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Astronomy is a passion that keeps on latching itself on thousands of people, young or adults. Observing the night sky is a great opportunity to understand more about the Universe. Still, in order to see with more accuracy the stars and moons inhabiting the known Universe, you need to have a powerful telescope installed in your room. Fortunately there are many models currently available on the market that can become a great assistant while observing the night sky. Which is the most efficient model? Well, in order to answer this particular question you have to read some of the current best telescopes reviews and thus find the right one, suited to your needs.


Celestron 21024 telescope


Best telescopes under $200If you are searching for an efficient telescope that can bring you closer to the stars then you get to know Celestron 21024, a model used by thousands of users. Regarded as one of the best telescopes under $50, this device comes with a high quality Dobsonian style stand and also a 76 mm reflector optical tube. It is portable and lightweight, letting you store the telescope anywhere you want. You will be able to observe with ease the stars, navigating without restrictions from one constellation to another. The focal length is of 300 mm while the magnification process consists of 2 systems: 1 of 15 x and the second one of 75 x.

“For my son who is dreaming of becoming and astronomer I have managed to get the perfect gift and this was the Celestron 21024 telescope. He watches the stars from his room or from his tree house and I am very pleased to see him so intrested in science.” – Samantha Robins

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Celestron 21061 telescope


If you are a passionate astronomer, beginner or a professional one, with a deep need to see the Universe then you should use Celestron 21061 telescope. Easy to install and manage, the model comes with a permanently mounted StarPointer and more importantly comes with Erect image optics, which make it ideal for terrestrial and astronomical projects. Regarded as one of the very best telescopes under $200, this model includes “The Sky” Level 1 planetarium software that contains around 10000 object database, letting your eyes wonder from one star to another and so on thus discovering the Universe one step at a time.

“The Celestron 21061 allows me to take a very close look to the night sky and discover some of its secrets. When I brought it to my home I immediately set it up and started exploring the sky. It is also not expensive and I am very pleased that I managed to get my hands on it.” – Nick Johnson

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Celestron 127EQ telescope


Power, precise power of observation and efficiency! These are the proper words to describe the functionality of Celestron 127EQ telescope which will take you closer to the stars themselves. This high quality telescope is the ideal model for families that want to use an affordable and advanced method to observe the sky. Regarded as one of the best telescopes under $200, the model includes a range of eyepieces and a solid 3 Barlow lens that deliver the much needed in boosting the view quality during observation projects. It also includes “The Sky” software with over 10.000 stars to observe and monitor, night after night.

“Since I have had this telescope I really have managed to fully grasp our galaxy’s secrets. It has an excellent lens which shows everything clear so I have an amazing picture of distant celestial bodies. Setting it up was also very easy.” – Jack Lescott

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Meade 20218 telescope


People that love astronomy and star gazing, need a professional telescope, capable of the bringing the sky closer to the viewer. Regarded as one of the best telescopes under $100, Meade 20218 is a great acquisition to your home. It is perfect for various land or sky viewing projects, brining your targets under a strict and detailed gaze that you fully control. The model features Accurate controls which permits you to locate with more ease various objects. It also has a red dot projection viewfinder in order to manage better the results and cast aside the presence of limitations.

“The Meade 20218  telescope was the perfect thing to buy for my son, which is both educational for him and at the same time fun as well. He finds it very easy to use, understanding its features very well and managing to use it all by himself.” –  Henry Jackson

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Barska Starwatcher telescope


Astronomers know full well of the high quality standards present in the Barska telescopes. As most of the latest technical statistics pointed out Barska Starwatcher telescope is a great addition to any home, especially in one where there’s a night sky lover that wants to understand better the Universe. The model comes with 300 x power and an impressive 400 mm focal length. It is accompanied by coated glass optics that maintains precise image brightness, thus raising the bar of quality to new lengths. Furthermore in the basic package you will also receive a customizable tripod and a tender carrying case.

“For a very low price I have managed to get my hands on this telescope which based on its features I must recommend for people who are looking for telescopes but do not want to spend a small fortune on one. The carrying case makes it very easy to carry it around with me, when I want to change its location.” – Luke Robson

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