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Every construction firm needs a powerful set of power tools in order to develop their projects with precision and without additional effort. Out of the many power tools needed during a wood crafting project it seems that the table saw needs to be present. If you are a professional wood carver, developer or furniture planner then you should consider consulting some of the current best table saws reviews which point out the advantages and disadvantages of each of the top products. With a powerful table saw you will be able to precisely create and finish various wood present or future projects.


Dewalt DW745 table saw


Best table saws under $500Everyone knows that Dewalt power tools are high quality and deliver the right assistance during construction jobs, irrespective of their nature. Today, one of the best tables saws under $300 is Dewalt DW745 a model that is powered by a 15 amp motor. With force and precision combined, this saw allows you to rip through hardwoods without problem. The model comes with a rack and pinion fence rails that precisely retract, in order to create a portable package. Furthermore the table saw has a 20 inch of rip that easily cuts a wide array of larger shelving and also trim materials.

“The DeWalt DW745 table saw was brought to my attention by one of my friends and after I looked at its features I realized that it was a a top device to have. Cutting materials with it doesn’t present any difficulties because of the overall quality of the whole table.” – Jack Smith

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Bosch GTS1031 table saw


Today, more and more people are looking for a powerful table saw which can help them enhance the quality of project at hand. One of the best tables saws under $500 is Bosch GTS1031, a portable jobsite designed for comfortable and easy to use. The model is powered by a powerful 4.0 HP motor, thus creating the right performance rate during the wood carvings. The model operates at an impressive 5000 rpm, with 18 inch width saw that can support by up to 8 diameter and 1.2 inch dado stack. This table saw can cut with ease through lumber, flooring, shelving and sheet goods.

“Coming with a 4 HP motor which is quite powerful, the Bosch GTS1031 does a mighty fine job helping me cut different materials precisely and fast as well. Because its operation is so smooth I must recommend this table saw as a very reliable one.” – Andrew  Bold

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Dewalt DW744X table saw


If you want precision and quality, during your construction projects then you should use with confidence Dewalt DW744X 10 inch jobsite table saw. This portable table saw incorporates a powerful 15 amp motor that delivers a solid speed of 3650 rpm. The Site-Pro Modular Guardian System, being equipped with miter gauge, folding saw stand, 24-tooth carbide blade and also a push stick. It is considered as one of the best tables saws under $500, helping you use the precise power for various cutting jobs of hardwood and also pressure-treated lumber. In addition, the table saw has a roomy dust collection port which permits you to clean it up easier.

“For my needs this table saw from Dewalt is the ideal machine which cuts through any material I thorw at it. And the best thing about it is that the cuts I make with it are always on the spot not one inch to the left or to the rigtht.” – Dan Miller

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Rockwell RK7241S table saw


Today you are fortunate enough to use a powerful and carefully designed table saw in the form of Rockwell RK7241S, a power tool with integrated wheels which allows you to carry it from one job site to another. This 10 inch table saw includes laser is best in its class for cutting depth. The integrated laser helps you to be more accurate while working, adjusting the angle. This powerful table saw can easily cut through a 4-by-4 piece of lumber and its maximum cutting depth is of 3-9/16 inches. The table saw has a power of 15 amps that can deliver a no-load speed of 4.800 rpm.

“The Rockwell RK7241S table saw has been used by me for some months and it the time it has been in my possession it has worked smooth without any complications. The motor is powerful enough to power the balde to cut through anything.” – Henry Wright

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SKIL 3410-02 table saw


Are you looking for a professional table saw which is also affordable? Of course you are, since you are trying to know more about SKIL 3410-02 table saw. This powerful table saw comes with a heavy-duty steel stand for more stability as you work. It is regarded as one of the best table saws under $300, delivering a precise 3-1/2 inch cut height capacity which can cut through 4x materials with ease. The model has EZ view measurement system which allows you to take accurate settings in accordance with the state of your work. Due to the folding stand you can take the table saw wherever you need to.

“I bought this table saw from SKIL because it has the ability to turn portable so I can take it with me around a work site easily. The measurement sytem is very easy to understand and use, so I always make extremely accurate cuts of different materials.” – George Edwards

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