Best Toaster and Egg Cooker Reviews


If you’re here just to find the best toasters and egg cookers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital data. We have gathered a lot of information about the best toasters with egg cooker on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the West Bend TEM4500W is the best because it comes with a 4 slice toasting capacity, which will shorten the time you usually lose in preparing breakfast. It has the ability to defrost bread, which is an amazing advantage when you forget to take it out of the freezer beforehand, and you can prepare eggs any way you want: poached eggs, scrambled eggs or boiled (up to 8 eggs at once), if you have dainty kids. However, if this product is unavailable, consider as a second best option the Back to Basics TEM500, a product offering just about the same functions.



The essential features of a toaster and egg cooker


A toaster with egg cooker on the side is an essential machine to have in your kitchen. It should be on your first kitchen utilities list that you draft when you move, and should be among the last objects you pack when you leave, since you will need it to cook your last breakfast. However, since they are so desired and useful, the market is thriving, and has already produced many worthwhile products that you can choose from. But, do not forget to check for the most important characteristics of your new acquisition, as seen below.

A.1 Best toaster with egg cooker



As a consequence of the great demand for these items, the production of new models is superfluous, each coming with more and more functions and possibilities included, at a more than affordable price. However, buying a product with an excess of functions that you will never use, would be a silly thing to do. What need do you have of a defrost function for bread, if you never buy frozen bread? On the other hand, a great number of options can come in handy in unexpected situations. Therefore, invest in a multifunctional device, but do not pay a lot of money for those you know for sure you will never use. When it comes to cooking eggs, some only prepare poached eggs, but others also prepare them scrambled or boil them. If you like variety, the second type will be more useful for you.




Most toaster and egg cooker products come with a basic 2 slice toasting capacity, useful if you live alone, but insufficient when you have a family. A 4 slice toaster would be more appropriate for that task. Plus, the same principle applies to the egg cooking function. An excellent device can cook a larger number of eggs, while those with a smaller capacity cook them one at a time. Of course, you should purchase the product fitted for your lifestyle, but you should also think ahead to unexpected possibilities.




Keeping your toaster and egg cooker clean can be a tremendous task, because it comes with so many parts that need to be taken care of, and sometimes it can be hard to access them. So, it is of highly importance to be able to reach them, in order to do that. Pay special attention to how the appliance disassembles and what specific parts can be separated from the whole. Maintaining a product is the key to expand its lifespan, so that you don’t find yourself in the situation to buy another one soon.



Top Toaster and Egg Cookers in 2017



The products listed below have received some of the best toaster reviews of 2017 for both their functionality and their versatility. Find out more about each one and decide which one best fits your needs and preferences.



West Bend TEM4500W


1.West Bend TEM4500WThe West Bend TEM4500W is one of the most reliable products out there, regarding the overall quality of the product and its functions. It can toast 4 slices of bread, but it is also quite capable of defrosting bagels and croissants, therefore giving you many options for your morning coffee. To help you save time and not be late for work, the appliance can toast bread and poach eggs in the same time and it can heat pre-cooked meat (such as bacon and sausages). As it comes with two egg poaching surfaces, which can also be used as meat heaters, you can cook the eggs and then heat your favorite breakfast type of meat. This way, you will be enjoying a complete and tasty breakfast in a couple of minutes. But, the product can also cook eggs in steam, boil them or prepare scrambled eggs. The controls are easy to use, and you can set the device to toast bread lighter or darker, depending on your tastes. Included in the accessories, a meat tray will make sure your slices of meat are properly heated.


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Back to Basics TEM500


2.Back to Basics TEM500If you live by yourself, or if you are the only one enjoying the combination of eggs and toast in the morning, this product is the perfect pick for you. It can toast 2 slices of bread, muffins or croissants. On it, you can poach one egg on the poaching tray, but you can also heat bacon or ham, to combine these ingredients into a sandwich in the shortest amount of time. The device has an easy to use control panel, with four major buttons controlling the main functions, and it is accompanied by a measuring cup, which can be used for various tasks in the kitchen. Because you will probably have something else to do while breakfast is cooking, the product is equipped with an automatically shut off function for your toast and eggs. A reassuring detail, since it will prevent you from setting your own kitchen on fire. To speed up the cleaning process, the appliance is equipped with a mobile crumb tray that you can take out and throw away the remains, once the toasting process is over.


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Back to Basics TEM4500


3.Back to Basics TEM4500A high-quality product, the Back to Basics TEM4500, offers you a large range of functions and options, all properly arranged in a dual panel, where all the control buttons are placed, each of them with a function marker. Equipped with 4 wide slots for toasting, this device can toast, heat and defrost anything from bread, croissants, bagels and English muffins in a short amount of time. And, if you prefer your toast crunchy, you can set the wanted shade from the control panel. While toasting, the product can steam-poach two eggs or heat meat. If you want to boil eggs, you can put up to 8 eggs at a time inside it, for circumstances when you have guests who prefer boiled eggs. Useful for tiny kitchens, where you have a limited amount of space, this small device with retractable cord can be deposited in a small corner.


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