Best tower fan reviews


Top tower fans in 2017


Those hot summer days can become quite the bother in some cases and in order to save energy the best solution is not to always turn your AC system on. This is why a great idea would be to have a reliable tower fan which can cool you off. The best tower fan reviews will be the ones which are going to inform you which tower fans are worth buying and which ones are not up to high standards. The next examples are the most reliable models in our opinion.


Ozeri 3x Tower Fan


Best tower fan reviewsOne of the best tower fans in 2017 which money can buy is the Ozeri 3x which will impress you with its set of features. You will not only get one fan integrated into its design you will get 3 which combined can offer you 9 different levels which will cool you off according to your needs. The elegant design also gives it the ability to integrate itself perfectly in a modern day décor, whether it is your patio or a room inside your home. Also you will even have a designated airflow specially created for when you sleep.

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Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Fan Combo Pack


For any home the Seville Classics Slimline Fan will prove just the thing to own in order to get through those unbearable hot days. While most other fans have a loud operation this tower fan works very methodically and quietly so no one is disturbed from their deep sleep. The airflow has 3 different modes which prove very helpful in different scenarios. Also you have the option to control it via its remote control making it a favorite of the best tower fan reviews.

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Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Air Circulation


You can place your trust in the Vornado 184 tower fan because it has some top features that will prove very useful on more than one occasion. The powerful motor which powers the whole fan will have no trouble in cooling a large room to the temperature that is convenient for everyone. While it doesn’t consume much energy it can even cut down on the small amount that it does need regularly by using the energy LED saving timer.

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Lasko 4443 Hybrid Fan


The story of the Lasko 4443 hybrid fan is filled with success and you can simply see it by checking its sale figures and the huge amounts of positive customer reports that describe its positive effect on their home environments. Choose one of the 3 comfort settings through its remote control so you and your guests feel very comfortable in the atmosphere created by its fan. The design won’t take up too much space and some even go as far as to call this hybrid fan one of the best tower fans in 2017.

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Soleus Air FC3-35R-12 Tower Fan


The top tower fans reviews believe the Soleus Air FC3-35R-12 is ideal for rooms that need cooling in a very efficient way, while not consuming too many resources. The fan will oscillate from side to side in any of its 3 speeds you set it at. Don’t try to bear the summer heat with old fashioned traditional methods when you can stay cool by simply pressing a button on its remote. The operation of the fan is quiet as well so you can even let it on while you sleep.

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