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Tablets represent a big part of our lives today, being great sources of entertainment, at your disposal 24/7 no matter the location. This is why people are now looking for advanced tablets, which combine the latest tech specs and price ranges. The market is now teaming with various types of tablets, designed to expand a person’s daily media experience. Consulting the current best tablets reviews represents an important step in discovering the most efficient model, ideal to become your daily assistant in experiencing fun anytime, anywhere. With an elegant and powerful tablet, you’ll be able to watch movies, read books and play games at ease.


Kindle Fire HD 7”


Best tablets under $200People love Kindle Fire tablets! Thousands if not millions of men and women all over the world have Kindle in their lives so seeing 7” inch tablet among the current best tablets under $200. The model comes with an impressive 1280 x 800 HD display, accompanied by a filter and also anti-glare technology for rich color and also deep contrast. It includes Dolby audio and also dual-driver stereo speakers which completes the whole experience. The tablet is the world’s first tablet with dual-band and also dual-antenna WiFi which delivers around 35% faster internet downloads and streaming music or videos.

“I wanted to buy a tablet for mysef but nothing to expensive and after checking out different models I settled for the Kinfle Fire HD 7 inch tablet. The touch screens HD resolution is great for watching movies and also I must point out that the Wi-Fi works really well.” – Gregg Butler

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


It’s easy to understand why thousands of people are now using Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet! Easy to use, versatile, elegant and powerful! The tablet allows you to read eBooks, watch movies, listen to music and stream countless TV shows. Regarded as one of the best tablets under $200, this 7.0 inch touch display runs on Android operating system. The model comes with front and rear facing cameras that permits you to take photos and maintain video calls with friends. The smartphone includes Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system that permits you to run multiple applications and programs at the same time.

“I have been using this tablet for a while now and in the time I have had it, the Galaxy Tab 3 ( for sure one of the top rated tablets in 2017) has worked smoothly and without any problems. The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is its operating system which is solid and doesn’t have a huge numbers of errors like other operating systems.” – Jack Andrews

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Asus Nexus 7


One of the best and highly appreciated tablets currently available on the market is Asus Nexus 7 designed to create a great Google experience. The Nexus source of entertainment is not anything else you’ve seen. It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has a vibrant 1280 x 800 HD display which brings to light games, books, movies and applications. The tablet features Asus TruVivid technology which delivers color clarity and brightness, while the IPS panel delivers sharp and detailed pictures. The model is equipped with NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, making everything run smoothly. Furthermore the tablet includes the exclusive 12-core GeForce GPU makes games run greatly.

“The ASUS Nexus 7 is very reliable and works without major problems. This is my personal tablet and everything about it is of high quality, the processor, the HD capable display, the Android operating system and the list can go on and on.” – Frank Walker

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SVP Android 4.0


Time to equip your media life with a professional tablet which can keep you connected with what the internet offers. One of the best tablets under $100, SVP Android 4.0 model can support Skype, YouTube and also Google Play Store. The tablet includes CPA AllWinner A13 1.3 GHz processor which helps people run various applications and programs with ease. It comes with a capacitive touch panel 16:9 of 9 inches screen which displays movies, TV-shows and books with clarity. In addition to the elegant design, the elegant has a front 0.3 MP camera, letting you chat with friends and family.

“For a very decent price I have managed to get my hands on the SVP Android 4.0 tablet. I always look for the Android operating system because it is the most reliable in the world and the one with the least glitches. I have never had a problem with its Wi-Fi so far.” Zack Hewitt

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Allwinner Dragon


It’s important to have by your side a great and advanced tablet, which can complete your media life with vibrant and smooth videos. So, if you want a pro electronic device that can expand your entertainment life then get to know Allwinner Dragon. This tablet runs has Android 4.0 Support HD operating system and also a powerful processor A13 (CPU, GPU and VPU) Cortex A9 which maintains all programs run smoothly. It includes a 1.3 Mega pixel camera and also a G-sensor gravity induction. Furthermore you can use the tablet to run around 8 hour music for music and also 5 hours of video streaming.

“The Allwinner Dragon was my choice for a tablet and I am satisfied with the performance I got for a very affordable price. What I most like about this tablet is the long battery life and also the Android software which is solid in my opinion.” – Matthew James

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