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If you have gotten a horrendous headache going over the information on the best toddler beds on the market, let this short paragraph provide the much-needed enlightenment you so desperately seek. We have amassed much information about the best product in this category by looking into the reviews and ratings in various review sites for children’s furniture, and we compared those with social media activity for different models in the same class. After our in-depth research, we have found what we believe is the top-rated one, the Delta Children BB87145DO. Designed to make your little princess’ space extra-special, this toddler bed has lovely, colorful decals of the cartoon character and her favorite pals. This product makes the transition from the crib to a larger bed fairly easy. Equipped with two attached guardrails, the bed has a low-to-the-ground design that makes it safe and easy for your little one to get in and out without assistance. The immense popularity of the Delta Children BB87145DO can result in it going out of stock, but you can also get what is a good alternative, the Delta Children BB87105CR.



Buying guide


Transitioning from the crib to a toddler bed should be fun and exciting for your child. It has to be pleasant and stress-free for both you and your child, so your growing baby does not ask to join you in your bed instead. A high-quality toddler bed makes the process more enjoyable if it covers the following aspects well:

The top-rated product in the best toddler bed reviews boasts premium craftsmanship/construction and style

If you bought a convertible crib in the first place, you can simply use a separately supplied conversion kit from the manufacturer to turn it into a toddler bed. Sometimes, this kit is included with the crib, so no additional purchase is needed. The conversion kit includes the bed rail and necessary hardware.

Convertible cribs allow you to replace one side with a rail, and the crib becomes a toddler bed instantly. Convertible cribs provide an intimate sleeping space for your child while they are safely enclosed. The bed should enable a child to get into and leave it without assistance from an adult.

One thing you have to look into is the bed’s stable and strong construction, whether you are converting from a crib to a toddler bed or getting a new toddler bed altogether. Once the bed is set up, give it a firm shake. This will assure you that there aren’t any wobbly points that would have resulted from a few years of use during the crib stage, or from a weak manufacture.

A solidly built frame ensures less likelihood of replacing the bed completely once the components have gotten their share of wear and tear. Able to endure better compared to other materials, a solid wood frame is always a sensible element in any toddler bed despite being higher-priced.

Child-friendly designs may not be to your liking, but your little one will surely love them in a toddler bed. Look for toddler beds with your child’s favorite cartoon character on it, so your growing baby won’t find enough reason to reject the unit outright.


A quality toddler bed should be easy to outfit with the best toddler bedding sets

Make sure the toddler bed frame can take on a standard-size crib mattress. Any narrower and smaller than that and you might have a challenging task of finding a suitable mattress for the bed. Make sure the mattress fits both sides and top to bottom. Any gaps between the frame and the mattress can become hazards of entrapment for your precious child.

The beauty of a toddler bed is how it offers a nice transition to a regular bed. Aside from being sturdy enough to withstand the normal friskiness of a toddler, the bed should also make it effortless to find the perfect sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, and pillow cases for it.

You won’t even have to invest in a new mattress as a good-quality, standard crib mattress should go easily into the toddler bed. This eliminates the need to purchase a larger or twin-sized mattress for the time being.

The sides should be high. Built-in rails are also great.


The best bed for a toddler is built for safety

The frame should deliver a tight hold on the mattress. If the crib mattress your baby used is not the standard size or doesn’t fit the toddler bed, you will have to invest in one that does. Avoiding injuries to your child is possible by ensuring that the bed design has a uniform, smooth finish along with rounded edges. No hardware should jut out.

A Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal of certification or another safety certification from a recognized consumer welfare organization is critical to ensuring the product conforms to safety standards, both for the safety rail and the crib itself. There have to be safety rails on each side of the bed because plenty of kids are restless sleepers. The installed rails should deliver a snug fit.

Make sure your child doesn’t max out the recommended weight capacity for the bed. Exceeding this limit may put you and your child in danger if you decide to sit on the bed or snuggle close to your child. Check the rails for any signs of loosening. There should be a 9-inch gap between the bed’s headboard and footboard and the safety rails.

Avoid portable rails on a toddler bed since the mattress may be ineffective at supporting them properly. Remove large toys from the bed as they are potential injury-causing elements.



Top Toddler Beds in 2017


Your choices on toddler beds are varied, and this could unduly complicate the decision-making process. We hope the above buying guide can provide enough information for you to overcome that challenge. What’s more, we have showcased the best products below for more shopping assistance.



Delta Children BB87145DO 


Give your little princess her own special corner where she can sleep peacefully and just enjoy being a child. The Delta Children BB87145DO is perfect for little girls 15 months and older. It can hold a maximum of 50 pounds and comes with two attached guardrails to ensure your little one’s safety.

This model is designed to go with a standard crib mattress, which you can buy separately. The sturdy steel frame supplements the high-quality plastic construction to guarantee your child’s safety and comfort.

Easy to assemble, this toddler bed is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to conform to product safety standards for items in its specific category, based on established regulations set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

Help make your little girl’s dreams come true with this bed that carries a Nick Jr. Dora The Explorer design on both the footboard and headboard. Cozy and perfectly sized, this bed provides a unique space that your child will surely love.

The adjustment phase will be quick as well, because of how the bed is able to provide a personal sanctuary that your growing baby will gladly call her own.

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Delta Children BB87105CR


Geared with a remarkably fun Lightning McQueen race car design, the Delta Children BB87105CR fuels the dreams of your future champion by giving him a special space to grow through peaceful sleep. This special bed comes with authentic Cars decals for that amazing way of firing your child’s imagination every night.

Your young son will surely love to sleep and rest in this toddler bed, as it is built with a strong, sturdy wooden frame that won’t rust or become creaky and wobbly that easily. This product meets all Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) standards for safety so you can have peace of mind about your child’s well-being.

You won’t even have to urge your son to go to bed as he will surely be there faster than you can spell S-l-e-e-p. Perfect for toddlers 15 months and older, this bed comes with two high-side rails that keep your child secure during the transition toward an actual bed for larger kids. This model assembles easily so you won’t need special carpentry or woodworking skills to put it together.

Although crafted to help your child achieve independence, this toddler bed still guarantees safety. The colorful, vivid graphics brighten up the sides of this toddler bed for a really enjoyable sleep journey for your little one.

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Dream On Me Classic 624-E


Equipped with two side rails, the Dream On Me Classic 624-E comes with a simple yet amazingly elegant design to brighten up your kid’s room easily. This toddler bed comes with two side safety guard rails that keep your child secure on the mattress even though they toss and turn like many other kids also do.

Another safety feature is the low profile that keeps the bed close to the floor, which effectively prevents injury during a fall should your child choose not to install the guard rails to assert their independence. The low-profile also makes it easy for your child to get in and out of bed without assistance.

This product provides a perfect pairing with a standard Dream On Me Crib mattress available as a separately purchased item.

This toddler bed is packaged with all the necessary tools to facilitate assembly. It has been engineered to meet the exacting standards of both the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

Designed to make the transition from a crib to a regular adult bed a pleasant experience, this toddler bed comes with the familiar crib design that your growing baby has most likely grown attached to. This means adjustments are more easily made while ensuring an ergonomic space in which your child can rest and sleep.

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