Best toddler toys reviews


Top toddler toys in 2018


Parentingimplies investing in high quality toys that can keep toddlers happy and busy. Playtime is important to the child’s development and as a result, parents do their best to find appropriate toys. The current offer on toys for toddlers is impressive. Since there are so many models available on the market, parents need a bit of assistance during the selection process. This is why we started to test 20 of the best toys parents can buy. After the research was over, we carefully drafted the best toddler toys reviews on five unique products that can please any child.


Battat Take-A-Part


Best toddler toys reviewsParents have their pick when it comes to fascinating toys for toddlers. Out of the multitude of building toys out there, the Battat Take-A-Part represents a great gift for any child. This great airplane kit has 25 pieces including 21 vehicle parts and a power screwdriver with 3 distinct bits. The airplane needs 2 “AA” batteries in order to fully run. Each piece is solid and sturdy. Little mechanics will love this fascinating toy! It is great for children over the age of 3! This particular toy is perfect for hours and hours of imaginative play.

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Kidoozie My First Purse


A good toy can become a little one’s best friend, offering hours of delightful playtime. The current best toddler toys reviews underline the advanced design of Kidoozie My First Purse. This is the ideal gift for any girl! The purse has a colorful theme that girls will absolutely adore. It includes various accessories such as credit cards, wallets, cell phone, mirror, keys and also lipstick. Girls that love pretending to be just like their mom will absolutely adore this high quality purse. This toy packs a lot of fun especially when more girls come together and play! It is recommended for girls over the age of 3!

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LeapFrog Enterprises Letter Factory Phonics


Educational toys are in high demand right now. As a result we recommend LeapFrog Enterprises Letter Factory Phonics. Placed among the best toddler toys in 2018 this product teaches letters in an interactive manner. It is perfect for 2 year old children, helping them learn 26 letter tiles. Furthermore the toy is tactile sensitive, with amusing songs and great portability for different playtime locations. This toy is perfect for children to develop proper literacy skills. Due to its compact design, the Letter Factory can be used at school or during family trips.

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Little Tikes Count ‘n Play Cash Register


Picking out a product from the top rated toddler toys in 2018 requires patience. Parents should invest a bit more of their time in learning about the Little Tikes Count‘n Play Cash Register. This stunning cash toy is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers that need to learn mathematics and economics. Furthermore the cash register can help children learn shapes and different colors through proper matching. It can assist kids in developing proper motor skills through an enhanced understanding of cause and effect. The cash register has a built-in change dispense for great play value and monetary exchange.

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VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone


Out of the best toddler toys in 2018 it seems that children absolutely adore the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone. This toy will help children learn how to text and properly talk. What makes this toy so special? The learning toy comes with a slide-out keyboard which is very easy to handle! Furthermore the smart phone has an LCD screen that automatically recognizes text and message mode. When the device is in phone mode, children will be able to learn numbers through proper role-play experience. Kids can answer calls or pretend to make them! It teaches counting, alphabetical order, letters and numbers!

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