Best Stroller under 500


How to Find One of the Best Strollers under 500


Getting the best stroller for your baby is really a daunting task, with so many models available at the moment. There are travel systems, jogging strollers, traditional models and many more; parents are bound to be overwhelmed, so a quick guide to help them start is a good idea.

Best Stroller under 500


There is no other way around this. The stroller you purchase needs to be safe for both you and your kid. If you start reading about various new models, you will see that the best baby strollers now have all kinds of certifications. What do these mean? Basically, a lot of things, from certifying that the stroller will not fold accidentally, there are no sharp edges to hurt your baby’s fingers and the necessary safety features are all in place.



With so many stroller types around, one of the first things to do is to make a decision what kind of stroller you want. A travel system is compatible with car seats for babies, jogging strollers allow you to maintain your active lifestyle, and double strollers are a good fit for twins or babies who are not of the same age.



A plushy seat is a great choice for ensuring your baby’s comfort. But don’t forget about your comfort, either; pick a model with a sizeable basket and a cup holder for your coffee.


Top Rated Strollers under 500


The following three products are currently the most popular strollers you can find. They offer comfort, maximum safety, and overall quality so that babies and parents alike are enjoying them. In case you are looking for the best stroller under 500, this is a good place to start.


BOB Revolution SE Stroller


1.BOB Revolution SEVersatility is what defines this great looking baby stroller. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, the BOB Revolution SE is one of the top choices for parents today because it offers plenty of conveniences to both parents and babies. Here are some of its most important highlights.

A swiveling front wheel truly makes the difference when you need to take your baby with you to the supermarket, or you need to navigate really crowded areas. The wheel can also be locked in place, if you want to use this model as a jogging stroller.

The BOB Revolution SE can be used as a travel system, too, since it is compatible with the most popular car seats for babies.

Don’t let your baby’s sleep be affected by rough terrain; if you get this particular stroller, there will no such worries for you. The suspension system is created to ensure a smooth ride and it is even adjustable to offer more shock absorbing power, if need be.

Considered the best stroller under 500 by most reviewers, this model is a must have in many parents’ book.

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Britax B-Ready Stroller


2.Britax B-ReadyParents with two small children know very well how difficult it can be to push two strollers at the same time. A good option for them is a stroller that can be converted into a double stroller and accommodate two kids, instead of one. The Britax B-Ready is designed with such needs in mind, and it offers all the conveniences of a modular stroller.

The impressive amount of configurations available is among the selling points of this stroller. The 14 configurations possible make this model a good choice for the vast majority of parents. No matter the age difference between your two kids, you will surely find a configuration fitting your needs.

This stroller is very comfortable for your baby or your babies, due to the superior suspension system, and the available reclining options.

You will find the folding system just another great thing about the Britax B-Ready. While other convertible strollers need to have the second seat removed to let the folding happen, there are no such inconveniences with this one.

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Baby Jogger City Select


3.Baby Jogger City SelectThe Baby Jogger City Select is a good choice for numerous families. Not only does this stroller convert to a double model, but it can also be configured to accommodate three kids at the same time. Its impressive versatility does not stop here. This model is a travel system and a pram, and you can use it as you see fit. Whenever you want to enjoy a walk in the park or a trip to the mall with all the kids in tow, there is no better option than the stroller presented here.

Everything about this stroller seems to be adjustable. The reclining options allow each kid to enjoy the best position for her comfort, and the sun canopy can also be adjusted to stop the harmful UV rays from hurting your baby’s delicate skin.

The stroller can be used for kids 6 months old and upwards. The weight limit for each seat is 45 pounds, which means that your kids will practically grow in the Baby Jogger City Select.

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