Best Surfing Wetsuit Reviews


Top Surfing Wetsuits in 2018


I needed to get a wetsuit last month for my Hawaiian vacation. Although I’ve been surfing for years now since I learned how to swim, I had to look over the best surfing wetsuit reviews because my one and only wetsuit was already begging to be replaced. Buying a wetsuit has become more complicated, I found out. Aside from considering the neoprene thickness, lining coverage, cut and size charts (I’ve gained some weight), I also had to compare price ranges. The most commonly bought neoprene thickness is 3/2, but nowadays that can be dicey. Some manufacturers include the lining thickness when they measure neoprene, but that shouldn’t be the case. After all the reading and research I’ve done, I’ve found that these are the five brands worth buying.



O’Neill Wetsuits Black Epic II 3/2CT


Best Surfing Wetsuit ReviewsFor people who enjoy staying in the water for indefinite periods, this makes a great choice. Thanks to the wetsuit’s remarkable firewall insulation, which is also lightweight, it has been a heavy favorite in the best surfing wetsuit reviews. It retains heat while repelling water. The GBS seams are double stitched, making the suit really watertight.  It carries a lumbar seamless design, which further keeps water out while maximizing stretchability. The exclusive Krypto Knee Padz not only protects the knee while you’re battling the waves, but also extends the usability of the wetsuit.



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O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor 3/2mm


Wetsuits in this series definitely deserve being the best surfing wetsuit in 2018. Utilizing patented FluidFlex design, the Reactor wetsuit allows ease of movement in the sleeves and shoulders. The single Superseal neck on the suit features a fully adjustable system of sealing that will not chafe the skin thanks to a totally smooth interior lining.  The under-sleeve panel is made seamless to allow maximum movement without giving you rashes. It is a 3/2mm full body suit created with flat-stitch construction and good quality YKK back zip.



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Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access


If you want a heat-containing and water repelling suit, try the Hyperflex wetsuit. It is made from premium-grade yet extra-supple neoprene (3mm) that guarantees durability and heat retention. Getting into the wetsuit is easy, thanks to the Back Zip design with a sturdy YKK zipper that won’t snag annoyingly no matter what conditions the suit is subjected to.  The adjustable collar on the Hyperflex wetsuit ensures that the suit fits you like a glove. You can use the suit for water skiing, swimming, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, and virtually anywhere you want to enjoy water sports.



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U.S. Divers Mercury Full Adult


The US Divers wetsuit is a full suit that boasts of 2-mm thick side panels and 3-mm thick chest panels. This ensures you stay warm inside while wearing the wetsuit. What makes this the top surfing wetsuit in 2018 is how the chest panels have been constructed of advanced titanium blend so they are able to bounce heat back to the body to keep the heat contained. There is a stretchable panel under each arm for freedom of motion. Flat-lock stitching is used in the suit so the wearer doesn’t suffer from skin chafing. Water is kept out thanks to the neoskin seals on the neck, wrists and legs.



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O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor 2mm Short Sleeve


For added comfort, the O’Neill short sleeve Reactor wetsuit carries flat-lock stitching. It is outfitted with FluidFlex on the under arm and the top sleeve so you can move about in the water unrestrictedly. The Reactor short sleeve suit has uni-Superseal neck that ensures non-entry of water without causing neck discomfort. The skin chest panel is made extra smooth and non-abrasive. Owing to how the YKK Back Zip efficiently seals water out without causing comfort issues or pinching, this suit deserves to be the best surfing wetsuit in 2018.



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