Best surround speaker system reviews


Top surround speaker systems in 2018


Surround sound speakers have come a long way in terms of sound quality and features. The options now are various with manufacturers fighting to come up with new and useful abilities for their products. We’ve browsed through dozens of user comments and we’ve read many pages filled with customer feedback. After also going through most the best surround speaker system reviews, some recommendations seemed in place. All five products mentioned below stand out and represent devices which are very likely to be worth your while.


Frisby FS-5010BT 5.1 System


If you are e person who is interested in gadgets and if you own a multitude of wireless devices, you might want to take a look at Frisby’sFS-5010BT. Considered by most customers as being the best surround speaker system in 2018, this set offers incredible value for money. You will be able to pair it with any of your media playing devices including smartphones and iPods. It provides an enhanced audio experience and it even comes with a remote just in case you want to make some adjustments without leaving the couch. It is delivered with all the necessary wires so you will not have to spend any more money after you receive the package.

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Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel


Yamaha are known for producing excellent audio devices. They’ve succeeded in manufacturing what some say is, the best surround speaker system in 2018. The NS-SP1800BL is a great investment to make if you want your home theater to be complete. It provides a crisp sound with each satellite managing to cover a large area of your room. Because it uses Yamaha’s patented Active Servo Technology it will eliminate any interference and will increase the clarity and linearity of the sound. The bass on this device is also top notch which makes it perfect if you love throwing a party every once in a while.

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Acoustic Audio AA5170 5.1 Bluetooth System


This sound system is according to some of the best surround speaker system reviews, one of the loudest and most accurate products of its kind. It allows you to play your music without having to connect any cables to the main unit. It uses both wireless and wired technology so you will be able to connect it to any device inside your house. It even works with memory cards and flash drives.  The speakers are magnetically shielded and use a computerized enclosure design which will prevent external interference thus providing a better, clearer sound. It is effortless to install and it is even easier to use.

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Genius GX-Gaming 5.1 Gaming


The GX-Gaming is currently one of the top rated surround speaker systems in 2018. Built particularly for hardcore gamers who want to take the gaming experience to a whole different level, this remote controlled device really does wonders considering it costs less than $150. It has an output power of 80 watts and some really impressive satellites which will allow you to feel even the lightest steps your opponents are making towards you. It is remote controlled and can be used with headphones. All speakers are wall mountable just in case you want the sound to completely fill the room.

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MA Audio MA5806 5.1


The MA5806 is the most elegant set on this list. It stands out through its beautiful design and the increased attention manufacturers have put into each aspect of this device. It is an 800 watt surround sound system which is completely insulated from exterior disturbance. It is Bluetooth compatible allowing you to play music directly from your laptop or any other wireless device. It only allows one connection at a time. it is delivered with all the necessary wires and it has a very complete remote which will allow you to access all the major features of this device.

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