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Are you pressed for time, but you still need to know the best table fan from the rest? Be sure that this paragraph will offer you the reliable information you seek. Our research boiled down the customer feedback, sales numbers, and expert opinions, to the conclusion that the Avalon A1CLIPFANWHITE should be number one on your list. The model comes with two speeds, and the best part is that the fan remains quiet even at the highest of the two, providing you with a gentle breeze, but without disturbing your peace. You can place this fan on the table, or turn it into a clip-on model, for maximum convenience. The head can be adjusted to direct airflow where you want it to go or when the fan has to cater to the needs of more than one user. Should the Avalon A1CLIPFANWHITE be out of stock, we suggest trying the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce instead, as it offers almost the same advantages.



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Providing an efficient means to meet light cooling needs, a stylish tabletop fan circulates air to make a good alternative to an air conditioner in temperate climates. In more humid places, a table fan can help dry or ventilate an area while cooling it at the same time, and also makes a fantastic supplement to your air conditioning system. The following elements should be noted when purchasing a table fan.

1.Ozeri Brezza II

Fan design

Window or box fans are slim. They can be placed on the window sill to channel the fresh air from the outside. A box fan carries a slim design that may be easy to topple over because of less stability. A vintage style or classic desktop fan may be bulky but is still a popular design. The antique style fans can pose a hazard because of its widely spaced grilles that allow fingers to accidentally get inserted between and come in contact with the blades. For mixing air, you may want to try out tiltable units that can pull down heated air from the ceiling during winter season. Floor models have a squat, fan design that allows placement both on the floor and on tables. Hey are stable and ideal for living spaces with pets or children.

The modern bladeless tabletop fans don’t really lack blades altogether, since the blades are in the base or pedestal of the fan where they are not visible. The fan motor rotates the asymmetrically aligned blades, effectively pulling air into the appliance. The air is propelled through a channel in the pedestal up to a hollow tube, which acts like a ramp that curves around and has slitted ends found in the back. The air is channeled along the inside surface of the tube and driven out to the front of the fan. To multiply the air, the fan sucks in more air from around the device to create a strong breeze. Where conventional fans simply chop or slice the air, bladeless fans are able to deliver continuous airflow coverage by moving air smoothly.




Fan power

Depending on how powerful the fan is, it can create greater of less air movement. The volume of airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. This is a measure of the generated airspeed (feet per minute) multiplied by the area cooled (cubic feet), with one CFM being equivalent to 2 liters of air created per second. Thus, if the fan’s CFM rating is 1500 and the room measures 1500 cubic feet, you can expect the appliance to take 1 minute to circulate air through the room. To get the measurement of the room in cubic feet, multiply the square footage by the ceiling height. Thus, a room with a standard 8-foot ceiling and a floor area of 300 square feet would have a cubic foot measurement of 2.400 cubic feet.

Ideally, the fan should take no more than 5 minutes to move air through the room, and anything less than 3 minutes is better. The effectiveness of air movement of the fan is also influenced by its location in the room. It will take a fan in the middle of the room longer to deliver cooling power compared to one placed in a corner or against the wall. In addition, the more occupants or windows the room has, the longer the fan will also take to cool it compared to a room with fewer occupants and windows. Whenever possible, position the fan on a spot where it can deliver the greatest cooling. Wattage rating is a less dependable but not less useful indication of the fan’s wind power. The maximum practical rating for home use is from 80 to 100 watts, while 40 to 50 watts is average.

2.Lorell LLR44551

Useful features

The user-friendliness of the fan is multiplied by the number of its features. Additional features allow customized use and offer convenience. Some models boast a programmable timer that reduces overuse and helps save energy. With oscillating louvers, the fan is more able to move air around the room. You can adjust the fan to suit every cooling situation if it comes with multiple fan speeds. To let you manage the appliance without having to physically use its body-mounted controls, a remote control is convenient. Plastic fans can crack easily, while metal ones are made more resilient even when knocked over. A metal tabletop fan with remote control can make a nice addition to your living room.



Top Table Fans in 2018


There are plenty of models and brands of table fans on the market, which can be quite stressful for the consumer. We hope the buying guide above can help you enjoy a smoother buying experience. We have also highlighted the best table fans below to help with your shopping journey.





