Best Tactical Tomahawks reviews

Top tactical tomahawks in 2018


There are millions of Americans that love to hunt and harness to maximum the thrill of catching something. To this extent people are constantly trying to improve their hunting skills and experience positive results. Today, men that hunt are now using tactical tomahawks in order to get through various forest or jungle obstacles and clear the way. Still, finding the most efficient model can be pretty difficult given the wide array of models available on the market. This is where reading some of the current best tactical tomahawks reviews represent an important step in using a high quality device, every time you need to.


SOG Specialty Knives F01T


Best Tactical Tomahawks reviewsAs thousands of people pointed out, SOG Specialty Knives F01T tactical tomahawk is a great addition, reuniting high quality design and professional construction line. This versatile and easy to use tool is ideal for breaching operations, obstacle removal, excavation actions, extraction projects and other utility applications. The device comes with a glass-reinforced nylon handle thus helping you to swing and hit with more precision while the 2.75 inch stainless steel ax head is more than up for any challenge. This particular model is an innovative and upgraded of the former Vietnam tomahawk. It has a length of 15.75 and weighs only 24 ounces.

“When I go for a few days into nature’s wilderness to get away form the busy city life, I take with me my trusty knife and this tactical tomahawk. Because its head is made out of stainless steel, its blade is very sharp and rust resistant. I really recommend getting it if you like the outdoors as much as me.” – Jake Nolte

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United Cutlery UC2836


Significant data coming from the present best tactical tomahawks reviews underline the efficiency of United Cutlery UC2836, a model used with efficiency by thousands of men. This is the ultimate efficiency in tomahawk development, helping the user enjoy its presence due to the lightweight design and advanced grip. You can carry the tomahawk with ease all day long without making you experience muscle fatigue. The device comes with a wide and upswept and sharp axe blade which allows you to chop, cut and slash with efficiency. It has a high quality axe head that was constructed with 2Cr13 stainless steel.

“In the time I have been using the United Cutlery UC2836, cutting my way out of a delicate situation is easy. It is very light so I don’t experience wrist fatigue when I use it for a prolonged time. Stainless steel goes into its construction and this means this tamahawk is of top quality.” Wayne Brown

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Smith & Wesson SW671


Everyone knows full well that Smith & Wesson creates pro efficient products that combine durability with strong materials. On this note, we can find SW671 tactical tomahawk from Smith & Wesson set among the most popular extraction tools options out there. It weighs only 2 lbs and 11 oz. which allows you carry it along with ease. Made out of 3/8” stock, thick and powerful, this tactical tomahawk will certainly help you get the job done. The model has a removable handle grip that delivers a secure grip during each of your actions. It is a great acquisition, impressing through the innovative design and sharp blade.

“This tomahawk has a very light and balance feel to it when I hold it in my hand, allowing me to cut through anything I find in my way with relative ease. The High Carbob steel which it is made from is really a special material.” – Hank Thompson

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Cold Steel Trench


It’s time for you to use a high quality tactical tomahawk that can help you get out of various bends. Designed with heavy duty materials, embedded on a stunning format, Cold Steel Trench tactical tomahawk represents a smart investment, letting you break out of confined spaces which may include trenches, bunkers, narrow hallways and also alleys. The model comes with a 3-1/2 inch cutting edge and also a carefully structured wedge-shaped spike, for added precision while cutting. Furthermore the model has a polypropylene handle which is resistant to impact and shock, felt every time you use it on different materials.

“I bought this classic tomahawk so I can take it with me when I go for a few days camping. The cutting edge is sharp enough to make me cut easily through wood and its spike also is particulary sharp and pointy. I recommend it because for me it does its job really well.” – Thomas Rooney

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American Tomahawk ATVTAC-VTAC


As most of the current best tactical tomahawks reviews pointed out in great details, American Tomahawk ATVTAC-VTAC is a great addition to any home. With a powerful blade steel of drop-forged 1060, Rc 52-54, the model also incorporates a ST super tough nylon handle which allows you to hit and swing with greater ease. The device has an ergonomic oval design that permits you to get a tighter grip, completed by indexing finger gloves, for added comfort while working. It has an overall length of 14 which is more than enough to tackle even harder jobs, with ease.

“I really like the classic tomahawk design and for this reason I bought for myself the American Tomahawk. For a very affordable price I managed to get great old american quality which is the best in the world. This is a tomahawk for real americans.” Billy Dudley

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