Best Tablets with USB Ports


Most popular tablets with USB ports in 2017


In the rest of this article, you will know more about the products that are considered as amongst the most appreciated tablets in 2017, as well as some of the reasons on why they are preferred above other choices that are currently available. By the time that you are finished reading, it is expected that you will be able to easily make the right decision.


Microsoft Surface RT


Best Tablets with USB PortsBeing one of the best tablets with USB ports, this will prove to be an option that you will not surely regret, especially because of the latest version of the Windows operating system that is exceptional when it comes to being user-friendly. It has 32 GB of storage that will prove to be generous enough in keeping your files and a variety of apps that will keep you entertained. It also has high definition cameras that will allow you to take videos with exceptional quality. The battery is asserted to last for you up to 8 hours, and could extend to up to 15 days if it is idle.

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Acer Iconia A200-10G16U Tablet


In the evaluation of the different choices that you will be confronted with when it comes to the best tablets with USB ports, one of the first things you should consider would be the processor of the unit as it will be indicative of how well the unit can perform. With such, this model will surely be something that you will not regret as it comes with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor. It also has Android Honeycomb OS that will provide you with the opportunity to access thousands of apps that can keep you entertained.

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Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch Tablet


If there is one thing that is common in the best tablets in 2017, it would have been the fact that they have stunning clear display. This product is one that offers high resolution display. The HDX display that can be found in this model is a breakthrough in the product category. It renders perfect color and can prove to be viewable even if it is used outdoors. With the high quality graphics found in this tablet, it will surely be perfect when it comes to gaming, especially because it also offers exceptional speed. The latter is mainly because of the 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

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Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch Android Tablet


This is another unrivaled option that should not be missed when looking for the most appreciated tablets in 2017. The brand name of the product can be already considered as more than enough reason on why it stands out in the competitive landscape. It has an Adaptive Display technology. If you love taking pictures, you will surely enjoy its 5-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front camera. One thing that makes this a great choice is the rubber backplate that will allow you to have an excellent grip of the unit. This will provide you with the assurance that it will not accidentally slip from your hand.

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Archos 80 G9 Turbo Tablet


Based on the opinions that have been expressed by the users of this product, one thing that makes this a good choice is that it has 1.5 GHz OMAP 4 multi-core processor from Texas Instruments. The latter makes it unmatched when it comes to speed, eliminating lags. Powered with Android 4.0, this will prove to be the perfect choice for serious and playful users. It offers a wide array of features that can be useful for multitasking, managing your emails, and calendar. On the other hand, for playful users, it can provide you with access to thousands of apps.

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