Best Telescope under 100


How to Select One of the Best Telescopes under 100


Looking into the night sky may make one feel tiny, but with the best telescopes in our hands, we can feel that we are indeed part of a bigger universe. Providing plenty of fun and learning, a good telescope lets you enjoy stunning views of the cosmos that has given rise to our very own planet. Here are what differentiates the cheap department-store bought devices from the high-quality ones.

Best telescope under 100


The diameter or size of the functional part of a telescope’s primary lens or main mirror is called the aperture. With all things being equal, the best telescope under 100 with a wider aperture can provide brighter images plus sharper focus. Telescopes don’t work to magnify distant images but to funnel photons into the eyeball of the observer so the brain can form an image. This is why bigger is better.



It is logical to want to use an eyepiece that has the highest magnification possible so you can perceive more detail and distant objects. The maximum magnification power is 50x per inch of the aperture. Anything higher will result in blurry images. Maximum power is also affected by the quality of the optics. A cheap telescope may be marketed to have 500x magnification but if it is built with low-quality optics, it is just a waste of money.



Even the best telescope under 100 should be outfitted with a tripod mount. However, keep in mind that the mount has to be heavy and sturdy to ensure stability and smooth transfer from one location to another. Professional-style equatorial mounts are pricey, but they enable tracking of objects according to the Earth’s rotation, which is perfect for viewing distant and faint objects with time lapse. A more inexpensive option is non-computerized altazimuth mounts, which use coordinates while being precisely pointed toward a particular celestial object.


Most Reliable Telescopes under 100


Telescopes are as coveted as a first chemistry set or even a toy microscope. A telescope encourages limitless learning and nights of enjoyable exploration of the night sky. If you haven’t found the perfect instrument for you, there’s a remote chance that you haven’t been looking in the right direction, or you simply have not encountered these three bestselling products.


Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope


1.Celestron PowerSeekerSee more of the universe and the heavens without leaving your home-or spending a million dollars on a moon exploration flight. The Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope comes in a special limited edition version that features a green metallic tube with black trim, giving the unit a streamlined, smooth professional look. The Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope offers quick and hassle-free tool-less setup, so you can unpack the unit and view the heavens instantly out of the package. The Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope comes with a full-height metal tripod that enables smooth tracking thanks to the slow motion controls.

The device is outfitted with fully-coated glass optical components with high-transmission coatings to deliver enhanced image clarity and conveyance of light to the observer’s eyes. The Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope ships with three eyepieces plus a special 3x Barlow lens that triples the magnifying power of every eyepiece. The unit also features a red dot finder scope to help you find objects in the dark sky. The Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope ships with an accessory tray that offers convenient storage of accessories.

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Meade 20218 NG-70SM Altazimuth Refractor Telescope


2.Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70mmThe Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope is designed for sky and land viewing. The telescope has slow motion controls on both axes, which help you track objects as they blaze through the skies. Able to capture more light for greater detail and brighter images, the Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope comes with two 1.25 eyepieces; an SP9.7mm 103X and an SP26m 38X, so you can choose what’s best for a specific sky viewing task. The device also comes with superior eye relief and a wide visual field, so you can look through it while wearing prescription glasses and still see superb detail.

The Meade 20218 NG-70SM 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope has an integrated red-dot projection viewfinder that allows easy targeting of guide stars. The included amazing planetarium software and instructional video helps you learn about the night sky and the many features of the telescope. The heavy-duty steel tube tripod serves as a rock-solid platform on which the telescope can be securely attached and positioned for stability and support.

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Tasco Spacestation Refractor AZ Finderscope Telescope


3.Tasco Spacestation 70x800mmBuilt with a single fork arm Altazimuth mount, the Tasco Spacestation 70x800mm Refractor AZ with Variable LED Red Dot Finderscope Telescope stays secure and stable so you can have uninterrupted view of the night sky and its celestial elements. The telescope has an adjustable aluminum tripod to support its structure, so you won’t have to move from one location to another when tracking a heavenly object. The Tasco Spacestation 70x800mm Refractor AZ with Variable LED Red Dot Finderscope Telescope lets you see more of the moon, other planets, stars and faraway galaxies without ever leaving your home.

The revolutionary and cosmically-inspired design makes the Tasco Spacestation 70x800mm Refractor AZ with Variable LED Red Dot Finderscope Telescope a perfect sky and land viewing device. It features a Red Dot Starpointer Finderscope that enables you to find any object easily in the sky. The Tasco Spacestation 70x800mm Refractor AZ Telescope comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to figure out how to set it up. It ships with a Tasco SkyWatch CD-ROM, a moon map and moon filter, 3X Barlow lens and an erecting lens for easy use out-of-the-package.

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