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Things to Consider When Buying a New Tape Measure


Tape measures are convenient tools that are often forgotten about until you need one. Inexpensive and easy to use, there is no better way to get accurate measurements. There are a few factors to consider before you rush out and purchase the first one you see, and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the best tape measure in 2018.

Best tape measure


The best tape measure reviews recommend deciding on the type before you start shopping, and each one has its own advantages. Digital models and wheels are ideal for larger areas and precise measurements, but the higher price can put a strain on most budgets. Traditional tape measures are easy to use and able to give accurate readings, and the affordable price fits easily into most budgets.



According to the best tape measure reviews you also want to consider the design. Flexible cloth, plastic or fiberglass models are ideal for use with fabric or paper. The flexible tape can also bend and accurately measure the circumference of an object or area on the floor. The lightweight design makes these tape measures easy to carry, and most can be rolled or folded up for convenient storage.

There are also metal measuring tapes that can be easily extended to a specific length. Since these models are stiffer than the lightweight, flexible tapes, you can easily measure straight lines and longer distances. These models also include a hook at the end that can be attached to a chair or door frame so you can easily measure lengths and distances by yourself.



There are some features to consider, depending on the type of tape measure. Metal tapes that retract automatically are easy and convenient to use, and the included casing is perfect for storage. Automatic stops will make it easier to get accurate measurements by yourself, along with metal hooks at the end of the tape. You also want the markings to be clearly labeled, so you never have to guess at the measurements. Additional markings for studs and trusses are also convenient, especially if you are using the tape measure for roofing or carpentry projects. There are also tapes that let you mark the measurements as you go.



While the majority of consumers do not think about a budget when they are looking for a tape measure, it is something that you should consider. The price can vary between the different types, and you can easily end up spending more for a digital model that you don’t really need. Unless you are measuring longer distances or need precise measurements for a professional contract, an inexpensive traditional tape should be exactly what you are looking for and priced well within your budget.


Top Tape Measures in 2018


While we can’t choose the right one for you, we can show you the top rated tape measures for 2018. Traditionally designed and affordably priced these measuring tapes are easy to use, accurate, and may be exactly what you are looking for.


Stanley 33-425 Powerlock


1.Stanley 33-425 Tape MeasureWith a lifetime warranty and durable construction, it is easy to see why this locking metal tape measure is a consumer favorite. The tape is 1 Ā¼ wide and can be extended out to 25 feet, and the metal hook at the end makes it easy to measure distances by yourself. The coated tape is designed to last for years of use, and the bright yellow color makes it easy to see. Perfect for use indoors and outside, you will also appreciate the convenient belt clip and automatic retracting design.

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Clover “Shiro”


2.Clover Shiro Tape MeasureThis top selling tape measure is perfect for measuring hem lines, seams, and fabric patterns. The convenient push button design automatically retracts the fiberglass tape for easy storage, and you will appreciate having accurate measurements in centimeters and inches. The fiberglass construction is resistant to stretching, and you will love its lightweight and compact design. This tape measure is perfect for use with any sewing or craft project, and its flexible construction makes it easy to measure circumference. The compact size also fits easily into your sewing basket, so you always have a tape measure conveniently close at hand.

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KomelonĀ  SL2925


3.Komelon SL2925 Tape MeasureAble to extend out to 25 feet you can easily measure the diameter of a room, and you will appreciate the convenient metal end hook when you are working by yourself. The bright yellow tape is clearly marked for easy reading, along with the smaller increments. Clearly mark centimeters and inches for accurate measuring, and with the advantage of the automatic locking function the tape will stay at the extended length. The compact casing is perfect for storage, and the metal tape automatically retracts with the push of a button. Perfect for arranging furniture and woodworking projects, it is easy to see why this tape measure is a popular choice with consumers.

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Singer 00218


4.Singer 60-Inch Tape MeasureIf you frequently find yourself measuring hemlines and fabrics on the go, this might be the perfect accessory for your sewing kit. This lightweight and durable plastic tape measure is clearly marked for easy reading, and it can be conveniently folded for quick storage. The bright pink color makes it easy to find in a cluttered sewing box, and you will appreciate having the measurements marked in centimeters and inches. The metal hook prevents the ends from fraying and can extend the life of the reliable tape measure, and its flexible design makes it ideal for a variety of applications.

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TEKTON 71953


5.TEKTON 71953 Tape MeasureFeaturing a durable construction that is perfect for use at job sites and home workshops, you will also appreciate how easy this tape measure is to use and read. The measurements are clearly marked for accuracy, and increase gradually so you can use the tape for a variety of tasks. The convenient thumb button locks the tape in place for accuracy, and it also retracts automatically for easy storage. You can also stop the tape to recheck your measurements, and you will love its affordable price.

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