Best Toys for 2 Years Old Kids reviews


Top toys for 2 years old kids in 2018


Kids are a delight in the house, cheerful, curious and playful. This is also the time that they start to try out new things and toys. Toys are meant to be played by kids, but not every toy is appropriate for kids especially with as young as 2 years old. Read out the best toys for 2 years old kids reviews and pick out the things they would really love playing with.


Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur


Best Toys for 2 Years Old Kids reviewsOne of the most popular models presented by all best toys for 2 years old kids reviews is the Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur. This model has a realistic feel because of beautifully designed realistic sounds and motion of an animatedly life- sized baby dinosaur, any child will come to play with this. To add to the realistic feature of the toy, it responds to the child’s voice and comes with pre-set laughing sounds and an animate tail, head and horn movements. Clearly, this toy is a valuable gift for your child.

“Buying this Triceratops Dinosaur from Playskool Kota was a great idea, because my son absolutely loves it. The sound it produces in very dinosaur like, it moves in a natural way, my son rides it, all in all it is undoubtedly a really fun toy for children.” – Rebecca Brown

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Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush


Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush received high acclaims from consumers and critics that make it one of the best toys for 2 years old kids in the market.  It is one of the safest and pleasant ways to spend time with the children. The toy transforms your nursery to a savannah wild with its big giraffe plush that can bring happiness to your child. The 5 feet tall cute plush can be cuddled as it is covered with plush fur from head to toe.

“I bought this plush giraffe for my daughter because I don’t know why but she adores giraffes. She plays with it a lot and because she is happy that I bought it for her it must mean it is a great toy. It is very safe as well because it is very soft and there is no way she can hurt herself with it.” – Jane Benjamin

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Alex Peg Farm


Kids can be picky with toys, they want that special toy with special features which they can truly enjoy and appreciate. That is why the Alex Peg Farm toy has been one of the most loved models by all best toys for 2 years old kids reviews because of its modern high quality pattern with each of its 25 pegs. Each peg has front and back faces familiar of what is usually seen inside a farm that make the playing experience more enjoyable and colourful. With this toy, your child can develop his motor skills while having fun.

“The Alex Peg Farm for my 2 year old daughter and she seems to like it very well. It is very affordable as well so I really didn’t even make a moderate financial effort for getting it. The colorful pieces really attract my daughter to it.” – Mary Dorson

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Melissa & Doug See & Spell


At such a young age, developing spatial skills and their artistic side is essential. The Melissa & Doug See & Spell are great for 2 year old children that love to smile during playtime. This toy comes with wooded boards, which the child could play, providing colourful letters carved in wood to spell out a word that also makes them learn and practice their linguistic skills. The model contains 16 playful images with three of four letter words that keeps the child attain learning.

“For pre school children I really think this see & spell set is really enjoyable and educational at the same time. My son likes playing with it, having fun but also learning something. For me these educational toys are the best and I recommend getting this one for you child as well.” – Amelie Collins

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V Tech Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels


The V Tech Sit- to- Race Smart Wheels has been considered one of the most popular and most enjoyable toy with kids. The lovable ride-on can be played uniquely in 3 ways, the Smart Wheels toy offer the child nothing but pleasure and fun. An activity panel can be seen with light- up buttons and keys which can be manipulated that can enhance the whole play experience to the next level. Let your child have fun with an extraordinary toy!

“The VTech Si-to-Race ride-on was cheap for me to buy and also fun for my little one to ride. He is attracted by all its buttons, plus the different sounds that it makes. Also it has an educational purpose because it teaches him the numbers.” – Christina Wright

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