Cooling down has never been easier thanks to this fan from Avalon. Outfitted with two reasonably quiet speed modes, the unit is silent and can be used while working at the office, at home or even in the bedroom, and all of this without disturbing the others. The best part is that the item is versatile so it can be converted from a clip-on fan to a table top fan in just a matter of seconds.

Powerful enough to provide a cool breeze, the fan features an adjustable head that allows the users to adjust the direction of the airflow according to their personal preferences. Built to last, the product has a sturdy construction which ensures the fan won’t slip or fall. 


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Honeywell HT-900


The Honeywell turbo fan is designed to offer quiet and powerful cooling in the whole room. The unit is up to 25% quieter than other similar fans on the market and can be mounted to the wall in order to save space. Outfitted with an adjustable pivot that ensures up to a 90-degree angle, the fan provides an increased airflow that can be used at lower settings.

In addition, the product features a powerful motor with three speeds, a 7-inch blade, and a removable grill for easy cleaning. Given its Aerodynamic TurboForce design, this model enables maximum air movement and can be positioned in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.  


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This fan from Holmes ensures a cooling breeze due to the two powerful speed settings and the motorized oscillation. Lightweight and with a compact design, the fan provides enough airflow inside the room. Moreover, the oscillation system permits the efficient coverage of a wide area, and the adjustable tilt heat enables the air to direct the flow in the desired position.

Users have the opportunity to choose between high or low airflow, depending on the level of cool they need. The fan is portable and features a removable front grill for fast and easy cleaning.  


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Ozeri Brezza Dual Oscillating


Best Table Fan ReviewsYou can set this fan to rotate or tilt to obtain the best angle to cool you. Because of the ease with which this product can be adjusted, it has made it to the best table fan reviews.

The controls are conveniently located out front so you do not have to reach way back when you’re busy at your desk. You can choose to have this in non-oscillating mode for steady airflow. Or you can activate either side to side or up and down fan head motion to distribute air cleanly.


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Lorell LLR44551 Oscillating


This product is not only easy to assemble but also easy to operate. Users enjoy how this fan works efficiently yet quietly so it does not bother them at work. Low speed is powerful enough to keep the heat at bay on hot summer months. It is awesome as the best table fan in 2018that promises value for money.

The outer body is plastic while the fan grille is metal. The entire product is sturdy, allowing for long time use. You will love this product for its simplicity of use!


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1.Aura Bladeless Fan

The Aura has been engineered using advanced air technology to deliver powerful airflow. It comes with a remote control so you can position it in the far side of the room and still be able to customize its settings and levels. The appliance distributes natural air flow evenly, giving you a fresh indoor breeze that will keep you cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. The fan has lovely decorative LED lights that add to its charm while being useful as a night light.

Thanks to the absence of blades that could accumulate dust, this fan is perfect for use in homes with asthma or allergy sufferers. Simple to clean, this bladeless fan comes with an optional extended feature for right to left rotation to cool the room uniformly.


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Lasko 2018 Black


The matt black body makes this fan a handsome product. Some people prefer to position this on the floor and it still works nicely. It circulates a fairly adequate amount of air for the price.

This can be a great choice as the best table fan in 2018. It has good oscillation that makes the fan run at a wide angle so air is distributed evenly.

Lessen the discomfort of the hotter months using this product outfitted with a 6-foot long cord so you can have this as close or as far to you on your desk as you prefer.


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Honeywell HT-1209 Personal Fan


Easy assembly is facilitated with parts that come together without the need for complicated procedures or tools. It is light so you can change its position anytime without doing any heavy lifting.

This is a much better choice than a miniature fan because of the better cooling it can provide. It is the choice of many users as the top table fan in 2018 because it does its job quietly.

That’s a big plus when you do not want to feel the uncomfortable heat in summer when you need to do a lot of desk work.


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Holmes HAOF87BLZ-UC Adjustable Table Fan


If you just need some cool air in as personal a manner as possible, this product is a great choice. It is not as overwhelming as a large pedestal fan or industrial fan since it is merely intended for a dorm room, a cubicle in the office or a work desk. There are just two speed settings that provide alternative between low and high level of cooling.

The compact design is stylish and won’t clash with your existing furniture and fixtures. It’s a smart choice when all you want is uncomplicated personal cooling.


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