Best Top Load Washing Machines reviews


Top rated top load washing machines in 2018


There are three factors to consider when it comes to cleaning clothes: remove with precision every inch of stains, protect the fabric and wash cycles. Thousands of people seem to appreciate more the presence of a professional washer in their home than going to a laundry room. With the right set of information, you will be able to fully understand which product can deliver the best cleaning results. To this particular extent, reading the best top load washing machines reviews represents an important step in identifying the most efficient model out there within a short period of time and without any of the hassle of purchasing it at a local store.


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Panda XPB36
Best Top Load Washing Machines reviews
Haier HLP21N Pulsator
The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash
Sonya SYW-60S


Panda XPB36 Small Compact Washing Machine


Best Top Load Washing Machines reviewsIf you want to use a professional washer that will clean your clothes fast and without any problems, then get to know more things about Panda portable top load washing machine. Easy to assemble and with a quiet washing process, this model is perfect for people living in apartments, RVs or dorms. You should know that the washer has a 6 to 7 lbs washing capacity with a spin power of 120 W, taking care with precision of all the stains present on the cloths. Cotton, synthetics, sheets, shirts, pants or garments will be cleaned and you will take them out refreshed.

“Getting the right washing machine is not that easy, beacause if you are not careful you can make a wrong choice. I read a lot of reviews and finally bought this top load washer which has worked smoothly up to this point, thus making me recommend it for its superior value.” Sandra Christensen



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Haier HLP21N Pulsator Portable Washer


According to most of the best top load washing machines reviews, written by thousands of satisfied users, Haier HLP21N model represents a smart investment to any home. This portable washer has a 1-cubic foot stainless steel tub which is more than enough for loads by up to 6 pounds. In addition to the solid construction, the washer comes with 3 water levels, followed by 3 wash cycles, accommodating with precision any type of fabric. It’s very easy to control the features of the machine! HLP21N has a quiet washing process, letting you know when the job is done through the end-of-cycle signal.

“Keeping the clothes of my family nice and clean is a top priority for me and it should be a top priority for anyother household as well. A washer like this is an excellent aid for any home and with it I can keep my clothes looking and feeling like new for a longer period of time.” Anne Armstrong



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The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash


Today’s market is no stranger for high quality washers with the capacity to perform amazing cleaning feats. In this category we can place Wonderwash top load washing machine from The Laundry Alternative, a product that cleans around 5 lbs of clothes in just a couple of minutes. The model has a patented pressure system which guides with precision the detergent in the fabric of the clothes at very high speed, thus delivering a fast and efficient wash cycle with no problem whatsoever. This washer is ideal for single persons that are tired of going to the laundry room, combining professionalism in cleaning with heightened precision in removing stains.

“I live by myself so I decided to get this odd looking washer, beacause it is just for my current situation. Its performace is of top quality and I know that my clothes are cleaned by a top wahser. If you are single than this is the washer to get.” James Rodwell



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Sonya SYW-60S Compact Portable Washer


The number of demands for professional top load washing machines keeps on growing. On this note we find Sonya portable washer, a product that seems to impress through its precise washing efficiency and great operating system. The model has transparent lid which allows you to see how the clothes are washed. Furthermore the stainless steel tub can hold by up to 13 lbs which is quite convenient. The washer has 10 water levels and also 6 wash cycles which fully take on any type of stains, present on your clothes. Suitable for condos, houses or apartments the washer represents a great addition.

“I can say I put some work in searching for the right kind of washer for my home. The one I did buy has turned out to be a fine investment and I can say that it really pays off to be informed about what you are going to get. Overall a great washer which is at an affordable price.” Mary Jerryson



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Products that are not longer available


Speed Queen AWN542S


More and more of the present best top load washing machines reviews, written by thousands of housewives, underline the efficiency of Speed Queen AWN542S model, which works without problems and washes clothes with impressive precision. This model has a professional fabric selector which includes perm press, delicate options, knits and also a hand wash option. Once you turn on the device, you will be greeted by fresh and clean clothes, just the way you want them. This is the reason so many people are now using with confidence the washer in order to clean their clothes.

“A top washer is what I thought would be the best thing for my house and thus I got the Speed Queen AWN542S. I like the fact that it has cycles for any type of fabric, cleaning them in the best way possible. I believe this is a great washer for any household.” Lisa Pardew