Best tennis rackets under $100

Discover the best tennis racket under 100 even if you are in a terrible hurry, by quickly reading through this paragraph put together by our researchers. Everything you need in a reliable tennis racket, you will find in the Wilson Tour Slam WRT32230U4, a model that offers the sports enthusiast the possibility to train like a pro. The aluminum construction makes sure that the racket remains lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to focus on your moves, rather than on your racket. The model has the Volcanic Frame technology that grants it both power and stability, so you can shoot every ball straight. Control is necessary, too, which is why the Stop Shock pads employed on the racket come in handy for reducing the force of impact each time you hit the ball. In case the Wilson Tour Slam WRT32230U4 is out of stock, pick the Head Ti.S6, as it is a model that comes as a close second to the first one.



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Tennis is a very passionate sport and having the right equipment to enjoy it is paramount. However, this does not mean that you should invest an incredible amount of money, especially if you are a beginner. You will find plenty of tennis rackets sold for low prices on the market, so you should focus more on getting the best deal for your money and nothing else. Here are some tips to get you started.

Not too light, not too heavy

The total weight of your racket is something you need to consider when you’re shopping for a new one. Beginners may fall into the trap of purchasing a racket that is too lightweight, or too heavy, and each of these decisions comes with its fair share of problems.

What happens when your racket feels too lightweight in your hand? Experts warn that such a racket will cause you to flick your wrist, and you will immediately start experimenting a lot of strain. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should make an 180-degree turn and go for a heavy model.

This choice will cause you to develop a condition called tennis elbow that can be painful and convince you this sport is not for you. There is another problem with heavy rackets, of 320 grams and heavier, that you should be aware of. They are not easy to maneuver so that you will feel like battling windmills.

As a beginner, you surely want, at first, to be able to hit the ball and send it as far as possible. Get a model that is 300 grams or lighter, so you can start practicing in the best conditions possible. The good news is that such standard rackets are also more inexpensive, as heavier models are usually for professionals.


The head of the racket

Selecting the right head size for your racket is paramount for honing your skills as a tennis player. You can easily tell rackets apart by taking a look at their heads. The larger the head, the larger the so called ‘sweet spot,’ which is the place in the center that is responsible for achieving the best impact possible.

For beginners, a larger head sounds like a good deal, since they are yet to develop superior accuracy, and it can be problematic for them to hit the ball right and obtain the desired amount of impact. Yet this does not mean that you ought to just go for the racket with the biggest head on the market.

You will never be able to develop proper technique if you just practice with a racket with a large head. You will quickly end up overindulging, and your technique will never be challenged. If you notice the type of racket pro players use, you will see that they use rackets with smaller heads, for the simple reason that their technique is so accurate that they do not need the larger head anymore.

Understanding grip size

Even the most impressive tennis racket in the world will be a poor choice if it doesn’t fit well in your hand. This means that the moment has come to speak a little about grip size and how it can help you choose the right racket for your needs.

Experts recommend size 2 and 3 for women, and 3 and 4 for men. Here are a few pointers for measuring the grip size correctly. You will need to gauge the length of the line going from the center of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

If you can experiment with different rackets, try holding them in your dominant hand and try sticking your index finger of the opposite hand between your thumb and the rest of your fingers. If there is enough room for your index finger to fit in there, that means that you need to buy a racket with a larger grip.



Top rated cheap tennis rackets in 2018


Tennis is more than a sport, that’s for sure. For millions of people around the world tennis is a passion that grows with each ball hit and racket swung. Speaking of rackets, you can’t play without a good one which can balance your game. The market is packed with a wide variety of models, designed to sooth any player’s moods. To this particular extent you need to consult some of the most recent best tennis rackets reviews which analysed the particularities of the top models. Once you gather relevant information on the best products, you will be able to find one that suits your gaming needs.



Wilson Tour Slam


Best tennis rackets under $100Everyone across the US knows that Wilson tennis rackets deliver precision during every game, improving the winning streak. Tour Slam rackets from Wilson is one of the best tennis rackets under $25, helping people to play better than ever. This powerful racket features Volcanic frame technology that allows the user to have more stability and power once the set starts. Furthermore this advanced tennis racket features Power Bridge which progressively increases power as you play. In addition to the solid grip, this tennis racket comes with Stop Shock Pads that reduces vibration and thus maintains greater control during shots.

“Ever since I my friends introduced me to tennis I can’t get enough of this fun sport. For my racket I have the Wilson Tour Slam which for me is perfet. It is very light and helps me get all the power behind my shots. I enjoy playing with it againsed my friends.” – Edward Oliver

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Head TiS6


One of the most respected tennis rackets manufacturers is Head. You have the possibility to use with confidence Head TiS6 tennis rackets in order to play better and improve your game. The head size of the tennis racket is of 115 square inches and has 1” head heavy which blends to the hand’s format. With a tight grip on the racket you will be able hit the ball with more precision. The beam of the racket is of 28.5 mm, string pattern is 16 x19 while the racket weighs only 8 oz. It is considered one of the best tennis rackets under $100, becoming a great addition to any player’s personal game.

“The performances of this Head Ti-S6 tennis racket has proven to me that it is a top one for us amateurs and I recommend it to other players. Its measuraments are perfect for me and this is the greatest racket for my style of play.” – Emily White

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Head Micro Gel


When it comes to playing tennis without the proper gear you won’t be able to experience the thrill of winning games. If you start using Head Micro Gel tennis racket you will be able to control the game and hit the ball with more accuracy. When you hit the ball, the racket manages to uniformly distribute the impact load and thus maintain a solid feel. You will have greater control over the whole process as you play which is extremely important if you want to win games. The head of the racket is 98 square inches while the beam is of 21 mm, ideal dimensions to have during games.

“Head is one the most well know tennis equipment brands and I got this racket from them for when I hit the court and play with some of my friends. The feel of it is unique and is unlike anyother racket I have played with, but the most important thing is that I play my best game with it.” – Anthony Rossman

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Prince Pink


When it comes to playing tennis you need to have around a pair of pro rackets, designed to improve your game at every turn. One of the best tennis rackets under $50 is, according to thousands of testimonials, Prince Pink. This racket was designed to deliver heightened stability and accurate control once you start playing. You will enter the field with a great pair of tennis rackets and dominate every moment. The racket was designed with Force Three frame technology and also FushionLite Ti I-Beam construction which helps you play better than ever. Lightweight and easy to handle, the racket features Technigrip for better comfort.

 “I showed my daughter the beauty of playing tennis and she loved it the minute she took her first serve. Now that she is training more often I have invested in the Prince Pink Lite 19 junior tennis rackets which she loves very much. Hopefully she’ll be an WTA player someday.” – Rachel Hughes

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Wilson Roger Federer


Your children love to play tennis? Well, it’s time to equip them with a professional pair of tennis racket and improve their game. Out of the many models available on the market, one stands alone in quality and efficiency: Wilson Roger Federer. Your son or daughter will learn the basics of a great sport and experience the very best of results. It is one of the best tennis rackets under $100 and with ease becomes a source of winning streaks. The model increases the power and stability during every game. Furthermore the tennis racket has new and improved graphics for the little one to enjoy.

“The Wilson Roger Federer tennis racket is made for champions and this is what I want my son to become, so for him I bought it. Its trainer told me he has a gift for this sport so the best thing I could do is invest in the best equipment for him.” – Thomas McAdams

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