Best swimming headphones reviews


Top swimming headphones in 2017


A growing number of men and women love spending long hours around water sources like pools, oceans or seas. Completed by music, each swimming experience becomes more pleasurable. Still, there is need for professional headphones that can stream quality music even in direct contact with water. Today’s market on swimming headphones is growing, offering new models with each passing month. We took the liberty of testing 15 of the most popular headphones money can buy. After two days of tests we were able to attentively draft the best swimming headphones reviews on five unique models that can deliver amazing sounds.


Sound Around Pyle PSWB4BL Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player


Best swimming headphones reviewsPicking out a great neckband which can resist water requires patience since there are so many models out there. Now, for amazingly clear sounds even under water we recommend the PSWB4BL Pyle from Sound Around. This versatile neckband MP3 player incorporates 4 GB of secure storage, more than enough for saving lots of songs. The neckband can be used while submersing down to 3.3 feet. People have the possibility of listening to music whenever they go to the beach or pool. Jogging in the rain becomes a real option. With an ergonomic design, the neckband delivers enhanced comfort and style!

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Sony NWZW273 4 GB waterproof Walkman Sports


The current best swimming headphones reviews underline the efficiency of the NWZW273 from Sony. This waterproof Walkman has a sportive design which looks great on any wearer, man or woman. Due to the unique spiral design this pair of wireless headphones is moisture resistant. As a result, people will be able to jog faster than ever without worrying about damaging the Walkman. The headphones deliver impressive sound clarity, with meaningful deep bass! This player has a unique band which comfortably sits on the back of the neck or head. Furthermore, the headphones are water resistant and have a 4 GB memory!

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X-1 Audio IEN2-BK-X Surge Sportwrap Waterproof


It’s not surprising to see among the top rated swimming headphones in 2017 the IEN2-BK-X Surge from X-1 Audio. This sleek pair of headphones combines elegance with sublime audio clarity. The headphones are designed to resist impactsand also flexible water activity. Being equipped with waterproof technology, the headphones resist heavy perspiration! People can also submerse down to 12 feet underwater for virtually unlimited amount of time. This model is comfortable and easy to wear while running, swimming and working out. It has hydrodynamic design with an ergonomic shape that safely sits in the ear. The wearer will enjoy superior sound clarity with every song played!

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Wateri Waterproof Short Cord Headphones for Swimming


One of the best swimming headphones in 2017 comes from Wateri, the Waterproof Short Cord model. Designed for people that love to mix swimming with music, the product won’t disappoint. This pair of headphones permits people to hear music down to 10 feet underwater. The model was designed for people with an active life. It has a cord length of 11 inches, the ideal size to always enjoy smooth music. People should also know that the headphone jack from Wateri is gold plated. This particularity ensures that the headphones are protected from corrosion. It also benefits from one exclusive warranty!

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Pyle PSWBT7BK Active Sort Bluetooth 2-in-1


Selecting a model from the best swimming headphones in 2017 can be pretty difficult! Now, for enhanced musical experience with crystal clear sounds we recommend the PSWBT7BK headset from Pyle. This 2-in-1 headset helps people play music and also answer different calls wirelessly! It is important to know that the headphones are water resistant, making them great to wear during jogs or rainy days. The pair can be used to stream music from tablets, MP3 players, smartphones or any other Bluetooth device. Furthermore, the headphones can be charged without problems simply by plugging it in an USB port from a PC or Mac.

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