Best Table Tennis Paddles reviews

Top table tennis paddles in 2018


Millions of men and women are playing table tennis, a game that seems to attract through its passion and skill set. This is why so many people are trying to learn the game and expresses their talent on the table, swapping interest. It is time for you to have the necessary paddles in order to play the game with greater precision and ease. Once you manage to read some of the best table tennis paddles reviews you will be able to find the model suited to your sporting power. With a great table tennis paddle you can control better every moment of the game and thus winning.


Stiga Classic


Best Table Tennis Paddles reviewsIt’s time to get to know Stiga Classic table tennis paddles, a pair of professional sporting instruments that will impress through their solid design and capacity to improve your game. This set of four hardbat-style paddles were designed in to become an extension of your arm which you can control and implicitly transform into winning games. The model has 3 one star balls, especially for tennis table that you can use to play with your friends. It is ideal for outdoor and recreational games and family bonding. You will play without restrictions once you take these paddles in your arms.

“Table tennis is a favorite pass time of mine which I enjoy with a nice friendly game in the company of prople I know and cerish. In order to have the edge over them I bought for myself the reliable Stiga Classic paddle which I definitely recommend to other table tennis enthusiasts.” – Mike Johnson

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Butterfly 401


Are you searching for great table tennis paddles? Well, if your answer is yes then you should take a closer look on Butterfly 401 table tennis paddles, which are well-known for their solid construction and modern design. The model has extremely sturdy rubber on both sides of the pallet thus offering you a high spin whenever you play. It comes with a soft 2.1 millimetre sponge layer that delivers additional springy touch and feel for added control when you swing. The packed includes a professional racket cover and also comes with speed 8.0, spin 8.0 and also control 8.50.

“I find this table tennis paddle to be extremely good and it helps me play my best game. The rubber and wood it is made from is of high quality, giving it a great feeling when I hold in my hand. The sponge layer is the perfect surface to make contact with the ball.” – Tom Daniels

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Killerspin 110-2


Getting detailed information from the latest best table tennis paddles reviews represents an important step in understanding why so many people are using with confidence Killerspin 110-2 table tennis paddles. This model is perfect for people that only just began playing the game. Recreational players can use the paddles, enjoying the sturdy construction and great grip. This table tennis paddles model will improve your playing skills, due to the high quality blade and carefully designed rubber. It also features 5-ply blade that maintains a consistent playing field for the user. It’s time to play without restrictions of any kind!

“I read that the Killerspin 110-2 tennis paddle had some positive reviews, thus I went ahead and bought it for myself. I managed to adapt my stye of play to it quickly, because it is such a good paddle and I am starting to win over my friends more frequent than before.” – Rick Vaughn

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Stiga Apex


If you want to fully upgrade the quality of your game then we have the right tennis paddles for you: Stiga Apex. Used by thousands of people around the world, men and women, these pair of paddles has a rubber “Drive” completed with w/ACS technology which is obviously ITTF Approved. It comes with a stunning handle which is made out of concave Italian composite and completed by the w/WRB system that ensures additional comfort and grip while playing. Furthermore the sponge has 2.0mm and the playing blade 5-ply extra light blade that allows you to control better swings and hits during any game.

“I have played with this paddle for some time now and it still doesn’t show any signs of attrition. It actually seams that it gets better and better once it has more and more days in my service. Also this padle has a very resonable price range.” – Andy Goss

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DHS X4006


Most of the current best table tennis paddles reviews, written by professional players and beginners underline the efficiency of DHS X4006 a model used with confidence by thousands of people around the world. This table tennis has a pendold format and it is made out of 7 ply pure wood for added lightness during games. The rubber has red and black pimples giving your hits additional swing and force. Furthermore you will be able to come on stronger during games, expressing more of your capacity to understand the game and enjoy every moment of it. It is the ideal paddle if you want to learn the game and win.

“Immediately when I held this paddle for the first time I had a good feeling about it because it felt so well balanced. I bought it and have been using it ever since and to good use as well, because I’m getting better and better at this game.” – Jack Murphy

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