Best Toy Organizer Reviews

How to Choose a Toy Organizer


When it comes to storing toys after play nothing beats a good toy organizer. While at first glance, these colorful drawers do not impress too much, they are designed to make children interested in after play cleanup. With so many models and brands on the market, getting the best possible model is not a simple task. Read this article and you will be sure to get the best possible model for you and your children.

Best Toy organizer


All toy organizers must incorporate a number of safety features that will make them suitable for use by small unattended children. Start by selecting the models that come with a wide, solid base and an average height. These models are the most stable, making them perfect for kids of any age. As with all other kid’s furniture, the toy organizer must also come with rounded corners and perfectly smooth finish. Keep in mind to avoid unstable models that may easily topple over.


Storage capacity

Kids are known hoarders, and when it comes to toys, they want all the toys in the world. In order to accommodate all the dolls, trains, cars and teddies, a toy organizer must have plenty of storage bins. Good models come with various size bins that can be arranged in a large array of combinations. When considering purchasing a new toy organizer, all the best toy organizer reviews advice parents to choose the models that come with at least six different bins. As a rule, the more storage bins a toy organizer has, the better.



Helping the children learn to clean up after play, the design of a toy organizer must appeal to the small ones. Easy to use and colorful, the top rated toy organizers 2018 manage to draw all their attention. When buying a new toy shelf, it is best to select the most one with the brightest and most attractive colors. This way you will assure that the kid will not lose interest in doing their part in gathering all the toys from the house and that they will form a great habit that will hopefully help them later in life.


Top Toy Organizers in 2018


While most of the toy organizers can be regarded as adequate, we wanted to find the best of the best. Reading through all the best toy organizer reviews we selected not one, but three, excellent toy organizers. Each of these models earns top ratings for ease of use, safety and design, making them perfect choices.


Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603


1.Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603When it comes to design, this toy organizer is by far one of the most appealing and fun to use models available on the market today. Perfect for children at any age, but especially designed to respond to the special needs of infants, the Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 is an excellent choice for all parents who have small active children.

With its smart modular design, this toy organizer can easily adapt itself to one or more children, making it ideal for parents with twins. Simple and comfortable to use, the Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 takes up little space allowing parents to place it wherever they see fit. Perfect for children rooms and nurseries, this model can easily be stored away when not in use.

Built from hardened stain resistant plastic, this model boasts excellent durability. Having all the sharp edges beveled and all the corners rounded, the Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 is perfectly safe for use by children of any age.

Loved by kids and parents alike, this toy organizer is one of the best and most praised models money can buy today. Durable, colorful and simple to use and install, this is by far the best choice for all parents with one or more small children.

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Tot Tutors WO560


2.Tot Tutors Toy OrganizerWith four shelves and twelve different storage bins, this model has one of the best storage capacities, making it the perfect choice for bigger kids or larger families. Holding more toys than your average toy organizer, the Tot Tutors will easily store all the toys in one place, keeping the entire house free of crayons, soldiers or dolls.

Using a solid wood frame, this model offers maximum stability. Rounded corners, natural finishing and smoothed edges allow it to rank higher than most others in terms of safety and durability. Two different size bins can be used for various storage purposes. Excellent for kids of any age, the Tot Tutors offers maximum storage at a minimum price, making it the perfect choice for parents with multiple children.

Delivering one of the biggest storage volumes, the Tot Tutors will surely be loved by all your kids. Simple to clean up, each toy bin can be removed and washed using regular soap or cleaner and water. With its smart design, this model is extremely easy to install and simple to maintain. For this reason, this model is by far the best toy organizer 2018. Durable and versatile, this model is one of the most praised toy organizers you can get today.

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Whitmor 6436-2554-DS


3.Whitmor 6436-2554-DS 12Having one of the most colorful designs, this toy organizer will instantly grab the attention of all your children, helping them learn where to store their toys once the play time is over. Simple, fun and versatile, the Whitmor 6436-2554-DS offers an excellent storage space and fun time for your children and their toys.

Unlike other models, the toy bins are carefully designed to offer maximum versatility, allowing parents decide where to place the large bins and the smaller ones. Each shelf can accommodate up to four small bins, two larger ones, or a large bin and two smaller ones. With all this freedom available, parents and kids will surely find their perfect combination.

Durable and sturdy, with a high quality wide wood frame, the Whitmor 6436-2554-DS offers an exceptional level of stability and resistance. Capable of withstanding years of abuse, this model will surely be used by many generations of kids, making it one of the most cost effective toy organizers for all those who plan on having a large family.

Fun, versatile, simple to use and install, this toy organizer is a perfect choice for any parent who wants to offer maximum toy storage flexibility to their precious little ones.

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