Best Studio Mixer under 500


How to Select the Best Studio Mixer under 500


If you’re looking for the best studio mixer under 500, you’ve come to the right place. We’re keen on helping customers to decide what they need to look for in a device, so we’ve compiled a short list of things to consider before making your purchase. Remember that it’s important to read as much info as possible and go through some customer reviews, as they’ll tell you exactly what to expect.

Best Studio Mixer under 500


I/O stands for inputs and outputs on a mixer. For mixing or for recording in a studio, you should include signal and effect processors, as well as monitor speakers, headphones and any other instruments that you may want to connect to the mixer, with the help of some DI boxes.


Number of channels

Some sound engineers say that more channels don’t necessarily mean a better or more powerful mixer. They might be right. It’s difficult as it is to get a good unit under $500, without considering high-end models, which might features a larger number of channels. Basically, channels are signal paths. They accept microphones, amplifiers, signal processors and preamps. A 2-channel Behringer studio mixer is usually thought of as being better than a 4-channel unit manufactured by a shady brand.



Sound engineers express their opinions bluntly, particularly if they encounter an issue. Read some opinions of other buyers.


Top Rated Studio Mixers under 500


We know that finding the best studio mixer under 500 is difficult, as well as time-consuming. To make your buying journey easier, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models on the online market. All of the following are considered to be convenient, affordable and durable. They’ve gathered the appreciation of many customers from all over the world.


Behringer Eurodesk SX2442FX


1.Behringer Eurodesk SX2442FXBehringer is one of the most well-known brands on the market. With such a withstanding reputation, it would be difficult not to consider this model when searching for the best studio mixer. The model comes with two independent 24-bit stereo FX processors, which have 99 presets. These presets range from anything from reverb and chorus to delay and flanger.

Additional interesting features include the high-precision 9-band stereo graphic EQ and the 16 XENYX mic preamps. A rather noteworthy characteristic of this unit stands in the FBQ feedback detection system which is capable of revealing critical frequencies. The mixer has 16 mic inputs, 8 stereo inputs and 4 buses.

The Behringer SX2442FX comes with British EQ, a special kind of channel equalization that can only be found on UK-based consoles from the 1960s and 1970s. This specific detail assists professionals in adding and subtracting EQ way more generously than with other mixers.

Most of the people who have bought this model have never encountered any issue with it. Some have acquired it to use it with the whole band and they have successfully done so. Other individuals praise the beautiful extras it comes with and state that the buses are a neat way of isolating vocals or drums, depending on what you’re looking for.

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Mackie DL806 Digital Mixer


2.Mackie DL806This is an 8-channel mixer that might not be the best one on the market but still gets the job done wonderfully. It can be purchased in two different styles: with an Apple 30-pin connector and with an Apple lightning connector. The first works with the original iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3, while the second is the perfect choice for people who own iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

The unit features 8 Onyx mic preamps and has a wide array of touch-sensitive plug-ins. Let’s not forget about the 4-band EQ and the 4-band PEQ + HPF/LPF.

Probably the neatest advantage of considering this model is the fact that it’s capable of connecting to 10 wireless devices at a time. Furthermore, the Mackie DL806 comes with its own mobile app, the My Fader app. If you’re the owner of an iPad and feel like you’d do mixing better on a tablet, you can now do so on account of the provided app and the wireless connectivity of this unit.

The Mackie model has gathered 100% positive reviews, which is remarkable for a studio mixer. People say that it is great for home and small venues alike.

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TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio


3.TASCAM DP-32SDCompared to the two previously mentioned models, the TASCAm DP-32SD is not only a mixer, but also a portable studio recorder. The model works with 32 GB SDHC flash memory cards, which is why some customers prefer to buy the two together. To format a 32 GB fully, it takes only 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

The unit provides 8 mono tracks and 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks, as well as an integrated 40-input mixer. The last can be used for mixing down the simultaneous 32 track playback along with the 8 inputs.

The TASCAM is capable of creating amazing sound. Moreover, it’s easy to use and comes with a manual and an SD card containing a sample song. If a user ever loses the physical copy of the manual, he or she can download it for free using the TASCAM website.

Customers are advised that the USB connectivity of this model can be used strictly for transferring files. It cannot be utilized as a control surface on DAWs.

Buyers claim that this unit is very easy to use and turns out to be the perfect choice for beginners or for the people who need it just for recording music. If you’re not keen on learning software, you’ll definitely benefit from utilizing the TASCAM DP-32SD.

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