Best toilet unclogging product reviews

If you’ve recently started to look for the best toilet unclogging products, you may already be overwhelmed with the high number of possible choices out there. Picking the best toilet unclogger is not an easy job, especially since finding the best septic saver requires research and is not the type of decision you can make after browsing through one or two different items online. There are thousands of toilet unclogger reviews of the products that are currently for sale, and if you don’t have the time to read the research conducted by our staff, this paragraph alone should be enough to help you make your decision. The best consumer choice is Rid-X Septic Tank System because it provides you with a 3-month supply of the product, it has a double anti-septic value and it is really easy to use. Should this product not be available at the time of your purchase, a good second option is the Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER.



Buying Guide


Before choosing the product that you’re going to use at home, you should make sure that it does meet some important requirements regarding both its quality and the experience you’re going to have using it. As these products boomed once people have started to be more aware of the fact that they have to maintain their homes properly, some are of a better quality, and some are less proficient. Below, we’re featuring the most relevant criteria that you should take into account before purchasing this type of product.


This is not something negotiable. Your product should be durable enough so that you don’t have to purchase a new package every two weeks. People are extremely busy and depending on a product that you run out of easily can become extremely frustrating for anyone.

This is why, when looking for durability, there are two different metrics you are searching. The first one is how much will the product last in your home in one package, which ensures a good experience for you and it spares you of the frustration of running out of the unclogging product very fast.

The second metric is how much durable the life of your toilet bowl is actually going to be due to your using this product. Some of these products do manage to unclog the toilet, but they don’t protect them in any way. Moreover, depending on the overall quality of this product, you may find that different alternatives on the market use different chemical combination to increase not just the effectiveness of cleaning your toilet, but also its durability in the long run.


Easy to use

All products should be easy to use in the 21st century. However, some of the choices you’ll find online are actually not so user-friendly and would require you to go through a thousand different steps in order to make sure that you have used them properly.

Some of these products have to be used every week and a very small fraction of them even every day, which can be really annoying. Aside from that, people can easily forget or simply not be at home for a period of time, and the interval at which you decide to use this unclogging product should have nothing to do with time, but with your toilet’s personal needs.


Protection from bacteria

It’s not just the fact that a good unclogging product will get your toilet to be functional once again. Just as important is how safe and healthy your house is, especially if you have kids, but not only then. The bacteria in your toilet can easily spread in the entire house, especially if you’re not paying attention to health standards properly, or if you don’t have an unclogging product that can help you keep the bacteria at a distance.


Home or industrial use

This is a tough decision. Even if you buy the product for you home, you may consider an industrial alternative. This is because generally the industrial products are designed to clean better than the home ones, considering the amount of bacteria and dirt that can be found there.



Top Toilet Unclogging Products in 2018


Although now you know now what the most important requirements are for a good unclogging product for your toilet, our specialists have also curated for you the most popular products out there, true consumer choices that you should take into account.



Rid-X Septic Tank System


This product is recommended for your home because it provides a good selection of bacteria killing, efficiency in unclogging your toilet and ease of use.

The Rid-X Septic Tank System 3 Month Supply Dual Action Septi-Pacs Treatment Family Value is created for families who have kids, and who wish the best for their children in terms of health. The item features a chemical composition that will in no way endanger or damage a person who gets in contact with it, while at the same time being very efficient against any type of product or residual materials that may clog your toilet.

Additionally, the product really enhances the toilet flush capabilities, allowing you to flush more efficiently and, depending on the type of toilet you have, to save water. If you have chronic clogs, though, you should make a systemic change on your toilet, and not just use this type unclogging products. Long-term problems will not be solved, however powerful this treatment may be. If you have more severe issues with your toilet, you should take care of it in a better way than just treating the symptoms. Otherwise, this product is a favorite consumer choice.

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Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER 


This product is a powerful septic saver that will unclog your toilet on the spot. It is easy to use, and you can count on how convenient it is for your home. The Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Bacteria Enzyme Pacs – 6 Month Septic Tank Supply is recommended for home use, because it gets rid of all kinds of dirt that may be responsible for clogging the toilet, including different types of greasy soils, fats, oils, organic matter or paper.

The septic backup in your toilet will never be a problem again once you start using this product. At the same time, the product also controls the septic odors. The water-soluble pods are made to be used instantly without any problem, just by dropping the product in the toilet and flushing.

Additionally, the product is safe for pipes, plumbing systems, and septic tanks, making it suitable for any kind of home problem.

The product is convenient because you don’t have to purchase it very often, or even to use it very often, for that matter. Its quantity is created to last up to six months, even if you have more than just occasional problems. However, should this be the case, you should consider calling a plumber to fix the chronic issue.

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Toilet Plunger Windaze


This product is recommended for home use, especially for people who don’t have the technical skills required to unclog their toilets by themselves. Due to the fact that this product is so easy to use, you could never go wrong when it comes to resolving this issue. If in any case, the Toilet Plunger Windaze will not solve your problem, you should consider looking for a plumber, as your issues may be more chronic than just a clogged toilet.

The item is recommended both for your home and for industrial use, which means that it has the ability to resolve this problem that appears at a larger scale and in more than just one condition. Because industrial issues are often more complicated than the ones that you may run across at home, this product guarantees a good performance in the context of your home. In addition, the plunger rinses clean and is easy to store, in order for users to avoid going through any potentially embarrassing moments.

Besides, the product is made of a natural material, so that all members of the family can use it, whether they have some sensitivities or allergies.

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