Best tactical knife reviews


Top tactical knives in 2018


There are a lot of features to consider when looking to buy tactical knife. Even some of the basic things like shape and size can be really difficult to figure out without the proper guidance. These tools can literally save your life in tough situations so you are much better off taking advice from people who know what makes or breaks a knife. Our experts have taken the time to test a large number of products. They’ve also gone through dozens of the best tactical knife reviews on the market before coming up with a list of five names which have all the necessary features to help you in the most difficult of times.


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife


Best tactical knife reviewsEven though this knife has been around for a long time, some say it still remains the best tactical knife in 2018. It might not have the same versatility as all the others on the list but it definitely makes up for it when it comes to the efficiency of the blade. Made out of 1095 Cro-van steel, this knife will cut through everything. Built with a leather handle, this fighting knife was destined for the US Marine Corps. It is lightweight, portable and very precise. Keep in mind though that this is not the type of knife you go around wearing in your pocket. It is best used while on hunting or fishing trips.

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MoraknivBushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife


This is according to some of the best tactical knife reviews, the ultimate tool to have while spending time outdoors. It is lightweight, easy to carry and even easier to use. The 1/8inch blade is made out of steel and has an anti-corrosive coating to keep it from deteriorating even after facing harsh conditions. The sheath is made out of durable plastic and comes with an attached fire starter. It also incorporates a diamond based sharpening part which will keep the blade ready for action at all times. One really great thing about this knife is that it will produce sparks even while wet.

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Morakniv Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife


This is, according to most knife owners, the best tactical knife in 2018. Its amazing popularity comes from the fact that it has one of the strongest and most reliable blades on the market. After being vacuum-heat-treated and welded in sub-zero temperatures, there is not much this stainless-steel blade could not take. It will cut through the toughest of materials and it will do so without causing too much stress to your wrists. This is the result of great work by designers who knew how to make the handle comfortable enough to provide the necessary cutting power.

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Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife


Smith & Wesson are known for their top end products. This rescue knife is a premium product sold for a lot less money than you would expect. It provides all the necessary design features to help you get through tough situations. It is incredibly durable meaning that you will not need to get a new knife after you bought this one. It is water proof and it is designed with an integrated glass breaker and also a safety belt cutter. It has a really lightweight blade and a comfortable aluminum handle which make it weigh just 8.8 ounces.

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Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe Knife


If you are looking for the top rated tactical knife in 2018, this is the product to buy. It is small yet efficient. It comes with a steel blade which has a black oxide coating in order to make it lighter and more durable, the people at Kershaw made the handle out of glass-filled nylon. It is easy to open and very safe to use. It can cut through really tough materials and it can handle a lot of abuse without even deteriorating. It requires sharpening every three months or so depending on how often you use it.

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