Best toothbrush reviews


Top toothbrushes in 2018


Having a nice smile is no longer difficult. All you need is an electric toothbrush to take care of your teeth between your regular trips to the dentist. The benefits are many as long as you pick the right product. Choosing the perfect toothbrush will be a handful with so many models available on the market. Our experts have made a list of five recommendations in order to help you narrow things down. Their choices are based on some of the best toothbrush reviews currently available both off and online.


Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Rechargeable


Best toothbrush reviewsOral-B products are very popular among people living in the US. According to several dentists, this is the best toothbrush in 2018. It removes more plaque than most of its direct market competitors and it does so without harming your teeth or your gums. It is capable of 40.000 pulsations per minute and it will whiten your teeth in just under 20 days. It is designed with the help of doctors which allows it to provide a complete and efficient cleaning experience. It is also a great investment to make considering the fact that a single brush head will last for 3 whole months before being replaced.

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Philips Sonicare HX6731/02 Healthywhite Rechargeable


The Philips Sonicare is one of the top rated toothbrushes in 2018. It is affordable and at the same time very efficient. It is guaranteed to make your teeth t shades whiter in just 14 days. You will get a perfect smile in no time and you will maintain that smile for as long as you use this device. It is recommended by several respected dentists because of its high cleaning power provided by the 31.000 brushes per minute delivered by simply pushing a button. When compared to a normal toothbrush, the Sonicare will remove twice as much plaque which is the main reason for not having white teeth.

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Emmi-dent 6 100% Ultrasonic


According to most of the best toothbrush reviews our experts have consulted, this is one great deal. For under $50 you get the complete package which not only includes a great toothbrush and a dock charger but also 12 separate brush heads. This means you will be using this product for a really long time. It is the perfect investment to make as a family. It is capable of 40.000 strokes per minute and it is guaranteed to brighten up your smile within the first few weeks since you’ve started using it.  It is also pretty versatile which will allow all your family members to use it. It will be gentle or powerful depending on the type of teeth you have. It can also run on massage mode.

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Health HP-STX Ultra High Powered Sonic


If you are looking for an efficient device which also offers great value for money, the Health HP-STX is definitely a product to consider. It is Wellness’s most recent release in terms of oral hygiene. It will produce as many as 30.000 strokes per minute and it will remove plaque and most of the bacteria which leads to bad breath. It can be used with three different modes, depending on the type of teeth you have. It is even fitted with an alert to help you perfectly time your brushing sessions. It comes with a dock charger and 10 brush heads.

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PURSONIC S500 Ultra High Powered Sonic


The S500 by Pursonic is characterized by most dentists as the best toothbrush 2018. It has a great design which allows you to keep a great grip during your brushing sessions. It recharges quickly and it produces 40.000 brushes per minute which is more than enough to make your teeth whiter in just a few weeks. It comes with 12 different brush heads which are extremely easy to replace. It you will be able to adapt it to different types of teeth by selecting one of the three different brushing modes and you will always be aware of the time spent on each quadrant of your mouth due to the toothbrush’s auto alert.

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