaner is a cordless and bagless cleaning device which helps people to cover a lot of ground on any terrain with greater ease than other devices. It features an interchangeable 18-volt lithium Ion battery that maintains a solid fade-free power input, thus letting you clean even in hard to reach areas. This high quality vacuum cleaner features a power brush that turns off with a single flip at the touch of a switch, ideal even for bare floor cleaning actions. Furthermore besides being very easy to use and handle this cleaner is accompanied by edge-cleaning bristles and a low profile base for greater manoeuvrability around the house.

“In order for my house’s floors to be all the time spotless I needed a very realiable vac and I found exactly what I was looking for in the Hoover Link. It has a great suction power for such a small body and with it I can reach the most inaccessible corners of my home.” – Jennifer White

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Eureka Quick Up


A growing number of the latest best vacuum cleaners reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users emphasize on Eureka Quick device functionality, a model which impresses through its cleaning areal. This cordless lightweight stick cleaner is very easy to manoeuvre, letting you cover a lot of ground. You can convert the cleaner into a handheld unit for above surface cleaning in hard to reach areas. It has a 10 inch cleaning path, powered by a 6-volt battery, helping you clean without stopping in the middle of the job. The cleaner has a washable dust cup filter and also a bagless format in order to keep investments down low.

“For my small apartment this vacuum from Eurika is exactly what I needed in order to keep my carpets and floors clean. It acquits itself of its job excellently and based on its performances I must recommend it to other households.” – Claire Holman

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Dyson DC44 Animal


It’s time to stop worrying about that nasty trail of pet hair hanging around your home and let Dyson DC44 Animal stick vacuum cleaner do the trick. The vacuum cleaner incorporates Dyson digital motor which is around 3 times faster than any of the standard motors. This high quality power efficient cordless cleaner has a motorized floor tool, accompanied by a carbon fiber brush which cleans with ultra-fine efficiency. It also has a carbon fiber brush that allows you to precisely clean hard floors while the rotating nylon brush removes dirt embedded in carpet areas. You will be able to clean without problems, even hard to suction pet hair.

“Not one strand of pet hair remains behind after I start cleaning with the Dyson DC44 Animal vacuum cleaner. The brush it comes with is another thing which comes in handy especially for those hard to get stains. I find this vacuum to be very useful and recommend it for homes.” – Olivia Morrison

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Electrolux EL1030A


Every American family needs a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean dirt stains, debris, pet hair or other dirt sports, from various places of the house. Electrolux EL1030A received high marks from the current best stick vacuum cleaners reviews, making it the ideal cleaning tool. This 2 in 1 vacuum features the Ergorapido Ion that works with efficiency on all types of floor. The ion battery can be charged four times faster than the standard ones and it delivers 50% more force during every cleaning action. Lightweight, modern and highly efficient in cleaning, up and low surfaces, this cleaner becomes a real method to keep your home spotless.

“I decided to get this vacuum because it had the clear advantage of having two roles in just one body. Sometimes I use it as a hand vac and sometimes as a stick vacuum, anyway in both roles it works very well. My favorite feature about the stick vac is that its head swivels 180 degrees.” – Hannah Robson

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Dirt Devil Accucharge


Let’s talk convenience, quality and efficiency while cleaning! According to the present best stick vacuum cleaners reviews it seems that Dirt Devil Accucharge represents a fast way to clean without dealing with problems. Equipped with 15.6 volts of cleaning power, the cleaner can be used to go from carpet to hard floors at the simple switch of a button. Furthermore, the Accucharge circuitry monitors the battery life and lets you know when it needs to be recharged. Energy star rated, the cleaner has 70% less energy consumption plan than the other models available on the market. Dirt Devil has a solid allergen filtration system, with quality and precise results.

“Carefully analyzing its features I decided to get this vacuum from Dirt Devil and after using it for the floors in my house I found out that I made a very good choice. It is environmentally friendly as well consuming lesser energy than other similar vacuums.” – Becky Lawrence

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